Cake Experts! What Would Be The Cost To Create A Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake Like This?

okay, this cake is based on disney’s corpse bride and the second, third are ‘mad hatter’ cakes. the last is a birthday cake….what would be the prices on these cakes to recreate?? I wanted buttercream icing, vanilla cake filled with raspberry…..if u have more info on recreating these: Y! IM:caramelcamilla
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What Does It Take To Have A Fairy Tale Wedding/marriage/love?

I’m creating a themed gift for my cousin for her bridal shower. I want to give her things to help her have a “fairy tale” wedding/marriage/love. I am looking for ideas. So far I have a romantic cd (Disney Favorites), a book starring her and her fiance, I’m up for any ideas.

What To Do? (birthday Party/anniversary Issue)?

ok, I’m trying for unbiased opinions and will try to give all info.
About 6 weeks ago I got a call from sis in law asking if we had any vacation plans this summer, as she was going to plan a surprise 60th for Mom. I told her if we were to do anything it would be end of summer (I was thinking disney and avoiding the crowds). So I told her ‘just get a date and we’ll be there’.
Well then 2 weeks later she emails with the date, and I really didn’t pay any mind.
Earlier this week, I emailed my Mom in law to see if she could have our kids all weekend the weekend of July 26th, as it is our 10th wedding anniversary and we wanted to do something very special, renew our vows, get away. We are recently reconciled so this is huge for us.
So then something jumped at me yesterday and I checked my email on that date of the bday party…it is that weekend.
I called her to see if any way to change the weekend and she said no because she has a place reserved,etc. Then husband called her and they

What Should I Expect From Dorney Park In Penn? (as Good As Cedar Point?)?

I may be heading up to NY for a wedding for my first cousin this summer. We may stop at Dorney Park in Penn for a family reunion or something, but may stop here for it. The family lives by Hershey Park, but we have already been there like around 1999 or 2000 or so. I was like 5/6, but my parents already been there anyways. Is Dorney Park a good amusement park? I just went to Cedar Point last summer, so will this compete with it? Is there any rides like Top Thrill Dragster, I don’t think anything could be better? I hate to see rides that are copy cats of other rides. I checked it online and looked like rides I have been on.
I’m from South Florida, so I know my parks. I have been to Dollywood, Six Flags ATL, Disney Parks, Universal/Island, Cedar Point, Cypress Gardens, Elitch Gardens and etc. I use to love roller coasters, but maybe I grew out of it. I’m not afraid or anything (though that dragster one I didn’t want to, but liked it), but I just don’t enjoy them as I use to. I will just ride them, and leave. I don’t like wooden roller coasters that give me headaches or something like the Ninga from Six Flags ATL. I use to be too short, so that’s why. How’s the water park? Is this a good place to visit? Is it just another amusement park that has nothing special? Also, do you think Six Flags should make a park in Florida? I mean you already have all those other parks, but maybe in Miami or Palm Beach or something. And any other parks I should visit anywhere in the U.S. that I haven’t visted, prob west cost? Sorry about being all over the place. Thank you!

Trip To Orlando…? What Should We Do?

My brother is getting married in FL in April…my siblings their spouses and children myself and my husband and my parents are all going to the wedding. But we are also all taking a good week off to go. We plan on driving so we will only be there for about 4 days. Two days being consumed by the wedding the other two free to do whatever. We are thinking probably a beach day, but what are some other good activities? Obviousl there disney and universal but we dont know much about them. The prices etc. Some of us hate roller coaster while some love them. We would like something everyone would enjoy and that isn’t too expensive since the trip isnt actually for the amusment parks! So what do you think? Also with a group of twleve can we get group rates?