Pewter Mirror Calla Lily Wedding Favors As Gifts

Wedding favors according to traditions have been the gifts presented by the bride and bridegroom to their guests as their token of appreciation. You have planned all the details to make your wedding a truly special day, and wedding favors also are an area that needs special attention. Wedding favors are an important part of any wedding today and with the number of choices available today making a decision regarding the wedding favor that you would like to choose has become a task in itself.
Searching for the perfect wedding gift can be easier than you thought it could ever be. Just think about the time of year, the season, what theme you want to go with and you will soon see many things will come to mind as what will be the perfect choice of favor for your guest.
Wedding favors is a tradition, which started with the European aristocrats. It began with gifting of sugar cubes. Times have changed drastically and today wedding favors is actually an industry in itself providing thousands of options to make it a special gift that all your guests would appreciate.
The Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is a beautifully crafted mirror made out of Pewter. This could be a wonderful wedding favor that would reflect your personal choice and style. It is a gift that would enhance the beauty of the home of your esteemed guest and would remind them of the special day that was such a wonderful event that they attended.
This Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is carved with three lilies and also has a stem and leaves beautifully attached to it. The elegant, lovely gift that has three white Calla lilies surrounding the mirror and beautifully packed in a delicate silver mesh bag is the perfect way to express your warm regards to your guest for making your special day truly special by their presence. It is the best way to say “Thank You”.
You could even decide to order flowers to go with the theme of your wedding favor. The Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is 5 inches long and is specially made to make your wedding favor unique and one that would be liked by all.
You have worked very hard to plan your wedding day so that it is truly unique and is the dream wedding that you had in mind. Right from the food, beverages, the flowers, your dress to the location everything has your personal touch then why leave wedding favors aside. It should be one that expresses your gratitude to your guests in a beautiful manner that they would simply adore.
The Pewter Calla Lily Mirror is just what you were looking for to add that special touch. It is one of the best-personalized wedding favors that would actually be an instant hit with your guests and leaves a lasting impression.
This type of wedding souvenir gifts for your guest make not only an elegant choice of favor, but also serves as a very usful and memorable gift for all your wedding guest or bridal shower guest who attended your special day.

Cheap Wedding Favors That Do not Look Cheap

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Unique Wedding Favors For A Unique Couple

A wedding favor can be unique if the theme or style of your wedding is different from the run off the mill ceremonies. Another way wedding favors are unique is if they are not intended to be used as favors in the first place.
Unique Wedding Favors by Theme
A theme for a wedding is not necessary only when you have a destination wedding; regular local weddings can have themes too. Some popular themes could be to replicate an era in time such as the 70’s or the Victorian Age. Or you could take a flower or shape to be the wedding theme; roses everywhere from the cake toppers to the centerpieces to the bridal bouquets will make everything look coordinated. An object like a butterfly or a flip flop can also be a great idea for unique wedding favors.
Dual Purpose Favors
By initially using the favors as place card holders, you can tell the guest that they can take them home and use them for notes or photos of their own. For a Vegas themed wedding you could give decks of cards or dice as favors and for a fairy tale theme, you could hand out horse drawn carriage photo frames.
An Asian wedding theme could have chopsticks or oriental soup spoons as favors; something people might not got out and buy for themselves but would like to use or display if they get them as gifts.
Practical yet Unique Wedding Favors
Luggage tags, tea infusers, wine glass charms and book marks are just some examples of unique wedding favors that are easy to utilize as opposed to be chucked away in some drawer. Everyone could use another bookmark and luggage tags get worn out quickly too. So, remember to give your guests something they can use.
Wedding favors, whether unique or typical do have one limitation most of the time; they have to be pretty small. This is because they are usually placed on tables before the guests arrive and hence should not take up much space when the food is served. If you have a unique wedding favor idea that is a little different from the usual size; then you may want to make someone in charge of handing it to guest s on their way out.
If you score a great deal on a poster print that complements your wedding theme for instance, then hand it out at the end as opposed to guests having to fumble with it during the reception and meal.
Imported Unique Wedding Favors
If you think all your friends have probably visited the same websites or read the same bridal magazines for unique wedding favor ideas; then you’re probably right. If you really want to wow your guest, get something not readily available in the US. Indian handicrafts, Japanese candy or British tea are just some examples of unique wedding favor ideas that your guests can not just pick up at any store.
Avoid Monogrammed Wedding Favors
In an effort to get a really unique wedding favor, many couples opt to personalize the item with the initial of the recipient. While this is a very generous gesture on their part, it is not very practical. Some guests may not be able to make it even if they RSVP’d that they could. Others might have to bring in an extra guest or two and you won’t have the time to get their specific initial engraved or embossed.
Favors can get mixed up and misplaced; it is better for everyone to go home with the same favor rather than Tim leaving with a ‘P’ candle and Rose with an ‘S’ embroidered handkerchief.