Having a Wedding During a Recession

The one event in life that nobody wants to cut budget on is a wedding.  Many soon to be married couples are putting off a wedding until a budget permits a dream wedding.  Well there is a way to make the perfect wedding without spending an extortionate amount.The wedding dress is key to a magical wedding for any bride.  Going to a wedding dress place can be daunting.  They have a row for Dresses for each price range and it is tempting to go to the most expensive isle.  One way to save on a wedding dress is to buy a moderately priced dress.  They are still very beautiful and made of similar materials as the expensive dresses.  The difference is sometimes some lace or a sparkles or some sort of texture.  Check with a seamstress who may be able to dazzle up the moderately priced dress to look like just like the dresses on the expensive rack.Jewelry is always beautiful.  But buying a tiara, gloves, diamonds can be a little much.  Check with family members or friends to borrow jewelry.  You may be surprised what you come up with.  Friends and family members may have very high quality accessories that will make you sparkle.  Renting is a must for some key decorations.  Punch bowls and chocolate fountains don’t come cheap to buy, but by renting they are fairly affordable.  You may want to pass on the ice sculpture or very expensive decorations and focus your attention on affordable but impressive decorations.  Consider having a crafty friend put together center pieces and table placements.  Your friends and family will be invaluable to making your wedding as spectacular as you have dreamt.  Catering a full meal is not out of the question, but serving orderves may be equally as impressive if done in the right way.  If serving a full meal check with some local restaurants as well as caterers to see who is more reasonable.  Costco can be a life saver for finding quality orderves and party style platters.  Having a wedding photographer is a must.  The cost of photographers varies greatly, but sometimes the quality of the photographer doesn’t vary with price.  Find a reasonably priced photographer and let the photographer know you are on a budget, but would still like to have quality photos.  Ask for the photographer’s advices as they often have multiple packages to fit almost every price range.  A wedding video will be a valuable record of that special day.  A good videographer will have a similar setup for pricing as a photographer.  You can avoid accessories and focus on the main video to save some money.  A high definition video may not be necessary.  Most professional videographers will have DVD quality cameras that will produce a vibrant and crystal clear wedding without the need of expensive HD cameras and footage.  Your wedding will be as wonderful as you make.  With family and friends around to support you in your new beginning as husband and wife your day will be special no matter how much you are able to spend.  Take time to plan your wedding and it will be a day you will never forget.

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When You Meet… You Know..

The moment you meet you know you are meant to be together… forever. Dating finally turns into Engagement and then, the big day, your Wedding day. This is such a spectacular event to plan, and sometimes can be the most crazy busy time of your life. Here are a few things that I think you should make sure you do for your special Wedding day.

First, breathe. I know, I know… your life is about to change, but if you don’t take time to yourself and just relax and not stress out you will not enjoy this process and you really want to be able to enjoy this process. Its every little girls dream to dress up in a beautiful big white gown and have a celebration with her all dressed up and the party looking just like she wants it to. However, if you’re stressed and getting mad at everyone in the process it will not be that fairy tale Wedding you have always dreamed about. So make sure you breathe, relax, and enjoy this process. Anyone who is anyone has had at least one thing happen during the Wedding process that they did not expect. So know that its inevitable, it will happen, so don’t stress it. As they say…. don’t stress the small stuff. I couldn’t stress that more!

Second, the colors and your Wedding day dress. The colors of the Wedding are very important. It really sets a tone to the whole day and evening. Make sure that you choose colors that good well with not only the season, but the time and the state and weather that you are surrounded by. For example, I saw a Wedding that was in Sedona, Arizona. Now for those of you who do not know about Sedona, Sedona is surrounded by rusty red and Orange Mountain and rock hills. This particular Bride decided to dress her bridesmaids up in Pink, which really clashed with the rusty red and orange mountains and rocks. Any other color would have been a lot better. Now on the other hand I recently went to a Wedding in Montana where it was snowing a few months back and the colors of the Wedding were light baby blue, black and silver. Now that’s a lot better! The Bride took into account of her surroundings, which made everything make sense. So all in all, make sure that you really watch for color and really pick something that not only make sense, but that feels right, good, and nice for you and all your guests to enjoy.

Your Wedding dress is another big deal. Make sure that you choose something that is flattering to your figure. I’ve known brides that we’re a big bigger boned and decided to wear skintight dresses. Upon getting their pictures back they we very unhappy with themselves and didn’t like the way they looked and were discouraged with their choice of dress. So really watch your body and figure out a dress that shows off your good qualities, and make sure that you can move around freely. You will enjoy your Wedding Day a lot more and will not be self-conscious all night.

Those would be my top three suggestions. It should be a breezy from there!

Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

Having the perfect wedding day is every girl’s fantasy. It is one of the most important days of your life and of course you want to make it special and memorable. Contrary to what they say in magazines you do not need to splurge to achieve this dream. There are so many ways that you can do to work on a tight budget. But staying on a cheaper note does not mean you have to give up on sentimentality or fashion. It means you have to use your imagination and originality to come up with ideas to make your wedding an unforgettable one.
The first step is to prioritize and focus on the things you want to attain. When planning a wedding, coming up with a good checklist is a smart strategy. It is an essential part in organizing all of the work to be done beforehand. It is easy for time and money to get away once you have started the preparations and a good checklist will keep this all under control. Here are some guidelines which you can consider in planning that perfect day with a budget in mind.
Wedding gown. There are two ways to save money on your wedding dress, it’s either you buy your gown “off the rack” or hire a dressmaker to make it for you. Check out bridal sales at places like Bridal boutiques because they usually offer gowns at a much lesser price. But if you plan to hire a professional dressmaker, remember that price and quality may vary considerably. To get a great deal, it is much better to hire a more expensive dressmaker but decide on a much simpler fabric and detailing for the gown.
Accessories. You should decide on to making your own headpieces and wedding accessories. Books are available in the market with a mixture of different patterns.
Cake. Choosing cupcakes as a substitute for a wedding cake is a good idea. It can be arranged in a three-tiered cake tray and decorated with color icings and sprinkles to match your theme.
Videography. An important professional priority in any wedding is wedding videography. If your budget is really tight, then a good option is to hire a videography student. They are usually creative and will do a great job for much less than a professional.
Reception Hall. Consider having the wedding reception in your backyard if the yard is big enough and the weather permits it. Set up a few canopies or tarpaulins in the possibility of rain.
Flowers. Choose flowers varieties which will be in season at the time of the wedding. You should also explore other ideas in decorating the church and reception area. Use scented candles, balloon bouquets and inexpensive live plants.
Rings. Jewelry stores usually offer a variety of low cost golden rings with the type you are looking for. Sometimes, they also hold clearance sales for rings.
Wedding planning on a limited budget can be stressful and overwhelming. You have to remember so many things at once that it can also be a little confusing at times. Although this may happen, do not let yourself caught up in the all the drama of choosing the right gown or wedding videography to match your style. Take a deep breath and just keep in mind all of these guidelines and you will have a wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Has any seen a First Dance at a wedding like this? Loved it!

One of my nieces sent me this great video below of a couples first dance at their wedding? I won’t give away too much and let you watch. This is a GREAT idea. If I would have seen something like this before my wedding, I am pretty sure I could have cohersed my husband into doing this. I would pick a different song though, even though Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. Since I had a Disney wedding, I think I would have chosen something more in theme, maybe something like this other first dance.