Cinderella Carriage Cake Stand – Perfect For Weddings!!

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Cinderella Carriage Cake Stand – Perfect for Weddings!!

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The Modern Movement of Photography

In the process of time portrait and wedding photography has changed from the traditional approaches of formal portraiture to the less formal. The appeal of more relaxed and the natural poses are more personal and reflective of who the portrait is really about.
The movement of more casual styles may have been influenced by the current fashion photography that emphasizes untraditional poses. Fashion photography emphasizes details through techniques in lighting instead of using rigid poses. Also the digital camera has provided a high level of flexibility with nearly unlimited frames where the right shot doesn’t have to be created, but rather just captured.
The modern day photographer doesn’t have to be in a studio, in fact most people today don’t want their picture taken in a studio. A natural and relaxed photo can be achieved anywhere.
Post processing has lead to this movement in the fact that pictures that aren’t perfect can be made perfect. Natural poses will yield unexpected results. The best picture may be one where there is a tree branch in the way, or a stop sign in the back ground, or maybe even a little bit of bad posture. All of this can be fixed in post production software. Even some free software can be used to make such corrections. And of course the all popular Photoshop seems to be the all in one tool for post production.
Does that mean the traditional way of photography is dead? Well quite the contrary. Traditional poses have been around since the beginning of time with paintings and certainly continue today in modern photography. The concept is not as popular but the possibilities have been enhanced ten fold with modern day technology. Posed shots have shifted from the “glamour” shot of yesterday into dramatic enhanced effects of background and lighting to reveal fairy tale like effects that can seem almost magical. The possibilities are endless with todays post processing techniques.
The wonderful thing about photography today is it doesn’t need sophisticated studio equipment or a huge investment. A good digital camera is very affordable and there are simple ways with a natural lighting, couple of lighting sources, and a decent post production software to make incredible and professional portraits.
No matter what equipment you use, what techniques you are interested in, the essential goal remains about portrait photography: To idealize the subject. The best pictures portray information about a person’s self. This can’t be achieved with words and must be achieved by the pose, the lighting, and the surrounding elements in the picture. The best way to do this is to make sure you know your subject before you take pictures of them. Then begin taking snap shots. The beauty of digital cameras is that you can see your results right away to see if you are taking pictures that are capturing the personality of your subject.
Now that you know it is important to capture your subject’s “self”, you must also know that it is your job to make your subject look good. There are a few ways you can bring out the best in a subject, but the easiest way is to make sure you have a good lens. For portrait photography with 35mm format try using a 80mm lens. For medium format try using a lense between 100-120mm. The longer lenses will have a slight pinching effect that will make your subject appear slightly thinner.
With the movement in modern day photography there are opportunities for all types of photographers and the possibilities are endless. We are only seeing the beginning of the digital age and there is more to come in the near future.

Weekly Poems: A Mother’s Day Poem and More

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY FROM FAR AWAYHappy Mother’s Day from far away!As love has wings, it flies across the sea,Passing seraphim alight with glee,Placed in nooks on clouds along its way.Years cannot such innocence betray,Morning’s holy light perpetuallyOn fire within the heart, a pillar weThen follow through the desert night and day.Here, then, is my love, and as it lands,Exchange it for a pigeon of your own,Returning through the heavens what I once,’Ere you were born, delivered to your door.So are we eternal, though the sandsDemand of us that piece that is on loan,As love renews, renews the ancient dance,Yet dancing though the wide world be no more.HOW CAN HOPE BECOME A WAY OF LIFEHow can hope become a way of life,A principle determining one’s ends,Putting what might be before what is,Postponing pleasure till the sacrificeYields the dream–naked, yes, but real?Granted, one might choose to live one’s lifeRemoved from the morass of means and ends,Avid for the ecstasy of is,Desiring neither change nor sacrifice,Undone by the raw rapture of the real.A moment is a point upon a lifeThat serves by will or chance enduring ends.In time one sees will be and was in is,Opening one’s heart to sacrifice,Needing larger nows to hold what’s real.HOW CAN I TELL YOU WHAT I FEEL FOR YOUHow can I tell you what I feel for you?When I think of you my feelings twist insideAs if someone’s fist reached in and grabbed a few,And turned and turned them tight and tangled. I’ve triedSomehow to say: You’re the sun in my sky,The wind that takes me where I want to go,The sweet incense that makes me feel so highThat loving you seems all I need to know.But it all sticks in my throat! It sounds too cute,Empty as a wrinkled paper bag.You won’t believe it! Better I stay muteThan offer you cliches that make you gag.And yet I wish to tell you of my love,If only love its own locks would remove!EVERY TIME I SEE MY PANSIESEvery time I see my pansiesVivid in the golden sun,You are with me in my garden,And I am once again a child.Vivid in the golden sun,Their beauty brings me close to tears,And I am once again a childLearning to assume your grace.Their beauty brings me close to tearsAs I join hands with you in love,Learning to assume your grace,Dancing to your inner music.As I join hands with you in love,You are with me in my garden,Dancing to your inner musicEvery time I see my pansies.HOME IS A MYTH THAT MUST BE RECREATEDHome is a myth that must be recreatedAs every generation comes of age,Placed by their own children on the stagePrecisely when their fantasies have faded.Yet one is more than amply compensatedFor playing well the well-wrought saint or sage,As love wells up beneath the camouflage,The truth that makes the myth immaculate.How beautiful it is to be a father!Emperor forever of a dreamRepeated through the labyrinths of longing’Mid memories more true than what has been.Sing, then, of myths that tie one to anotherDeep beneath the bulwarks of belonging,As tales begun before the words beginYet fabricate the worlds in which words mean.A WEDDING IS THE ENTRANCE TO A MARRIAGEA wedding is the entrance to a marriage:One drives through, and suddenly one’s there!Stepping from a fairy tale carriageInto quite ordinary air.Life is now a dance, though beautiful,Requiring intense coordination;Each self becomes, in ways inscrutable,More fully what it is in combination.And we who love you wait, of course, outsideAs you become through love that mystery:One flesh made whole of separate groom and bride;Two selves, one life; two notes, one harmony.When you are one, we then may cherish two:Loving not just one, but both of you.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVEHappy birthday to my love!A song of joy for you!Perhaps these words will touch the heart,Perhaps these words will do.Yet words are but the clothes of love,Best when oft removed!In place of sybaritic words,Rapture has been provedTo be the richer rhetoric,Heaven’s poetry,Delivered by the silent tongueAs lovers sing the whole night long,Yes! Yes! in harmony.

I am a poet and webmaster of the popular poetry site, Poems for Free, at
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Who Is The Decorator For The Show That Aired- Disney Fairytale Weddings On Food Network

Did anyone see the show that aired a couple of months ago called Disney Fairytale Weddings on Food Network. I am trying to find the name and website for the decorator. The episode I seen, the bride had an rust red or orange sash around her waist. Anyone know who the decorator was? I know it was a man. Can’t remember his name. It aired on Food Network. The did the show on the food and the decor as well as the castle. Then the showed the wedding. Please help.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings [IMPORT]

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

No Description AvailableTrack: 10: Endless Night,Track: 11: Part Of Your World,Track: 12: Something There,Track: 13: Lavender Blue,Track: 14: When You Wish Upon A Star,Track: 1: Beauty And The Beast,Track: 2: Some Day My Prince Will Come,Track: 3: If I Never Knew You,Track: 4: So This Is Love,Track: 5: Bella Notte,Track: 6: Love Is A Song,Track: 7: Can You Feel The Love Tonight?,Track: 8: A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes,Track: 9: A Whole New WorldMedia Type: CDArtist: DISNEYTitl (more…)

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Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings (Hardcover)

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

Disney plays host to over two-thousand weddings each year, with ceremonies occurring at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. And in February of 2007, Disney launched a Fairytale Wedding Collection by master party planner David Tutera, bringing celebrity style and cache to Disney Weddings. Then in April 2007, Disney partnered with Kirstie Kelly to create wedding dresses inspired by the Disney princesses.However, for many couples, a wedding on Disney property is not a possibility beca (more…)

Bridal Accessories For A Fairy Tale Wedding

You are having a fairy tale wedding and you are going to need some special bridal accessories. These themed weddings are beautiful as they are elegant. They usually take place in a ballroom type setting and the lights are low the music is classical or contemporary. The dresses are spectacular and the hairstyles and headpieces are beautiful. The men are all decked out in tuxedos and the women are as elegant as the bride. The bridal accessories for a Cinderella fairy tale wedding are going to take some time to find everything you need. If you look online, you can find different ideas for a fairy tale wedding.

The other type of fairy tale wedding you might have is a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs wedding them. For this theme, the dresses are elegant and the men are dress in different attire from a Cinderella theme wedding. With this type of themed wedding, your bridal accessories might include a hoop dress, a tiara and an open top black patent shoe. The fairy tale weddings are very spectacular, but they do take time to plan and get everything together. Your bridal accessories might be found online rather than in any local bridal shop.

Sleeping Beauty is another popular fairy tale wedding theme. This wedding theme when played out with every detail in place can be wonderful. Your guests will not know what to say or how you could have put something so spectacular together. You are going to need help with the bridal accessories as well as implementing the entire wedding and reception. The rewards will pay when you become husband and wife. The fairly tale weddings are a scene to be seen by everyone. No one will want to miss your wedding. The bridal accessories will include some great fairy tale wedding favors.

If you are planning a fairy tale wedding such as Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, you want to create the scene from the fairly tale. To do this, you might want to hire a designer to set the stage for the fairly tale. If you need a castle setting, it will take some money to pull this together, but in the end, your dream wedding and reception will be something that everyone talks about for many years to come. Bridal accessories are not so difficult to find, as they are to alter and fit the bodies of your wedding party, including you.

The bridal accessories for a fairly tale wedding can be found by browsing the Internet for fairy tale wedding accessories and you will find site with dresses, shoes, headpieces, wedding favors, honeymoon accessories and cake accessories. Everything you need for a fabulous wedding can be found with ease. If you need any decorative pieces to make your setting, you find building instructions and materials you will need online as well. You will have a wonderful wedding when you have a fairy tale wedding. One last fairy tale theme that is becoming popular is the Alice in Wonderland. This is the wedding that will leave everyone in awe.

Lydia Richardson is the Author of the Book “The Wedding Planning Guide”

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