Disney Wedding Invitations

Ahhh, I remember back when I was looking for the perfect Disney wedding invitation. They were far and few between, but now there are fortunately many options to choose from. There are even several professional DIY options you can buy and then print out home (these are especially great for when you need just a few more printed invitations because you forgot about some long lost cousins ????.  I have selected a few of my favorite designs below. Which is your favorite?!

Storybook Ending Wedding Invitations
Disney Inspired UP House Wedding Invitations
Disney Inspired UP House Wedding Invitations
Disney World Cinderella's Castle Fairytale Wedding Invitation
Cinderella's Castle Fairytale Wedding Invitation
Disney Wedding Invitation Be Our Guest
Disney Wedding Invitation Ticket Be Our Guest
Vintage Disney Inspired E Ticket 4 page Wedding Invitation
Vintage Disney E Ticket Wedding Invitation
Disney Beauty & the Beast Be Our Guest Wedding Invitation
Disney Beauty & the Beast Be Our Guest Wedding Invitation
Disney Wedding Invitation Once Upon A Time
Disney Wedding Invitation Once Upon A Time
Storybook Fairytale Castle Wedding Invitation
Storybook Fairytale Castle Wedding Invitation
Fairytale Castle Wedding Invitation Metallic Navy & Silver Glitter
Fairytale Castle Wedding Invitation Metallic Navy & Silver
Disney Wedding Invitations | Ticket with Be Our Guest
Disney Wedding Invitations | Ticket with Be Our Guest
Disney Fairytale Cinderella & Prince Charming Wedding Invitation
Disney Cinderella & Prince Charming Wedding Invitation
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wedding Invitations DIY
Mickey & Minnie Mouse Wedding Invitations DIY
Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Wedding Invitations
Cinderella & Prince Charming Disney Wedding Invitations
Mickey and Minnie Wedding Invitation
Mickey and Minnie Wedding Invitation
Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Wedding Invitation
Beauty & the Beast Enchanted Rose Wedding Invitation

Modern Whimsical Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas

Bridal shower invitations are an essential part of planning the shower and getting guests (and the bride) excited for the event. A modern yet whimsical bridal shower invitation will provide all the necessary details for the event, as well as create the perfect vibe for an unforgettable shower.

Garden Party Bridal Shower Invitations

What could be more whimsical then a garden setting for a bridal shower? If the bride loves flowers, consider hosting the shower either in someone’s already lovely garden area or at a local botanical garden. To modernize the shower, instead of drinking tea and eating cucumber sandwiches, consider a mid-afternoon filled with champagne cocktails pared with strawberries, chocolate, and angel food cake, after a stroll through the garden.

The bridal shower invitations could feature the bride’s favorite flower or girls toasting champagne glasses. If the shower will take place during colder months, you could always bring this theme inside by setting up vases filled with flowers and greenery so it feels as if you were secluded in a garden.

Enchanted Forest Bridal Shower Invitations

If the bride is a fairy tale buff, consider a bridal shower invitation that features a forest scene, whether there are birds flitting about, a stream running along one side, or flower beds spontaneously paired beneath the trees. Then, call it the enchanted forest and invite girls to a fun, whimsical shower. The shower could really take place outdoors, perhaps a picnic at a local park; regardless of the location you choose, just be sure you inform your guests so they can dress appropriately.

Tiara Bridal Shower Invitations

Another way to incorporate the whimsical nature of fairy tales into the shower is to send deep pink bridal shower invitations embossed with a silver, glittery tiara in the center. You should have a tiara for the bride to wear during the shower, and if you live near a park or city that offers carriage rides/tours, then book your group on one for the afternoon or even for an evening ride. Then, carry everyone to a local restaurant to eat, drink, and be merry.

Cocktail Bridal Shower Invitations

You could choose a modern cocktail theme for the shower but soften it by incorporating a pastel color or romantic flowers into the shower decorations. You could send bridal shower invitations featuring martini glasses outlined in colorful pinks and greens against a light pink background, and even ask guests to wear a shade of pink to the shower.

If the bride has a favorite blossom, or has chosen a signature flower for her wedding, consider including it. For example, if she loves tulips, have a centerpiece that includes them in shades of pink and white, and then scatter some rose petals along the food tables. Asking guests to dress up for the cocktail bridal shower will lend sophistication to the shower and allow its whimsical touches to stand out.

However you decide to incorporate a modern touch with a whimsical shower, remember that your bridal shower invitations will set the scene, as long as you choose ones that complement your intended theme, thereby creating a truly memorable and special shower.


Whether you are planning a bridal shower or wedding, be inspired by the vast and sophisticated array of wedding invitations and bridal shower invitations that are available through today’s designers. Browse through modern whimsical bridal shower invitations to find the ones that represent the bride perfectly.
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Top Three Pre-Wedding Fights: Resolve Before Sending Out Wedding Invitations

Admit it. The day your boyfriend asked you to marry him, regardless of how his marriage proposal came about, and you happily accepted it was one of the high points of your relationship. And the events that followed -dinners in your honor, good-natured ribbing from family and friends, deeper relationship – were just icing on the engagement cake.
At some point, however, you have to land back to Earth from your heavenly perch. You have to successfully deal with pre-wedding fights before you can even think about sending out your wedding invitations. Otherwise, you can run the risk of runaway grooms and brides. Sad but true.Money
Unfortunately, even the wealthiest of couples will fight about wedding expenses. This is because the traditions for sharing wedding costs vary from one culture to the next, such that even the issue of who pays for the wedding invitations varies depending on who does the asking and who answers the question.
Nowadays, the traditional rules about who pays for what are constantly being changed. Basically, it all depends on your financial capacity as a couple and the support system you have in the money area. Whatever arrangements you decide on as a couple, be sure to both be firm and flexible, from your wedding caterer to the wedding invitations.
On another future issue of money, you might also want to look at prenuptial agreements to protect your assets. Though this is a contentious relationship issue, you have to think about asset protection. Besides, this can be a very good exercise for trust, commitment and love.Territory
Unless you are one of the lucky few whose fianc? wants to get married wherever you want to get married so long as he puts that wedding ring on your finger, you can fight about where you will get hitched. This is bad news as you have to consider his wishes, too, since you cannot get married to your self!
You must thoroughly discuss the personal reasons for each of your choices. Is it because family is nearer? Is it because expenses must be controlled? Is it because the place holds special meaning? Whatever the reason, you have to be willing to compromise and consider your partner’s reasons as valid in their own right.
Plus, you have to consider that you cannot retrieve all the wedding invitations you have already mailed and you will be spending more than your budget if you vacillate between venues!Family
Unless you are both orphans, you must expect family issues to come to the fore during the pre-wedding planning. You have to keep in mind that not only will you be sharing a bed and a house with your future husband but you will also be sharing families! As old-fashioned as it sounds, you are marrying into a family.
And there is also the issue of who gets the lion’s share of the wedding invitations. You have to discuss whether you want to invite his obnoxious and rude uncles, pesky nieces and nephews to the wedding. You have to talk it out with your partner about who will be invited to the wedding from both your sides such that you arrive at an equitable number that you will both be satisfied with.
When you have substantially and successfully resolved these three pre-wedding fights, you are well on your way to pulling off your dream wedding with little damage to your relationship. Start sending out those wedding invitations!
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Fashionable Resources for Do-it-yourself Wedding Invitations

Calling all Do-It-Yourself Divas! Are you looking for ways to showcase your talent and let your creative side flourish? Are you ready to tackle a project that requires time, patience, and the ability to think outside the box? With the help of online resources, you can find valuable ideas that will assist you in planning every detail of your dream wedding.

One of a Kind Wedding Invitations

Choosing the right wedding invitation is a big task, no matter how you look at it. Many brides want to create unique stationery, but are unsure where to start. Why not seek inspiration from one of the many websites dedicated to crafters, or a stationery website that contains a wealth of invitation articles and ideas? From handmade paper to unique, personalized embellishments, a bride-to-be can create special wedding invitations destined to be showstoppers with friends and family members.

Handmade and Heartfelt Resources

There are several different types of inspirational resources available through the internet. Each has distinct advantages. You can gain a better understanding of each by reading the short description listed next to the examples.

Arts and Crafts Suppliers

Arts and crafts retailers are a good place to start your inspirational journey. Filled with descriptive, easy to master tutorials, the websites are a great source for brides look to make their wedding day as special as possible. Besides listing precisely what supplies are needed to make each project, colorful pictures accompany each step. Even a novice can try her hand at making fashionable invitations with little to no apprehension. The level of difficulty for each project varies, but that shouldn’t discourage you. With a little practice and determination, you will master each degree of skill in no time.

Bridal and Wedding Resources

Bridal and wedding themed websites offer a mountain of information about your special day. Details of celebrity weddings often accompany full color pictures and flashy titles. Creating replicas of actor and actresses’ matrimonial attire, rings, and decorations keep designers busy around the clock. Starry eyed women can put their own spin on their favorite celeb wedding by recreating wedding invitations sent out by famous couples.

Crafty Websites

Craft based web pages allow users to upload pictures and share their experiences creating items by hand. Organized by topic, the wedding folder offers inspiration to people with even the tightest budget. Like online arts and crafts stores, handy tutorials walk you through the process of selecting the right project to fit your theme, purchasing supplies, fashioning the invitations, and guaranteeing the arrival of each card in time for your big day.

Blogging Brides

Wedding blogs give women the opportunity to write about the days leading up to the wedding and the actual experience of being married. Unique in format, the websites serve up advice, new craft projects, and links to other resources that might help a desperate woman find inspiration in the form of a handmade wedding announcement.

Stationery Resources

The most specialized resource of all, stationery websites that provide extensive articles are invaluable to the bride. You can search specifically for ideas, themes, and even tutorials on how to create stylish and unique wedding invitations. Better yet, you can conveniently purchase the cardstock and other wedding invitation supplies you need, as the tutorials and articles often link directly to the materials.

Inspiration comes in the unlikeliest of places. By perusing the internet on a regular basis, soon-to-be-married women can find help creating beautiful, handcrafted wedding invitations with ease.


Whether you are looking for wedding invitation resources or DIY wedding invitations , visit MyExpression.com, where you can peruse through hundreds of helpful wedding guides to plan your special day.
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Wedding Planning Up Close

Between men and women, it’s the women who are more inclined to planning and paying attention even to minute details to ensure smooth completion of a task. If you are a bride, it is very much expected of you to get involved in the wedding planning. Yes, it is grueling at most times but it could also be fun and exciting. Knowing that it was you who made the preparations is a sort of assurance that there is a very little chance of a mess up.
Planning a wedding in its entirety is very complicated with all the details that you have to remember. We could divide the planning into two parts so have a detailed view of the aspects that you have to attend to. The first part is the wedding ceremony planning and the second part is the wedding reception planning. For practical reasons, some couples tend to hold the wedding ceremony and wedding reception in a single venue-less hassle for the people involved and less cost for all the decorations.
Wedding Ceremony Planning
The Venue and Time
Choosing the wedding ceremony venue is one of the first things that you have to determine. Will it be an indoor or outdoor wedding? Will it be in the city or in the province? If it’s indoor, will it be in a hotel function room or in the church? If it’s outdoor, will it be at the beach or in an abundant garden? Is the venue accessible to your guests? What time will the wedding be, morning, noon or evening? In deciding where the venue is and when the ceremony will take place, consider your guests- the availability of the majority and the accessibility of the place.
Venue Decorations
Wedding decorations are essential in creating the wedding scene. The most common decor that you’ll find in any weddings is flower arrangement. Flowers you’d often find in weddings are daisies, roses, calla lilies and tulips. Fresh flowers are superb for wedding however; those on tight budget can opt for silk wedding flowers. Those walking down the aisle, don’t forget have aisle runner as it will instantly create a stylish outlook. One should also have a wedding arch. You’ll create a better wedding atmosphere and it can also be used later to take photos. The church pews or chairs should also be decorated with ribbons, bows or tulle as you’d want your guests sit on something more special that he usual monobloc plastic chairs.
Wedding Ceremony Accessories
When talking about wedding accessories and supplies, one of the first things that come to mind is the set of wedding unity candles. Some couples skip the part of lighting the candle but for a great number of couples, this part is very important. People give it different symbolisms- the husband and wife giving light to each other’s lives and the couple sharing a life together just to name two. Keep the unity candles elegant by having it personalized in harmony with the wedding theme. Other important wedding accessories are the ring pillow, guest book and flower girl baskets.
Visitors and Invitations
A wedding is incomplete without the guests. In order to ensure the success of your wedding event, your guest must leave the wedding feeling happy and satisfied. To ensure that your guests are happy, you need to prepare food that will make your guests happy as well as enough in portion. You wouldn’t want your guest to leave feeling hungry would you? Decide on the number of people attending your wedding and once you’ve got the number, plan carefully. Soon after that, you should also be sending out your wedding invitations which has been decorated and designed to suit your wedding theme.
Wedding Reception Planning
After the ceremony, it’s time to have a good time and celebrate. The time to mingle with your guests must be a fantastic experience not only for you but also for them, as they sit there, have chats with one another and have a taste of the entrees.
Food and Drinks
Great food will keep your guest happy and satisfied. Discuss thoroughly with your caterer on the kind of food suitable for your wedding theme. You might also want to do food testing before you hire the caterer. Drinks served during the event should also be enough to last to the end and make sure you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Just as well, you should also have vegetarian food to cater for your vegetarian guests should you have any.
What kind of music suits a wedding? Well, there is no universal music for wedding but with that said, make a point to keep your entire guest happy with different choices of music. You and your partner might love Jazz but think of your other guests. They might prefer pop or rock. So don’t bore your guests during this big event!
Wedding Cake
Wow your guests with the wedding cake design and what is on top of it. Instead of the traditional porcelain figurines, have the elegant monogram cake topper. Have your initials on top of the cake using acrylic.
There may seem like a lot to be taken care of here but actually, there’s more! Don’t worry because no matter what you do or haw bad things look like, they will always turn out OK in the end. Just relax and have fun planning your dream wedding!

Some Tips for Choosing Unique and Stylish Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding can be lots of fun, but it can be hard work as well. There are so many details that must come together in order for that dream wedding to become a reality, and planning that special day can quickly become overwhelming.  From finding the perfect cake to choosing the right color flowers, there are just so many things to think about.  In all that excitement it can be easy for simple things like the wedding invitations to get pushed to the back burner.That would be a mistake of course.  So much of wedding planning hinges on getting an accurate guest count, and it is impossible to get that guest count without sending out the wedding invitations and counting the RSVP responses.  So it is important to start thinking about those wedding invitations as soon as possible and to get them in the mail as soon as the date of the wedding has been confirmed.It is also important to choose those wedding invitations with care.  Wedding invitations should reflect the style and taste of the happy couple, and they should reflect the casualness or formality of the ceremony itself.  A big formal wedding at the best country club in town will naturally require a different style of wedding invitations than a casual backyard affair.  It is important to consider the nature of the ceremony as you shop for those important wedding invitations.If your wedding has a specific theme it is also a good idea to make the wedding invitations you choose a reflection of that special theme. . For instance, beach weddings and destination weddings are all the rage these days.  If you plan to hold your nuptials at a local or far off beach, why not let the fun shine through with the right wedding invitations.  Maybe you could use a splash of bright colors and beach themes to invite your special guests to your special day.  Maybe you could even include a souvenir drink umbrella or cocktail stirrer your guests can use as a memento of your special day.If your wedding will use your special colors, why not use those special colors throughout the wedding invitations?  From the colors used on the RSVP card to the colors of the mailing envelope, there are plenty of ways to make those wedding invitations even more special.Wedding invitations are much more than simple documents.  They are a way to express your joy and offer your family members and friends a way to share in this most special of days.  The wedding invitations you choose should be a reflection of your taste, your style, your creativity and above all your happiness.  So choose those wedding invitations carefully and create a wonderful first impression with your honored guests.

This article was written by Bonnie Conrad for Dependable Printing, a full service provider of wedding invitations, discount invitations, and wedding accessories. Please visit Dependable Printing for a great selection of wedding invitations, shower invitations, party invitations, and much more.
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Yes You Can Create Beautiful Wedding Invitations on a Limited Budget

Planning a wedding can be hard – and expensive.  These days it is not unusual for weddings to cost thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars, and even seemingly small expenses can easily get out of control.  Keeping one eye on the ceremony and one eye on the budget can be quite difficult, and it is important for anyone planning a wedding to set – and stick to – a realistic budget.Fortunately there are some ways budget conscious brides and grooms can save money without skimping on their dream wedding.  Some elements of the wedding, like the wedding invitations, lend themselves well to cost cutting.  With a little bit of planning and some creativity you can find wedding invitations that fit your needs and your budget.Simply shopping around can save you a great deal of money on the wedding invitations you need.  These days wedding invitations are available in a variety of different stores, including such diverse venues as department stores and office supply warehouses.  By shopping around and doing some smart comparison shopping brides and grooms can get some stunningly beautiful wedding invitations at a bargain price.When shopping around for the perfect wedding invitations it is important to not overlook the power of the internet.  There are many online sources of wedding invitations, and they can often offer prices that are very competitive with their brick and mortar counterparts.  Shopping for wedding invitations online can save time as well as money, and many harried wedding planners find it very convenient to order their favorite wedding invitations with just the click of a mouse.For those who want to save even more money do it yourself wedding invitations may be the answer. . There are many wonderful do it yourself wedding invitations on the market, ranging from the simplest wedding invitations to the most elaborate.  If you have a creative spirit and a flair of style you may want to try your hand at making your own wedding invitations.  Not only will you save money but chances are you will have lots of fun as well.One of the great things about making your own wedding invitations is the fact that you are free to add your own creative touches to those invitations.  For instance, you could add some pressed and dried flowers in your wedding colors to your invitations as a preview of the beautifully decorated church and reception hall.  Or you could add some special photographs of you and your spouse to be.  You could even create a photo CD or special slideshow for your guests.  These special touches can take even the most ordinary wedding invitations and transform them into precious keepsakes your guests will cherish long after the wedding is over.And best of all these special wedding invitations can be created with even the most limited budget.  No matter how casual or formal your wedding celebration may be, the right wedding invitations can make a big difference.  So let your style and your creativity show through by choosing the perfect wedding invitations for your big day.

This article was written by Bonnie Conrad for Dependable Printing. Please visit Dependable Printing for a great selection of wedding invitations, shower invitations, baptism invitations, party invitations, and much more.
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Top 10 Trends in Wedding Invitations in 2009

Wedding invitations are affected by general trends, and there is no reason to think that 2009 will be any different. Some of the trends of 2009 are continuations of the popular ideas of 2008, while other trends are just beginning to gain popularity. When designing your wedding invitations, choose what you like best, and leave behind what you do not. It is important that you design an invitation that reflects the style of you and your future spouse. While you may undoubtedly want to be aware of what is popular and what is not when making your choices, there is no reason to choose something because of its popularity. Instead, use these ideas as starting points when designing your dream wedding invitation.

Continue to save the date

Save the date cards continue to be a popular addition to the wedding invitations package.

These cards especially come in handy if you are planning a wedding in June, September or around the holidays, since they are traditionally busy times of the year. A save the date card should be sent out as early as possible. This allows your guests to avoid making plans for that day. Many invitations come with a specific save the date card that coordinates when the celebration will take place. Choosing coordinated save the date cards and invitations means making a decision early on about which design you are going to use. It also adds a nice level of customizations to your invitations.

Color, color, color

Whether bold or subtle, color is a big part of wedding invitations in 2009. Modern printing techniques make it easier than ever to add color from the writing on the envelope lining to the card stock. Colors that were once used primarily for contemporary invitations, has become so widespread that even the most traditional wedding invitations currently use these colors.

Extending a Theme

Does your wedding have a theme? Whether you are having an outdoor wedding, a candlelight service or a wedding on the beach, you can customize your invitations to include some mention of the theme. Confetti in your envelopes or a simple candle drawing on the front of the invitations is an easy way to integrate your theme into your wedding invitations.

Do it yourself invitations

Many people have become taken with the idea of do it yourself invitations. Do it yourself invitations allow you to save some money when planning your wedding, but they also allow you greater control over your finished product. Do it yourself invitations are a great way to create a 100% customized look for your invitations while still keeping control of your budget.

Destination invitations

More and more, couples are choosing destination weddings as a low stress way to have a memorable wedding ceremony. If you are planning a destination wedding, choosing an invitation that is made specifically for the occasion is a great way to provide your guests with a memento of the event as well as being certain that all the invitation provides all of the information they will need to plan their trip.

Adding a photograph

Adding a photograph to your wedding invitations is another choice that may be popular in 2009. As stated before, technology has made this an easy option. Adding a photograph of the happy couple is a wonderful way to personalize your invitations without adding a great deal to the cost of the invitations.

Couples invitations

More and more, men are becoming involved in the planning of the wedding. In the past, weddings were typically planned by the bride, her mother and her friends. Today, it is common for the groom to have an interest and opinion on all parts of the ceremony. Couples invitations are a way to display this relationship, and will become more popular in 2009.

Adding a favor

A small favor added to your invitation is becoming a more popular option. If you are having a theme or destination wedding, including a favor is a great way to add some needed information. For the theme wedding, a small candle for a candlelight service is a thoughtful touch. For a beach vacation, a small tote bag with information from the area chamber of commerce is a thoughtful choice. While adding favors to the wedding invitations is a thoughtful touch, and becoming more popular, the cost can add up quickly. Adding favors to invitations typically works best if you are planning a small ceremony, and expect most of your invitees to attend.

Personalize your wedding stationery

Personalization is another area that has been improved greatly by technology. New methods of printing have made many more options available than ever before. This means that the engaged couple can add ribbons, pictures and trinkets, not to mention colored fonts, customized edgings and many other options to stock invitations. This allows standard invitations to look completely personalized.

Colors as neutrals

While adding color as a bold statement has become increasingly popular, color as a neutral is becoming more common as well. This means that a traditional invitation may be pastel pink rather than ivory, or mint green rather than white. Using colors as neutrals continues to grow in popularity as more people become accustomed to seeing colors as part of the wedding invitations.

Rachel Jackson is a freelance writer who writes about weddings and other family events. Ms. Jackson often writes about specific aspects of a wedding such as the wedding invitations.
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Simple Wedding Invitations for the Busy Modern Bride

In today’s world, time is a precious commodity.  Today’s modern bride is most likely juggling a career, an education, as well as a social life.  The last thing that she needs is time consuming wedding invitations! 

Designers have taken notice of the fast paced world in which we live in and have created wedding invitations that are tailored to fit into the lives of extremely busy people.  These simple, yet beautiful, wedding invitations come in a variety of colors and styles to fit every wedding theme – and schedule!

Explore Your Wedding Invitation Options

Certain types of wedding invitations offer a simple solution to an already overwhelming schedule.  Between shopping for a dress, securing a caterer, and hiring the right DJ, a bride-to-be can find little time to plan much else.  Before enlisting the help of a wedding planner, explore the different types of cards designed to make your life easier, including fill-in-the-blank wedding invitations and printable wedding invitations. 

Printable Wedding Invitations

Printable wedding invitations are a great way to save time and money.  By purchasing an entire DIY set of wedding invitations, which typically include the invitations, overlays, envelopes, RSVP note cards and envelopes, you can easily design your own wedding invitation.  With one click of the print button, your wedding invitations are ready to send out to your guests. 

By printing your own wedding invitations, you can easily control the time and process.  There is no need to have elaborate meetings with a printer, where you spend extensive time explaining what you want on the invitation.  Instead, you can easily (and affordably) create your own simple wedding invitations right from your own computer and printer. 

Fill-in-the-Blank Wedding Invitations

Fill-in-the-blank invitations offer brides-to-be options.  Not only are there thousands of styles to choose from, but women have more control over the card’s content.  Rather than hire a company to pre-print the card’s information, brides have the option to write it in by hand, which can make the entire wedding invitation more personal.

In addition, having the option to write the details by hand eliminates mistakes and allows for changes in date, time, and location without the hassle of placing a new order.  The wedding invitations can be purchased any time leading up to the wedding day, but are best sent at least one month in advance.  This is primarily to help out-of-town guests to make travel arrangements.

However, fill-in-the-blank wedding invitations are ideal for small, intimate weddings.  In addition, the bride or her bridesmaids should have excellent penmanship to ensure that the wedding invitations look professional and beautiful. 

Printed Wedding Invitations

If neither style appeals to you, take advantage of a local printing service.  You can always purchase the cardstock and invitations you want from an online company, which saves you both money and time, and then bring the wedding invitations to your local printer. 

Pre-printed cards eliminate the need for you to handwrite information, and the beautiful script makes the cards look classy and professional.  The downside to hiring a printer to make the wedding invitations, however, is the inflexibility that they have.  Requiring special time to print the wedding invitations, most companies require all details to be sent to them months in advance.  If wedding plans change, the wedding invitations are no longer useable.

No matter how elaborate a wedding may be, preparing for it doesn’t have to be a painful process.  Using what time you have wisely, planning your dream wedding will be easier than you think.

Save time and money with chic and simple wedding invitations from MyExpression.com, where you can browse our extensive collection by wedding invitation themes.
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Wedding Bells, Wedding Plans

Many couples who are just recently engaged will be bursting with ideas on the wedding day. Along with those ideas are the hundreds of guest to the list. It will really be a dream- come-true for the bride to have their dream wedding since their childhood. But little girls have no idea on the price tag that comes with a fairytale wedding and with the prices of commodities surging to a rocket high having your dream wedding is next to impossible. Unless of course if you are born with a silver spoon but if you are not being contented with what the budget can offer is what you will have to learn from the start. However tight the budget might be there are many ways of saving some bucks for the wedding without sacrificing a lot on the aesthetics. It pays to plan ahead and services are much cheaper if it is booked early. Preparing for the wedding ahead will also save you extra money on the additional costs for rush services.Determine your Budget.The first thing that you must know is how much is your budget. If you know how much you will spend for your wedding you can budget how much to spend on your gown, on your reception and on your honeymoon. Having a budget also sets limitations when shopping around for items needed for your wedding.Something Borrowed, Something NewThe old adage still runs true until today. Find out if there are items you can borrow from friends and family. Search the internet for newly wed brides who are selling their used wedding items for a lower price.Create your own wedding invitation.The benefit of planning early is creating your own wedding items during your leisure time so you don’t need to feel pressured and rushed. First design your wedding invitation using a pen and paper or graphics editing software. After you have come up with your final design, list down all the items needed to create that design. First you need to test your design on the actual materials you have chosen to have a look if it is the design you are trying to achieve. If it is then go ahead and buy all the materials needed. I have a separate article discussing creating your own wedding invitation, you can read it here.Wedding ProgramPlanning a wedding program is really tricky. You have to make sure that the program is solemn and entertaining enough for your guest. On your program you have to line up performances and in order to save on a professional fee of wedding singers, why not ask a friend who can sing well to sing a song or two on your wedding day. The program host can also be your bridesmaid, just be sure to inform the bridesmaid of your program so both of you can discuss this and prepare.Wedding DayOn your wedding day you can hire a wedding organizer to save you the trouble of having to worry a lot on your big day. The savings that you can have of hiring an organizer on the day itself rather than from the start of the preparation can be added to your other important expenses.

Mat Isaac has been writing for many online publications for years now. Isaac has written hundreds of articles on various topics.
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