I Wanna Hear From People Who Have Had Their Wedding At Disney World?

My fiance and I are looking to get married their in June 2011 after he gets done his tour of duty in Afghanistan. I wanted to hear from some people who have actually had weddings there. How are the consultants and planners? Did everything go smoothly for you? We are from New Jersey, so all of our guests will be traveling to Florida. I love Disney so much so this suits me perfectly. Any information on Disney Weddings would be great! Thanks in advance!!

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Romantic Epcot Restaurant In Disney World?

Which would be your top pics for a romantic dinner in Epcot? We’ve now decided to go to Epcot on our wedding night but are going to eat somewhere in Epcot, just cant decide where. I’ve only eaten at Coral Reef, Le Cellier, and Germany .France sounds good but pics on allearsnet makes it look cramped, Tutto Italia looks elegant but some sights say it’s going to be rehabbed in the fall, but it just opened fall of 2007, anyone know the real deal? Thanks!

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How Easy Is It For A Hanicapped Person Go To Disney World???

My mom wants to go to Disney but she’s disabled. She can walk, but is very limited. She doesnt have a wheelchair. Does anyone know:
Where can you rent a motorized scooter? At the value hotels? Do you take it on the bus and to the parks or do you have to rent on at the parks? Can you go on the rides in a wheechair…i mean she cant stand in line, but could get out of it and get onto the ride. Where does the scooter go when she’s on the ride?? I never noticed handicapped lines, do they exist? on all rides? How much does it cost to rent a scooter? Can you ride it onto the monorail? The only way my mom could go is if she rented a scooter so she has it all the time. I have NO clue!!! Please help, i would like her to come to my wedding!

I Want To Take Our 21 Month Old To Disney World In A Few Weeks, Hubby Thinks It’s A Waste..please Read Help!?

My husband and i just got married a few weeks ago. For our honeymoon we were planning on waitin until october/november to and go to vegas for a week. This was supposed to be our wedding gift from his parents. Well we just found out last week that I am now 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. I’m due Dec. 9 so flying after the beinnin of October is pretty much out. And as terrible as it may sound I dont want to be in Vegas of all places while i’m 7 months pregnant. We decided Vegas will always be there and we can go in two years. We already have a 21 month old daughter. I really want to take some kind of vacation before the new baby is here as just 3 three of us. Also his parents aren’t going to just hand us the $3,000 they were giving us for our honeymoon. They’ll either buy us something or wait until we go on some sort of vaca. Recently there has been this comercial on TV with a family at dinner and it’s all about disney world. Our 21 month old LOVES mickey mouse all things disney ect. I think even though shes young this is something we can all do together that can still be enjoyable for us all. We may even ask his mother to go with us; so we can go out alone a few times. Then when this second baby is a few years old we’ll take them both back again. I’m not thinking that she will remember this at all, however we’ll have pictures and video and she’ll enjoy it while we’re there. Any thoughts?

If You And Your Significant Other Were Going To Disney World, What Would You Do? Need Suggestions! 8-)?

My husband and I were invited to a wedding taking place this summer in Orlando. We don’t live near FL so if we go, we figured we might as well go to Disney World too! Neither of us have been!
The thing is, we don’t want to spend a lot of money and we wouldn’t be able to go for super long, maybe 4-5 days.
We thought a good way to do this might be to just do/see stuff that’s more geared toward couples since it’ll be just the two of us (and we’ll save the “kid” stuff for someday in the future when we have kids).
So any suggestions??? What would YOU do? Any experienced Disney-goers??? Epcot? Magic Kingdom? Any special restaurants or shows that aren’t really pricey?
Also any recommendations on where to stay? We’re definitely open to the idea of staying in a decent hotel outside of Disney in order to save the money.
Or do you all think we should pass, considering it will be the middle of summer and really busy?? There’s always another time, right?

How To Go To Disney World Orlando Cheap?

we want to go to diney world for our honey moon. What is the cheapest way to have a wonderful trip. I want to stay in one of the resorts there at disney and I want all the pluses but when I price out my trip it comes to like $2500!!!
jeeze as if the wedding didnt already max out my cards! any suggestions or ideas of where to find tickets/rates cheap?
Or tell me how you got yours cheap!?!
FYI~ I have never been there before.
thanks so much for your help! 🙂

Disney World For Our Honeymoon, Experiences?

My fiance and I want to plan our honeymoon in disney world. We stayed this year for 10 days at the pop century and it was the vacation of our lives!! We’re young…21 right now. Our wedding date is set for April of 2010. We’ve both been on other great vacations and get-aways but we both agreed that we had the most fun in disney. We’re young but we’re adults. We own our condo, work 9-5’s. It was nice to un-wind and get to be kids again in disney.
We want to stay at the polynesian. Our prefered dates are May 1 – May 10th.
Anybody been to disney for their honeymoon? How was it? Any tips?


Question About Resort In Disney World Orlando?

My hubby and I lare stationed in germany and we just got back from euro disney in Bussy france yesterday. It was my first time going. We are already planning to go again, but we think we are going to go to disney world in orlando this time. Thinking of going for our wedding anniversary which in on valentines day. We want a really nice resort IN disney world itself. Any info you have would be of much help. We won’t be booking through disney, but probably expedia because it’s a little cheaper. Not just about reorts but any info you have that would help make our planning a bit easier would be nice. thanks a ton 🙂 oh delux would be nice.

The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2010 (Unofficial Guides) (Paperback)

The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2010 (Unofficial Guides)

“Find out how to avoid queuing and pay less in… Frommer’s unofficial guide books to Disneyworld and Disneyland.” (“TNT Magazine,” Monday 5th November 2007) Find out how to beat the queues, which rides to avoid, where to shop and dine, and how to cut costs.” (“Junior,” February 2008)

In 2008, combined Walt Disney World Resort© theme park attendance reached over 51 million, with the Magic Kingdom alone drawing over 17 million visitors. (Orlando Convention and Visit (more…)