How Would I Set Up A Wedding Propsal At Disney World?

I’m looking for a website or a phone number (not automated) of someone to help me set up a wedding proposal at Disney World. I’ve heard that they used to set up engagements around the time of “Wishes” at night in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t know much about Disney, but my girlfriend loves it. She absolutely loves when Tink flies overhead before the fireworks, and I’ve heard they can set up “glass slipper” arrangements when this happens. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Is It Possible To Have An Affordable And Quick Wedding At Disney World?

I know this question’s been asked a few times, but my answer hasn’t been fully answered. I’ve already looked at the Disney Wedding packages, most of which are overpriced. I guess I should explain what we’re looking for. We’re looking to have a fun vacation with family and friends in Disney, while also getting married basically ANYWHERE on Disney property. We want the wedding outside, for it to be a super quick ceremony. No reception. (We’ll probably go for dinner after the wedding to celebrate.) We’re not looking for anything too fancy. Any suggestions on where I can look for something a bit more affordable than Disney’s suggestions? We’re inviting probably around 30 people, but we’re from out of state so who knows how many people will be able to make it. The wedding won’t be until 2010. Thanks. 🙂