I Want To Take Our 21 Month Old To Disney World In A Few Weeks, Hubby Thinks It’s A Waste..please Read Help!?

My husband and i just got married a few weeks ago. For our honeymoon we were planning on waitin until october/november to and go to vegas for a week. This was supposed to be our wedding gift from his parents. Well we just found out last week that I am now 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. I’m due Dec. 9 so flying after the beinnin of October is pretty much out. And as terrible as it may sound I dont want to be in Vegas of all places while i’m 7 months pregnant. We decided Vegas will always be there and we can go in two years. We already have a 21 month old daughter. I really want to take some kind of vacation before the new baby is here as just 3 three of us. Also his parents aren’t going to just hand us the $3,000 they were giving us for our honeymoon. They’ll either buy us something or wait until we go on some sort of vaca. Recently there has been this comercial on TV with a family at dinner and it’s all about disney world. Our 21 month old LOVES mickey mouse all things disney ect. I think even though shes young this is something we can all do together that can still be enjoyable for us all. We may even ask his mother to go with us; so we can go out alone a few times. Then when this second baby is a few years old we’ll take them both back again. I’m not thinking that she will remember this at all, however we’ll have pictures and video and she’ll enjoy it while we’re there. Any thoughts?

Anyone Wanna Help With My Disney Wedding?….i Just Really Want Someone To Talk Too About It?

I am having a disney wedding in about two years (i know good ways to go) we are having a HUGE wedding and I would like someone to talk to and help with ideas maybe on AIM?

What Do I Want?

I cannot decide if I want to have a small wedding or elope! If I do have a wedding, it’ll only be for about 50-75 people. We dont have a lot of money and neither do both of our parents. I just dont know what to do. We really want to go to Disney World for our honeymoon, and I was thinking of eloping at Disney World. The only thing though, I have family that really want to see me get married. That includes my Dad! He wants to walk me down the aisle. My sister wants to be my moh, and my fiance has three brothers who want to be the groomsmen. My friends could care less if we had a wedding or if we threw a party when we get back. I just dont know what I want!!!! Help me decide!!!

My Mom Wants To Watch The Kids, But I Want My Fiance’s Parents To?

I am getting married in September. We’re marrying in Disney, so the week before we’re going to take our two kids there and have a family vacation. The night of our wedding, my fiance and I will spend the night alone in a hotel in Disney, then fly to the Bahamas for a week. (Don’t say that we’re bad parents for going away. We have never been away as a couple since my son was born)
Originally we were going to have my mom watch the kids while we went on the honeymoon. However very recently my mother was arrested for a bar fight and now I’m having second thoughts of having her watch the kids. Since my dad (my parents are divorced) is going on business two days after our wedding and can’t watch the kids, we asked my fiance’s parents to watch the kids and they said they would love to.
When I told my mom, she got very upset. She told me that she wouldn’t come to my wedding if she couldn’t watch the kids while we went away! I told her I just couldn’t trust her! But she’s still mad and now she’s saying she’ll go and take the kids from my fiance’s parents!
HELP! How do I make my mom realize I love her, but I just can’t trust her to watch the kids?
P.S: Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

We A Uk Couple With 5 Kids(17,12,11,4,2) Want To Marry In Orlando In Dec09?

1st. my passport will have to be renewed with a new one will i need a visa with new passport style.
2nd.my son of 16yrs has just got a referrall order for small knife&affray the r.o will be finished by time of travel will he need a visa.
3rd.my partner(37) has conviction 20yrs ago for armed robbery been clean ever since but banned for ever having a firearm in uk(he did not have the weapon)will he need a visa.
so really we will just be a family going on holiday for 14nts with possibly maybe other family members we are going with virgin with a wedding booked.will they really be checking on just a package holiday or will we have to get visa’s.my partner is black and my kids are mixed race will that make a difference will they check us out more.as this my wedding(not at disney)it really important cant have them sent home.

Should I Tell His Family That I Want To Decide My Own Wedding?

Me and my fiance were planning on getting married in Disneyworld. We both love Disney and really want to get married there. The problem is his parents and aunt and cousins (well, mostly aunt and cousin) think Disney is not good idea. They decided that we should just get married in Vegas. Few days ago they kind of just tell us that they’re going to look up prices and packages at Vegas for us. I really appreciate them putting effort on helping me planning my wedding but I feel a little sad that I can’t have it where I really want. Should I tell them that it has to be in Disneyworld? (Disneyland is not an option as I don’t really like their package). My mom said just let it be, don’t argue with them. What should I do?
Also, we were going to pay for everything ourselves. My parents can’t help because they’re a little tight right now and last time his parents ask how much will my parents pay. THey want to make it so parents pay 50-50. I’m only bringing 3 and they bring 20. What should I do?

I Want A Picture Of A Disney Bride And Groom To Make My Own Wedding Invites?

Here’s some:http://www.lindyandscott.com/photos/OurD…http://groups.msn.com/OurDisneyFairyTale…http://www.bee.net/bubba/wedding/wedding…http://www.nts.umd.edu/~lgoldman/MLdisne…http://www.disneyweddings.go.com/site/ga…http://www.disneybrides.com/
Here’s one more: http://bridalshop.freeservers.com/MM-uni…

I Want A Disney World Wedding And A Dress From Kirstie Kelly, Has Anyone Had Either, How Much? Just Curious!?

I am getting married at Disney World in 2010! The weddings all differ in price. I am looking at the Escape wedding which you can only invite up to 18 guests and that is $4,000 just for the ceremony site, little cake, some pictures, and a bottle of wine. The next leval is $10,000 and it goes up from there depending on what you want.
Disney’s website has alot of information, do not bother ordering the dvd it was really no help.