How to Look Beautiful in Your Wedding Photographs

Wedding preparations for you Phoenix dream wedding is all set. Every single detail from hiring your wedding photography Phoenix to the wedding favors is all taken cared of. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and the greatest way to remember this once in a lifetime event is through your wedding photographs. Naturally, you would want to look like a beautiful and blushing bride in each and every photo. It is essential you devote extra attention to your skin, hair and make up. Here are some tips to make sure you look radiant and flawless on your big day.
? The most important thing to consider to achieve beautiful weddings photographs is to hire a professional wedding photographer. An experienced photographer will give amazing images which will last you a lifetime.
? You should avoid tight curls and complicated hairstyles. This will look unnatural in photos. Keep it simple and elegant. If you are planning to wear a dramatic veil for your walk down the aisle, look for a style where you can detach some part of it during the reception.
? Do not be afraid to experiment with your eyeshadow. You do not need to follow any kind of rule. Use a light shade shadow at the inner corner of your eyes if you want to create an illusion of bigger eyes. Then apply a darker shade of eyeshadow at the center of your lids.
? It is important that you wear waterproof mascara. You will never know if you will get teary eyed in your big day. Black mascara will surely run and leave unflattering raccoon eyes. You should also encourage everybody in the wedding entourage to use waterproof mascara to avoid smudging.
? You will need a good foundation. The technique is to put moisturizer first to prime your skin. Apply a matte foundation, then a concealer. Dust powder foundation using a brush.
? Carefully fix a smudged eye make-up. You should be very cautious in fixing a smudged eye make up because if you smudge it more then you might have to wipe it off completely and start all over again.
? Bridal make up should look soft and romantic. Using natural pinks will make you look like a blushing bride. Lipsticks should also stick to pinks and brownish pinks.
? Bring a small pouch that matches your wedding gown. This will hold your pressed powder, lipstick and blush when you need to retouch before the reception.
? Remember to prevent breakouts on your face. Even if you are tired preparing for your wedding day, you should always remember to wash your face twice a day and don’t forget to remove makeup before going to bed.
? Instruct the wedding photographer to take pictures right after the ceremony when everybody’s makeup is still intact. You can also opt for black and white photos to create a soft and romantic feel to the images.
And lastly, the most important advice on how to look beautiful in your wedding photos is to enjoy your special day. The sincere happiness and contentment you feel on your wedding will surely shine through your wedding photography Phoenix. Always remember that regardless of what you wear, a woman’s beauty comes from within.

Please – No Kids In Our Wedding

A wedding is always exciting. A lot of planning and preparation go into action so that the wedding will be memorable meaningful and as one-of-a-kind as the marrying couple. Yet, each couple has consideration unique to them.
With today’s escalating wedding costs, many brides and grooms who have no children of their own, ask A-wedding Day something akin to: “We want an adult only wedding and wedding reception. Is there a proper way to request that our guests not bring their chilren to wedding ceremony and wedding reception?”
The answer is both, yes and no. If you think that this makes no sense, keep reading.
When you send out your wedding invitations and reply cards, address them to:
Mr. and Mrs…. or
Mr…. or
Mrs…. or Miss…. or Ms…
This indicates to them that they are the only invitees. You may even add Adults Only Wedding. Most people will take into consideration that the invitation was not sent to – and Family and will make arrangements for their children so they can attend the wedding without them.
So, you may ask: “Where does the NO come in” Well;
What about your family and wedding attendants? Is there a chance that they will get insulted and view you as ungreatful?
Did you take into consideration your out of town guests? Will they leave their children behind and travel without them? Will they simply decline your invitation replying that they can not attend? Will they be offended and think that you are inconsiderate, especially when they see your ring bearer and flower child? or will they bring the kids anyway?
This hapened at my wedding 41 years ago. Ours was a small wedding with only 35 guests. Even first cousins were not invited. Yet almost everyone understood that this was all we, 2 students on a very minimal budget, could afford at the time and did not take offense.
Everyone except Rose and Harry who drove from Haverhill Mass to Brooklyn N.Y to attend. They brought their children Debbie and Mark 7 and 8 years old at the time. Fortunately our reception was a buffet and we did not assign seats. 5 tables of 8 left a few empty seats, enough to accomodate these two.
As it turned out, the seats were not necessary because Mark and Debbie attached themselves to the photographer. You guessed it. Every group picture potraits Mark and Debbie sitting right smack, dab in the middle. It made no difference to them, if it was a photograph of the wedding party, the bride’s side of the family or the groom’s. The two parked themselves in the center.
Today we have grown up children and grand children and have learned a lot since our own wedding.
Having seen both sides of the coin, you may ask: “Is there an adequate solution that will benefit all?”
The answer is a resound YES!
It takes thought and planning but can be done even on a tight budget.
If our suggestion appeals to you, you should add a note for guests who have children that if they must bring their children, the kids will be supervised and entertained in another location.
Let them know that their children will be cared for by a qualified adult.
Ask them to reply if they plan to bring their children and if so how many, what ages and what gender. Provide this information to the supervisor(s) so they can prepare accordingly.
To decide how many adult supervisors you need consider:
Up to what age a minor is considered a child to be supervised.
Check your list of possible locations for your wedding ceremony and or reception, to find out if they have an additional room you can reserve as a children’s Center for the duration of your wedding.
Most religious institutions have school rooms.
Hotels may offer you a small conference or meeting room, or a suite that includes a sitting room.
Restaurants that facilitate weddings usually have rooms of different sizes and will be glad to accomodate you with an additional smaller room.
The same holds true for country and other club houses.
Now that you know what to look for, choose the wedding venue that is able and willing to accomodate your young friends.
Figure out how many children need to be supervised,
Secure a very capable adult or adults who can play educational games, do art and crafts, are good story tellers or readers, and are gentle and caring. Your best choice would be a teacher, a camp councellor, a den mother or a girl scout troop leader, for example.
DO NOT HIRE A TEENAGER to just sit with the kids and watch TV!
Assure your guests that their children will not just be baby-sat but will have a good time.
Interview potential adult supervision candidates and find out how they plan to give the children a good, meaningful time while their parents are at the wedding, especially since the children will be of varying ages.
If you can afford it, provide an artisan such as a ballon artist to make crowns and animals, a face painter, a magician etc…
A wedding planner who also plans Bar-Bat Mitzvahs and other children’s events can help you locate such individuals. Or if your community has a pier, a promenade, an open street market or other locations where street artisans gather to show their talents, choose those that you believe will be best for your young guests and interview them. Since many street artisans work for donations, they may agree to provide their services at a reasonable price.
So, now you have a venue, and qualified supervision for your guests’ children. It is time to plan your next step.
Find out what art and craft materials you need to supply,
Decide what entertainment items will be appropriate such as a movie on VHS or DVD, etc…
Gather your needs and have them packed and ready to deliver to the Children Center at your wedding location.
Ask your caterer to suggest a kids menu. Make sure it is healthful.
If you plan the menu by yourself, stay away from too many sweets. Avoid nuts as some children are allergic to nuts. Do provide fruit, salads and how about Pizza?
Having planned a children’s haven, you should decide how many supervising adults you need. Your best criteria should encompass:
The number of kids in attendance.
You should plan on one adult for every 10 children.
Ages of the children divided as follows:
Pre-school to 3rd graders;
4th to 6th graders;
Jr. high 7th and 8th graders.
Now that your guests children are taken care of, Enjoy your Adults Only wedding, assured that your guests will have a good time as will their children.
All of the above can be accomplished even on a tight budget of only a few hundred dollars.
Stop for a moment and ask yourself this question: “Is our DREAM WEDDING, happy and relaxed guests, combined with good will toward their children worth a few hundred dollars?”

Overwhelmed by Wedding Planning?

Planning your wedding can be stressful, don’t feel alone. There are many couples who succumb to the stresses of wedding planning.
The best advice is to make a plan and make it as early as possible.
It’s a good idea to follow wedding etiquette but not to a point where it will make you crazy or cause you to go broke. There are plenty of books and articles on wedding etiquette but their suggestions are not written in stone.
If it is the number of things that have to be done that wears on you, find friends and family who will be willing to help and assign them projects to complete. Don’t feel that you have to pay them in any way for this service. If you can afford it though, a small gift may be appropriate but it is definitely not required.
Your plan should include all of the major things that have to be taken care of like where to hold the ceremony, where to hold the reception, how many guests and things of this sort.
Taking care of just these three items will put you into a position to think about what else has to be done.
Oh, in your wedding planning, don’t forget about the wedding officiant early on. This is especially important if the wedding ceremony isn’t being held at a church that has a minister to officiate the ceremony.
Many officiants fill their schedules way in advance and it is sometimes hard to find someone who meets your expectations is you wait until the last minute.
If it is the costs that you have you frazzled, set a budget and stick to it. Keep in mind that anything that is preceded by the word wedding (wedding planning, wedding flowers, wedding favors) is marked up 100% to 300%.
This is not to say that there are not vendors in the wedding industry that will give you a good product for a good price, there are plenty of them. It does take some work to make sure you are getting what you expect. You need to check them out and get references.
There are some items that can be bought for your wedding without having the wedding label.
Find ways to save by doing some out of the ordinary things.
Here are a few ideas:
1. Buy a cake from a local food store, add wedding decorations yourself
2. Shop online for flowers, dresses, accessories etc.
3. Do you know a seamstress? Buy a dress that needs some work at a reduced price
4. Limit the number of band members or get a DJ instead
5. Cut your own music cds and have a friend man the act as DJ
6. Have a friend who is a good photographer? videographer?
7. Use your own caterer not the facilities’ (many hire outside caterers anyway)
8. Small wedding, have family and friends provide the food and beverages
9. Buy your own alcoholic beverages with an agreement to get a refund for unopened bottles
One word of caution, always check out those you are going to buy from or hire to perform a service. Do or have someone do a little research for you to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.
Don’t let the wedding planning get you down. Remember it is your wedding and you are the one making the decisions. You are in charge. Get what you want. You can do it. You can have the dream wedding that you’ve always wanted without being overwhelmed.
Don’t stress, have fun with the whole experience.

Jim Ecklund is an ordained Deacon in the White Robe Monks of St. Benedict. If you are interested in finding out more about a Catholic Wedding Ceremony, please go to
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Weddings 101: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are small gifts that are given to your wedding guests to show your appreciation for their attendance. They also serve as souvenirs to remember your wedding by. Your favors should fit well with your wedding’s theme and colors, as well as with the couple’s personalities.
Before buying favors, take your budget into consideration. Personalized favors, for instance, make wonderful keepsakes, but are more expensive than ones that are not personalized. While there’s nothing wrong with splurging on favors, make sure there’s room in the budget for the other things you consider important in your wedding before you do.
If you are the practical type, you might want to give your guests something that is useful as well as commemorative. Key chains make great wedding favors, and they are something that almost everyone uses. You could get them in a design that goes with your wedding theme, or have them personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date. Bookmarks are another useful and easily personalized item. Even small household items, such as measuring spoons and coasters, are available with wedding motifs.
If your wedding has a distinctive theme, you can take cues from that theme to help choose your wedding favors. If you are having a western wedding, for example, you could give your guests western-themed candles or candleholders, or items with cowboy hat or boot designs. In a beach wedding you could use flip-flop or surfing inspired favors. Garden themes can be commemorated with flower or watering can items.
What if you’ve found your dream wedding favors, but they don’t come in the colors you’re using? You can easily doctor them up to match. Pouches, small pails, and tulle circles can be found in most colors, and your favors can be put inside them. Ribbon can be used by itself to accent favors, or to tie up the tulle circles. Silk or freshly picked flowers in the colors of your wedding also make great accents.
If you have the time to create them, handmade wedding favors are a sincere way to show your guests that you truly appreciate them. It’s not necessary to make anything elaborate. Simply taking the time to put some candy in a small tin and pretty it up with ribbon will make your guests feel special. If you are a crafter at heart, you could make small items such as key chains or magnets for your guests. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to complete them.
Your wedding favors serve as tokens of gratitude to your wedding guests, remembrances of your ceremony, and reflections of your personality. There are a wide variety of favors available for purchase, or you can make your own. Choosing the right ones should be an easy and fun part of your wedding planning.

Pewter Mirror Calla Lily Wedding Favors As Gifts

Wedding favors according to traditions have been the gifts presented by the bride and bridegroom to their guests as their token of appreciation. You have planned all the details to make your wedding a truly special day, and wedding favors also are an area that needs special attention. Wedding favors are an important part of any wedding today and with the number of choices available today making a decision regarding the wedding favor that you would like to choose has become a task in itself.
Searching for the perfect wedding gift can be easier than you thought it could ever be. Just think about the time of year, the season, what theme you want to go with and you will soon see many things will come to mind as what will be the perfect choice of favor for your guest.
Wedding favors is a tradition, which started with the European aristocrats. It began with gifting of sugar cubes. Times have changed drastically and today wedding favors is actually an industry in itself providing thousands of options to make it a special gift that all your guests would appreciate.
The Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is a beautifully crafted mirror made out of Pewter. This could be a wonderful wedding favor that would reflect your personal choice and style. It is a gift that would enhance the beauty of the home of your esteemed guest and would remind them of the special day that was such a wonderful event that they attended.
This Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is carved with three lilies and also has a stem and leaves beautifully attached to it. The elegant, lovely gift that has three white Calla lilies surrounding the mirror and beautifully packed in a delicate silver mesh bag is the perfect way to express your warm regards to your guest for making your special day truly special by their presence. It is the best way to say “Thank You”.
You could even decide to order flowers to go with the theme of your wedding favor. The Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is 5 inches long and is specially made to make your wedding favor unique and one that would be liked by all.
You have worked very hard to plan your wedding day so that it is truly unique and is the dream wedding that you had in mind. Right from the food, beverages, the flowers, your dress to the location everything has your personal touch then why leave wedding favors aside. It should be one that expresses your gratitude to your guests in a beautiful manner that they would simply adore.
The Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is just what you were looking for to add that special touch. It is one of the best-personalized wedding favors that would actually be an instant hit with your guests and leaves a lasting impression.
This type of wedding souvenir gifts for your guest make not only an elegant choice of favor, but also serves as a very usful and memorable gift for all your wedding guest or bridal shower guest who attended your special day.

Why Themed Weddings Are Unique

Themed weddings are becoming more and more popular because they are really the most memorable kinds of wedding celebrations. Your wedding day is the most important celebration you will ever have so it is really a priority that you make it extremely special so that you, your new souse, and each and every individual guest can really remember it and all the great things that happened. Themed weddings are really great because they provide a way for you to collect your ideas and really put them into something spectacular that will impress your guests and display your decorating prowess.
Also, another amazing thing about themed weddings is that you can really show your personality and you can really create the ultimate manifestation of your dream wedding that you have always wanted since you were really young. Your personality will be felt by all of your guests because you will have chosen the theme and then embellished upon it will all the proper decorations. The theme you choose will really say a lot about your personality, preferences, and the way you and your spouse have bonded and will continue to increase that bond now that you have entered into an eternal marriage.
Some of the most popular wedding themes are beach themes, seasonal themes, and anything else you can think of that represents who you are and what you expect to get out of your relationship. Beach wedding themes are really more for the types of people that like to be relaxed and feel really comfortable. If you love the beach then this is a great way to show everyone how much being relaxed and carefree means to you. The seasonal themes are really great because you can use different symbols from each season. Also, bringing in colors from a particular season really makes all your guests feel like they are really taking part in the feelings of that season because the colors really evoke emotional responses. A lot of other themes are a little bit more traditional but still authentic. The most important thing to remember is to make you wedding really unique and memorable.
Another great example of a themed wedding would be the ever popular calla lily wedding favors. Calla lily wedding favors are a girl’s best friend. This popular collection seems to be a big hit at every wedding and bridal shower. Calla lily wedding favors bring a touch of prestige and elegance to any special event. Your wedding reception guest or wedding party will simply love these favors as gifts.
Making sure that your wedding favors go along with you theme is a really important part of the whole decorating experience and the ways that you make your guests feel with the atmosphere you create. This is important because each of your guests will be bringing home a wedding favor, which is a representation of the whole night and the rest of your future with your new spouse.
To add to your very special day, choose a theme wedding the most fits your personal style.

Wedding Videography – 6 Common Mistakes on Your Wedding Day

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It takes months or perhaps years to plan the perfect one. With so many details to remember from the wedding videography to the wedding favors, it is easy to make a mistake. Brides to be are stepping out into unfamiliar territory and trying their best to organize everything until the joyous occasion comes. There are a lot to accomplish in the wedding checklist that one or two details are often overlooked. The reason for this is inexperience.
With these said, it’s important to keep in mind these common mistakes when planning for your dream wedding to avoid possible problems on the big day:
1. Not setting up a realistic budget. A wedding costs a lot of money. It is very important to set up a realistic budget and stick to it. Not creating a budget ahead of time will often lead you to go way over your budget. Before you know it you have already spent twice for your wedding invitations and there’s nothing more left for the caterers. This predicament will possibly keep you from doing some of the special things you are planning on that special day.
2. A large guest list. This is one common mistake that every couple fall into when planning for their wedding. A wedding guest list size will depend on your budget. Decide if your wedding will be grand or will it be small and intimate. Once you have made up your mind, discuss the number of people you are able to accommodate. Make a list of must-have guests and number them according to importance. This will narrow down your choices in case everyone cannot fit on the required number of guests.
3. Not hiring a professional wedding planner. Couples often think that hiring a professional wedding planner is expensive. This is the reason why they often delegate the planning process to a friend of family member. This is a big mistake. It is much better to hire a professional to do the job who has more experience and the right connections to make sure everything is perfect on your wedding. A wedding planner allows you to enjoy your wedding day instead of worrying about every little detail.
4. Hire professionals for your wedding. To have a worry free wedding, it is important you choose the right people for the job. You may have to pay a little more for their services but wouldn’t it be better to know that these people will do a great job on the big day? One example is to hire a good videographer. A professional wedding videography can protect your most precious memories by capturing it on video. These moments will be preserved for you, your family and your future children as well.
5. The marriage license. There are many rules and regulations pertaining to a marriage license. These rules usually vary from state to state. So even if you know the rules in Atlanta, it can be a little different in Chicago. So it is much better to research ahead of time and find out information on the marriage license on the state you are planning to get married in. It is better safe than sorry.
6. Losing perspective of the big picture. After all the preparations are done, do not lose sight of what’s really important to you. This is to enjoy this once in a lifetime event with your husband.

Using a Theme For Your Wedding to Make it More Magical

Your longtime sweetheart has just proposed to you and you are on your way to planning your Phoenix dream wedding. You want your wedding to be a reflection of both of you as a couple. If you are opting on something else rather than a traditional wedding, a theme wedding may just be the thing you are looking for. In fact this type of wedding is one of the hottest trends in weddings nowadays.
In choosing a theme wedding, you can live out your fantasies and there is no limit to your imagination. Incorporating a design throughout the whole wedding affair can add a touch of elegance and personality to the event. It will be a wonderful sight captured in your wedding photography Phoenix. Depending on the theme you choose, you can imagine yourself living in another time or place. The most important thing is you choose something that is meaningful and romantic to you and your fiancé.
You should determine the exact feel you want for your wedding. This can be a good place to start when deciding a theme. Ask yourself and your fiancé what feeling you want your guests to experience in your wedding day. A monogram which is an intertwining initials of the couple can be easily incorporated into the wedding. If this is not what you are looking for, think about your hobbies and interests. There are so many wedding theme ideas you can choose from and the possibilities are almost endless. To get your list started, choose your theme around a season, era, color and fantasy.
One way you can truly set the tone for a themed wedding is the wedding invitation. This is where you can begin using your theme. If it is a fantasy or princess-like wedding, then you can have carriages and castle designs on the wedding invitations. Use your imagination and be creative.
You can also incorporate your theme in the wedding reception venue. Use lighting effects that can complement the atmosphere you want to create. Decorate the whole venue with flower choice and colors. For instance, roses can be appropriate for a Victorian theme. The theme can extend to table centerpieces, chair decorations and the entryway. But remember not to overdo the decorations. It is best to choose one or two major motifs from the theme and just use simple elements so that the whole event will not look tacky.
It is also a good idea to create a main piece of attraction. It could either be old photographs of the couple set in an elegant frame or your magnificently made wedding cake. This will be a vision to behold in your wedding photography Phoenix.
An easy way to bring in a wedding theme is through customized wedding favors. For a fairytale wedding theme, the favors can be chocolate castles or carriages or even miniature glass slippers.
And lastly, do not let the theme distract you from the true meaning of your wedding day. Remember that this day is yours and you deserve to enjoy it with your husband no matter what the decorations are.

Warm Wishes Bubbles And Party Favors

I know that you and your guests all want to have as much fun as possible at your wedding reception but sometimes it can be hard to fit in the fun with all the stress of planning the event, picking out decorations and clothing, and getting ready to enter into the biggest commitment of your life. You don’t want to let your big day be ruined by all work and no play, so just kick back and enjoy yourself, just act like a care free child.
You can try using bubbles as wedding favors or just something fun to do to bring out the kid that’s inside you before you’re totally grown up and have a family of your own. Try having your guests blow bubbles all night long and soon you’ll be on a dance floor with floating bubbles all around you, making the night seem magical and like you’re living in a fairy tale.
After all, that’s what your wedding night should be — the complete fulfillment of your dreams and knowing that you’ll feel satisfied for the rest of your life. Bubbles are a great way to help everyone let loose, relax, and just have a great time dancing, chatting, and laughing like they don’t have a care in the world. Once all the people at your party start blowing bubbles, they won’t be able to stop and they’ll have wonderful memories of the whimsical atmosphere at your wedding reception. Giving bubbles out as wedding favors will allow your guests to take the fun of the party home with them.
Double Heart Bubbles Design:
This porcelain finish all white bottle of bubbles is set with two intertwined hearts on the top to represent the bond between the bride and groom. They come in packs of twenty four so it makes it very easy to give them out to all your guests. What a great way to replace messy confetti or corn tossing traditions!
Champagne Design Bubbles:
Champagne is such a bubbly drink and such a staple item at wedding parties that it’s no wonder these bubbles come packaged in a realistic looking champagne bottle replica. A champagne glass with a beautifully engraved stem comes along with this bottle of bubbles. Place this on your tables to impress your guests and watch their eyes widen with child like joy when they see that they’re going to be blowing bubbles and creating a fantasy land at your party.
Wedding Poem Bubble Card:
This card is decorated with pretty rising bubbles and comes in either silver or gold print. It reminds your guests of the feelings you have on your special day and encourages them to add to the magic of your wedding by filling the air with the bubbles you provide as favors on their table.
Bubbles can be fun and can really add some spice to your special occasion event. These warm wishes bubbles make great party favors and can be used at your wedding reception, bridal shower or any event you wish.

How To Have A Fairytale Wedding On A Sensible Budget

Congratulations! So now that you both have agreed to take the big step and get married – the excitement of a long and happy life together lays ahead for you both.
So now comes the fun of planning the wedding, the big day, the main event! The most important part of the planning is setting the budget. Did you know the average wedding costs $19,000? So you need to set your budget carefully and stuck to it. If you overrun, even a little, it could cost you thousands of dollars.
Set your budget very carefully – nobody wants to spend every last nickel they have on their wedding yet every couple dreams of the perfect wedding. Gone are the days of parents footing the bill for the wedding, in fact 4 out of 5 couples today pay for their own weddings. So that probably means you are
Fortunately there are many things you can do to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank. But be prepared for the hard sell! Every vendor out there just loves it when a newly engaged girl walks into their store – they start seeing the dollar signs! Make sure you shop around and get at least 3 quotes for each service – you will be surprised how much they vary.
Also do not be afraid to negotiate with the vendors. If you find a florist you just love but they are $1000 more expensive – then talk them. Maybe tell them you just adore their work but they are a little too expensive – ask them what they could do to make the price fit within your budget.
Additionally be very careful when telling any vendor the budget you have for their service. Somehow all the photographers will quote you $1500 when you tell them your budget is $1500! Ask them their price first. If they try to tell you they have many packages ask them what their most popular price point is. It also doesn’t hurt to let it slip that you will be visiting some of their competitors as well!
Finally don’t forget this is supposed to be FUN! Your wedding day WILL be wonderful, sure there will be some hiccups, but trust me, in the end it will go off wonderfully if you just apply a little planning and commonsense.
Enjoy your life together!

Are you in the middle if <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>wedding planning and need some help? Visit to find out how to plan your dream wedding without spending a fortune.
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