Omg You People Are Rude! Im Getting Married Tomorrow And 16 Whats Wrong With That?

Theres like noone that supports me besides my mom not my dad but my friends and my husbands family,friends.Okay we have been together since we were 13 i know no one will belive us but its true we had some breakups when we were 13 but since we were 14 we havent broken up. he was 14 when i met him then when i was 14 he was 15 15,he was 16 and im 16 and now hes 17! we think is a great idea for us.Our wedding is going to be hugee! its going to be in los angeles.we are accttualy from florida but we want it to be something to remember. And no WE DONT NEED NO THERAPY so u haterz need to stop saying my mother need therapy. Theres going to be a room outside where we are going to get married.Its mostly going to be pink with rosses.After that he said hes taking me to disney world when we come back from ca.Thats going to be our honeymoon.We are staying in a hotel we planned everything already.He promised me that when we get there hes going to be holding me.his car is going to say just married!!