I Want To Take Our 21 Month Old To Disney World In A Few Weeks, Hubby Thinks It’s A Waste..please Read Help!?

My husband and i just got married a few weeks ago. For our honeymoon we were planning on waitin until october/november to and go to vegas for a week. This was supposed to be our wedding gift from his parents. Well we just found out last week that I am now 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. I’m due Dec. 9 so flying after the beinnin of October is pretty much out. And as terrible as it may sound I dont want to be in Vegas of all places while i’m 7 months pregnant. We decided Vegas will always be there and we can go in two years. We already have a 21 month old daughter. I really want to take some kind of vacation before the new baby is here as just 3 three of us. Also his parents aren’t going to just hand us the $3,000 they were giving us for our honeymoon. They’ll either buy us something or wait until we go on some sort of vaca. Recently there has been this comercial on TV with a family at dinner and it’s all about disney world. Our 21 month old LOVES mickey mouse all things disney ect. I think even though shes young this is something we can all do together that can still be enjoyable for us all. We may even ask his mother to go with us; so we can go out alone a few times. Then when this second baby is a few years old we’ll take them both back again. I’m not thinking that she will remember this at all, however we’ll have pictures and video and she’ll enjoy it while we’re there. Any thoughts?