How To Obtain A Wedding Planner Certification?

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Plan Your Wedding in Vibrant City of New York


Wedding is the most beautiful occasion and the most beautiful relationship between couples. Every couple has their own dreams regarding the venue where they want to get married. Venue can be anywhere, be it church, hotels, gardens and any other outdoor locations. The most essential thing while planning a wedding is that it should be the most romantic day for the wedding couple as well as leave an impression on the guests. There are number of things that impress guests like cuisines, marquee, warm welcome, music, venue etc.


New York is also known as ‘Big Apple’ and is considered as the most populous city of US. It is the leading center of trade, business, finance, media and commerce. Every year thousands of businessmen, corporate executives, professional and tourists visit here. Multi cultural and regional people are living in this city. It is a wonderful city with some astonishing views and packed with excitement and romance. One who fall in love with New York City often dreams to hold his or her wedding here. The city is classy, vibrant, exciting and fascinating. New York has several wedding destinations where you can create a private, intimate and relaxed atmosphere that you and your guests can enjoy.


Every year, thousands of weddings are held here. Since last few years, couples have been selecting alternative wedding styles in favor of traditional weddings like beach weddings. City has some of the best spaces and hotels where parties and receptions can be hosted. These venues offer great amenities and make wedding ceremony very special. Venues play an essential role in creating special memories and New York is the ideal place where you can plan your dream wedding. In New York, you will find wide range hotels and event spaces where parties can be hosted according to your budget.


New York City weddings are always a beautiful and memorable event. Planning associated with wedding is a subject of tiredness and frustration. It is always difficult to manage all the arrangements of wedding. This frustration and tiredness has led couple to seek event planning firms. One can always find wedding planners in New York as it is considered as the most happening city where parties and receptions can be hosted. These wedding planners are accessible in every corner of New York. It is better to hire Wedding Planners instead of taking stress regarding wedding arrangements. They will do all the arrangements as per your budget. Wedding planner arrange venue, marquee, cuisines, lighting, dance floors, etc. They plan your wedding perfectly as they are highly experienced and well known professionals in managing weddings.


New York City weddings arrangement looks simple but it requires lots of dedication and time to manage all the things accurately.

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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Planning a fairy tale wedding is probably a dream that most brides-to-be have had since they were in pigtails. The dress, the cake, the bridesmaids, the honeymoon all seem like pretty simple subjects to address when the time comes to begin planning the big day. When and if, it becomes too much too handle, do yourself a favor -consult with a professional wedding planning service such as Enjoy Yourself Events. You will save time, money and unnecessary stress.

There is a myth floating around that has people believing that all Wedding Planners are not affordable for working-class individuals. A long time ago, only the elite society knew of and had access to Wedding Planners. Today, Wedding Planners are very common and are hired by celebrities as well as everyday working people. Naturally, Wedding Planners that work with the rich and famous can and do charge through the nose for their services because the clients are able to afford the high-end prices. Misconceptions about Wedding Planners being pricey, comes from wedding shows that air on reality television. The truth is a bride and groom will save more money when working with a Wedding Planner because planners are trained to work within the couple’s budget and negotiate with vendors. Whether you are wealthy or not wealthy at all, Wedding Planners are a smart choice when it comes time to plan your special day. Check out

Wedding planners will alleviate stress from the husband and wife-to be, at any stage of the planning process. Many brides and grooms begin to plan their wedding on their own or with the help of family and friends. Before all vendors are even contacted, couples find that they have exceeded their budget. Between running out of money before the big day happens and their loved-ones stressing them out about what they should or should not do for the wedding, brides and grooms are at their wits-end. Once the happy couple contacts a planner, a common practice is to meet for a consultation, which is usually complimentary. At the meeting, wishes, dreams and ideas are expressed to the Wedding Planner who will then create a magical and memorable event complete with dazzling colors and amazing centerpieces. Planners are known for building relationships with reputable caterers, bakers, deejays, hotels, florists, limousines and any other service that the bride and groom desire. Vendor relationships are the key because the planner is then able to negotiate prices as well as make sure that contracts are in order, valuable lessons that are taught in courses geared towards Wedding Planners. During the wedding rehearsal and on the wedding day, planners will be present so that all runs smoothly. This allows the bride, groom and their attendees to relax and enjoy the festivities. That luxury alone is priceless!

Born a natural, social event planning butterfly in New York City, Elaina M. Jorge quickly grew fond of gathering family and friends for every occasion. With her passion and expertise, the gatherings were sure to include fun people, great food, the best entertainment and festive decorations. Elaina has taken Event Management courses at George Washington University and The Wedding Planning Institute. Currently residing in Georgia, this entrepreneur is the owner of Enjoy Yourself Events, LLC and has assisted in coordinating: Weddings, Networking Events, Workshops, Taste of Atlanta, Taste of Marietta, Real Men Cook (NY & GA), MPI Phoenix Awards, Atlanta Spring Fest and others. Some of her in-kind services include: American Red Cross, Hale House and Atlanta Community Food Bank. Enjoy Yourself Events is delighted to have recently partnered with Sweet Auburn Festival, Covenant House of Georgia and Give N Take Network to coordinate multiple special events in 2007. To learn more: visit
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