Hire A Wedding Planner To Get A Fairy Tale Evening

New York is one of the most essential hubs on the globe with billions of people belonging to diverse religion and culture and still a part of it. It is a very important centre of commerce and trade in the world which results in a huge number of businessman, executives and corporate professionals visiting the city again and again. NYC is also a favourite tourist hot spot and tourist from all over the world keep flowing in enormously.

A wedding is surely the most auspicious day which is remembered by everyone and especially the couple all through their life. The city of New York has witnessed millions of weddings and people from all parts of the world come to this place especially to get married. Huge dedication and time is required in order to plan a marriage if you wish it to come out perfectly. At times, organizing a wedding also gets very frustrating and stressful. The flowers, decoration, clothes, catering and menus needs to be chosen very carefully for this special day.

Hiring a wedding planner in NYC is truly the most ideal way in order to make sure that all the things for your wedding goes smoothly and perfectly. The planners for wedding does not come free of cost and therefore, you should be very sure about your budget before you hire them. Finding a wedding planner in NYC is not a problem as there are thousands of them.

If you wish to make your wedding day just like a fairy tale evening, then make sure that you explain everything to your hired event planners so that they work exactly according to your preferences. Then they take up all your tensions and work and you can just monitor them while they work for you. From location, decorations, wedding dress, invitation cards, food, drinks and many more; the entire work is done by them.

Thus, make your wedding a fairy tale that will be remembered and cherished by all!

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Hire a Wedding Planner for Most Beautiful Occasion of Your Life

Wedding is the most beautiful ceremony of your life. All you feel like doing is looking in the mirror and gaze at yourself in esteem and disbelieve at luck to have a wonderful life partner. Few days back, you were proposed for marriage and you accepted with heartfelt smile of your life. Now, you, your family, friends and relatives have all raised to toasts for this beautiful moment. Now, its time for wedding, few weeks are left, lots of work and arrangements to do, you are confused what to do first or what later. To overcome this confusion, you should hire a professional and experienced wedding planner.

Few years back, it was considered that wedding is a delicate event and must be personally taken care. But now, belief has changed because people wanted to enjoy the most romantic and beautiful moment of their lives instead of run from pillar to post. Every couple thinks that this important day should be crafted with perfection. Wedding planners offers a list of services such as theme weddings. Theme weddings are becoming famous because they make the couple feel special and unique. Historical theme wedding, beach wedding, garden wedding are few example of theme weddings. For this purpose they offer exclusive wedding venues that you never thought of. They have strong network with owners of wedding sites and venues. So, they can easily avail the venue as per the requirement.

A wedding planner provides mental peace. The planner manages everything from negotiating with vendors, rings, flower merchants and everything. A professional wedding planner helps you in decide on small things like themes, color schemes, wedding cake design, and even wedding dress. All you need is to sit back and relax and select a perfect wedding planner who does your dream wedding arrangements. Wedding planners are situated in every corner of NYC. You can easily chase them. If still you are unable to find suitable wedding planner for your wedding then search engines are the perfect medium. You can easily find suitable wedding planner as per the needs. The website of a wedding planner includes wedding venues, wedding sites, prices, etc. So, it becomes reliable for you to select the perfect wedding planner.

NYC venue guide helps will help you in searching the professional and experienced wedding planner and also wedding venues to make entire arrangements for your special and big day.

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How to Plan a Wedding â?? Simple Wedding Planning Tips

Every woman dreams to have her own dream wedding, but before this becomes a reality, you need to have a good plan about every wedding detail. Planning a wedding would be easier if you know the most important things to consider before marching down the aisle.

First, you should determine the overall motif of the wedding. The motif would eventually contribute to your idea of the type of wedding gown you want to have. This is a very important thing to decide upon as a couple, no matter how trivial it may be for others.

After you decide on the motif, it is time to figure out the invitation cards that you need to give out to people who are invited. Make sure that the invitation is not too flashy. For weddings, it is best to choose pastel colors, but some also prefer an unorthodox design, so it entirely depends on the couple.

The motif would eventually help a couple decide on this manner. Next in line are the flower arrangements that you want to incorporate in your wedding. What kind of flowers would you like to have in your wedding? This is a very essential to consider.

Another important factor when planning a wedding is of course the location. Most resorts and hotels have wedding packages available that you can choose from. Make sure you set your budget first before considering any of them.

Alternatively, if you and your partner donâ??t have the time to plan for the wedding, you can engage a wedding planner that can help you coordinate the wedding. Of course, the price will not come cheap but it is a huge convenience for busy couples.

These are just some of the things that you may want to pay attention to when planning a wedding. But still, no matter what preparation you do, what matters is always the person whom you want to wed in that special day of yours. That person is the most important thing of all.

Check out the best guides to planning a wedding. Learn more about planning a wedding.
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How To Obtain A Wedding Planner Certification?

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Italy: If Youâ??re Dreaming of the Ultimate Romantic Destination Wedding â?? This Is Your Place

It doesn’t have to be just a dream any longer.  Italy provides so many ultra romantic options for your dream wedding.  And with the right planning or, preferably planner (remember we’re trying to reduce the stress by choosing a destination wedding), the dream can become a reality.    Here are some things to think about – answer these questions for you and your fiancée (after all, this is YOUR wedding – your most special day – NOT anyone else’s).


What is your personal style as a couple?  Are you formal – like to really dress up in traditional wedding gear?  Or are you a little more laid back – would prefer to look fabulous but be comfortable?  Do you really enjoy formal dining with fine china and gloved wait staff?  Or would something a little more rustic and simple work for you?


What kind of environment would YOU be most comfortable in?  Or would help create the most memorable moments for you?    Have you always pictured an outdoor wedding either on the water or in the country?  Are you prepared for some of the “surprise” elements that may include like wind or heat?   Or have you always dreamed of an elegant ballroom, impressive cathedral or rustic country chapel?


What are some of the most important elements of your dream wedding?  What will fill your memories?  Is it the food?  The flowers?  The music?  People being relaxed, laughing, having a good time?  Including everyone you have ever known in your special day?  Or being surrounded by your closest friends and family?  Is it the setting itself? 


After you have answered these questions together, then decide if you want to try to plan and coordinate all the details and travel yourselves from afar.  It can be done and there are certainly lots of web sites and other resources to help you.  Or, share your dream with a wedding/travel planner who is also a travel agent and let them take care of all the details.  This way, you will be sure that you are getting the very best value on all the travel components as well as someone to take care of all the little details.    Since an experienced planner will have access to all sorts of travel deals – group rates, accommodations, secrets that will make for a perfect trip, etc. – even though you are paying them typically 10-15% of the overall wedding cost, you will be saving at least that much in higher air fare, accommodations, etc. 


Picture yourselves on the enchanted isle of Capri – surrounded by azure blue water.   Or exchanging vows in a medieval chapel and dancing the night away in a romantically lit piazza.  Or pledging your love with the majestic Alps and serene waters of Lake Como as your backdrop.   All the while surrounded by your loved ones who are also having the time of their lives and perhaps their own dream vacation.    Now doesn’t that beat the banquet hall or ballroom or town Church or Temple where everyone else you have ever known has had their wedding?  And the best part is that it can be more affordable that you think.

Diane has traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe. She has a true passion for the journey and has helped friends & family plan their own unique dream trips. See what Diane can do for you at http://www.italydreamtrips.com and get a FREE DVD as well as access to an Invitation Only Internet Shopping Portal. Or if you wish to book your own travel at http://www.wishfortravel.com. When she isn’t out traveling on her own or helping others live their dream, she can found in her gardens in Eastern Washington with her husband, family and two lucky cats.
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Planning Your Dream Wedding

disney-bridal-photo-magic-kingdomYou’ve met the perfect man, and you have the perfect ring on your finger. How do you plan the perfect wedding? While wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming at times, there is a way for you to make things perfect for you and your husband to be. All it requires is a little communication and patience while you make w hat seems like a never-ending list of choices and decisions. Breaking your wedding planning down into sections and considering the following questions should have you well on your way to planning your perfect wedding.

First, you will need to choose the kind of reception you would like to have. Are you planning a large wedding, or a more intimate gathering of friends and family? Talk with your relatives and soon to be in-laws to get an idea of what their needs are, as their concept of small may be quite different than yours. Once you have a general idea of how many guests you will have, you can then visit reception possibilities and talk with them about what they offer. Remember that the places you choose to visit have most likely hosted many weddings before yours, and they present suggestions that you haven’t thought about. It is perfectly okay to not have all the answers immediately, and many reception sites will gladly let you take their information so you can spend time considering what they have to offer. If you have questions, be sure to ask them, as this is a great way to see how flexible the site and staff will be to meet your individual needs. Of course, you will need to determine your wedding budget, as the reception will be where you spend the most money.

The next item on your list is to choose the food and the wedding cake. It’s a great idea to sample the food at each reception site, preferably the same food you might choose for your wedding. The time of day that you choose to get married will also impact your food choice. If you choose a mid morning wedding, you might prefer to have a brunch buffet, while an evening wedding calls for more a more formal presentation. Whatever you choose, do not hesitate to ask for references from whoever will be providing the food at your reception. These references will take you beyond the food preparation and help you evaluate service and accuracy.

Flowers, invitations, music and photography are all personal choices you will make based on the style you desire for your wedding. These are also areas that you can trim your budget if you need to. Considering a simplified invitation and less formally arranged flowers can literally save you hundreds of dollars. The perfect wedding does not necessarily need to be the most expensive one! Use your creativity and you will find that your wedding is just as perfect as the man you’ve chosen to marry.

Simple Ways to Plan a Wedding With a Theme

Do you dream of having a fairy tale themed wedding? Do you want to have a fabulously outrageous medieval themed wedding? Do you want your wedding to be the most talked about event of the year? Find out how to carry out a perfectly themed wedding without going overboard at <a href=”http://www.all-wedding-ideas.com/wedding-theme-ideas.html” rel=”nofollow”> All Wedding Ideas! http://www.all-wedding-ideas.com/wedding-theme-ideas.html gives you tips on how to have a wedding with theme in the best way ever!
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Top Five Ways to Have a Fairy Tale Wedding on a Shoestring Budget

Top five ways to have a fairy tale wedding on a shoestring budget!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life… you plan it, you prepare for it, you stress over it, and quite often, you end up to you eyeballs in debt over it!

The wedding industry knows this, and I hate to say this, but they play on your emotions and your stress. They will want to take over completely for you…. for a fee of course!

But if you are ready for this, you can have the fairy tale wedding of your dreams on a shoestring budget.

1) Pick another day from Saturday… this is the most expensive day to get married… I personally got married on a Friday night at 6pm. I was able to rent a hall for half the price, and got a good deal on my honeymoon that left Saturday morning to Bahamas!

2) Plan what you want, sit down and figure out ahead of time, how many people, what type of food, flowers, dress etc… BEFORE you talk to anyone, if you are not sure and you hmmmm a lot, they will move in on you quickly! At least have some kind of plan in your head and what your definition of a fairy tale wedding is!

3) Hire interior decorating students to help you with the hall, this will save quite a bit there.

4) Save as much money on the “extras” as you can, so that you can spend the money on the parts that are most important to you, such as your dress!. Do you really have to have 200.00 dollar centerpieces on the tables at the receptions?.. Personally, at the last wedding I went to, we found them to be in the way, and they got put under the table!! What a waste of money that was, as there were 25 tables at this wedding.

5) Another nice way to get “extra” pictures at weddings, is to purchase lots of disposable cameras, and put them on the reception tables, and have your guests take pictures during the reception… its amazing the neat pictures your guests can take!… But above all, stay calm, and try not to stress… try to anticipate what are going to be problems ahead of time, so that you can keep one step ahead of trouble..

There are many wedding planners out there that you can hire, but there is just as much good information on the net, in the form of ebooks, that are written by people who have “been there done that”.. one person was able to get a designer dress for 1/4 of the price, find out how….. your wedding on a shoestring budget