I’m Looking For This Movie. I Think It Was A Disney Movie I’m Not Positive, But Maybe.?

it was about these two parents gonna get married, but the kids didn’t like it. the parents were like plant biologists or something. there were scenes with eggplant, going sailboating, and a wedding where someone falls into a pool. also at the wedding a song called mambo number 5 played. there was another scene where the daughter walks in on one of the brothers who’s looking at his chest and says he’s looking for chest hair and the girl responds oh i’ve done that before. or something like that my memory of this is a little sketchy.the “family” had a dog. they were going to a beach house well there was sand. so i hope i gave enough details and you can find this for me. please do your best this is bothering me sooo bad!!! Loves Ya and Thanks Sooo Much!

How Would You Word The Ad For This Yard Sale ???

I will tell you what I have . I have a ton of great used clothing, and about 75% infants thru size 14, both sexes. I have videos, 75% are kids, used VHS, I have books, some brand new but only $1, 75% kids again. I have Christian books. I am actually selling everything for $1 but I’m not going to put that in the ad as I think it will deter the bargain hunters, but the stuff I have is great and I mean like Nike, disney and great stuff. my kids are grown and gone and I am emptying out the house. So a ton must go. Any suggestions on how to pull them in with the ad. I have done many, and know about setting up signs and all but I don’t buy/shop garage sales so I don’t know what to say to grab their attention best ? Heh you garage sale aholics, want to write an ad or share what catches your eye ? Ad goes in Wed., 9-12 thanks so much from a person who desperately need income. WEndy

Disney World Wedding….and Is This A Good Idea For The Wedding Party?

Ok first me and billy joe want a disney wedding…is that a good idea?….also I was thinking of taking the people who will be in the wedding to either Japan or London….also I need someone to help me…talk to be about this would you be interested?…if so please email or IM me shatteredfaith78@aol.com

Would This Be Rude?

I’m just wondering if this would be rude and if not, how I go about asking. I am getting married next year. We’ve been trying to figure out what we want to do for a honeymoon. It came up that my aunt and uncle live in Port Orange, Flordia, which is right next to Orlando. I don’t know if they will be able to make it to the wedding, because my uncle doesn’t like to travel much. We were thinking that maybe, they could let us stay with them for like a week , and we could go to Disney World and Daytona beach for our honeymoon. I have not seen them since I was 5 years old. ( Due to the fact that uncle Wayne does not like to travel as I said and because we never had the money for a vacation). Would it be rude of us to suggest or ask if we could stay there for maybe a week for our honeymoon? They haven’t seen me since I was 5, as I said, and I know they would like to see me again, and I’m sure they would like to meet my fiancee ( he’ll be my husband then, durrr). What do you think?

Does This Sound Like Bipolar To You?

So anyway this past summer my aunt went crazy. As in flipping out on her husband and assaulting him for no reason in their apartment. She was arrested and locked up. My mom tried to help her sister by trying to get her help (all while her mother had a heart attack, my dad had a semi heart attack) but instead the sister started contacting me, my sister and my dad telling them how evil my mom was and that she was going to sue them. Her own family did nothing even though her kids are all over thirty and engaged and have jobs. Her husband basically just left.
She got released from jail and ended up loosing her job. After a few weeks of acting crazy she went missing and presumably lived on the street after her credit card was canceled, car keys were taken away and she was baker acted and locked up. After she got released she decided to take her daughter on a trip to Disney and this ended up with the state police stopping her car after a high speed chase and arresting her. Apparently she was driving at a high rate of speed in her car, and wouldn’t slow down or let her daughter out. Subsequently she ended up getting a divorce and she is in mental health treatment.
After all the mean stuff she did to my mom my mom gives her large sums of money, and forgives her. She says my aunt is bipolar and she is under stress because her son has skin cancer. I tell my mom that is a cop out. How come all of a sudden she flips out if she has never before.
Throughout her entire life my aunt has made my mom cry by telling her that me and my sister were screw ups and my mom wasn’t a good parent. I ended up going to the best college out of any members of my extended family. Her kids got kicked out of college, have been in abusive relations, and have crappy jobs.
So anyway my cousin is getting married and I will probably have to be in contact with my crazy aunt at the wedding. I am a very polite person, but if she starts in with my mom she is going to get told to stay away.
Am I off my rocker? My mom is very passive and I feel like since I am almost twenty four, and have listened to this crazy lady all my life. I want to pepper spray the crap out and then give her an Arkansas gravel bath of her but in reality i will probably just tell her to stay away from us. She seems to really like drama, for instance at my graduation party she decided to announce that her son had cancer and ruin my party.

Can You Name This Film?

So its about 14 year old girl who is nick named turtle by her dad.
There is a murder and i the will is states that they have to try and find out who is the killer, and turns out its the same guy all the way through, the girl figures this out as she kicks the guy when he is in a different disguise and this is how she figures out it is him because when in the rest if the disguises he is limping.it was played on the disney channel ages ago. Just to add a little option she also drops a glass bottle of orange juice in her dads grocerie store and her dad cuts his hand whilst picking up the broken glass. Also her older sister is getting married and whilst planning her wedding with their mother the mother decided that they should have cheese balls to eat at the wedding. There is also a reef on flowers that has a bomb in it some where however cant remember where. 🙂 If you could help would be very greatful! Cheers all 🙂

Did Anyone Else See This In The Little Mermaid?

At the wedding on the ship between Prince Eric and Ursula, did you see where the preacher got a hard-on?! It happens right when the scene changes, it’s crazy. I heard that there were a couple of animators working for Disney who found it funny, and were later fired. It was said that they did other things in other Disney movies, like The Lion King, but I didn’t catch anything in it. Anybody heard of this before?

How Do I Get Over My Soul Mate Or Fix This Relationship?

This is long so I’m sorry but here: Please help
I’ve been going out with a beautiful woman for 3+ years now. It started as just friends but she pushed our relationship fast. After a few months she wanted to get “promised” so I bought her a promise ring… we had a good relationship and she pushed for us to get engaged, so I did propose to her and she “couldn’t wait” to get married. She plays these wedding designer games and stuff like that so she’s got the whole thing in her head about what she wants. Then we went and picked out wedding bands. During that course of our relationship I had caught her a few times online with guys talking about sex and got upset about it, but I eventually forgave her for it and moved on because it wasn’t physical. Then we had a huge argument that led to a break up… we were broken up two weeks (the most miserable two weeks of my life) and then she started talking to me again and made it clear she wanted me back, which I was hilariously happy about. So we got back together, I then found out she lied to me when I asked her if she’d had sex with anyone while we were apart *I know it was only two weeks but she’s only 21 and has already had 10 sex partners, so I needed to kn ow* she lied to me and her best friend told me that they had sex while we were broken up. I had a lot of trouble with that but I eventually forgave her again because I truly love her and I don’t want to be without her. So everything has been going great until recently… she has completely stopped texting me, she gets mad at me when I call her and every time I ask her what’s wrong she says “nothing”. I know she’s not on her time of the month because she’s on the patch and this IS NOT an off week. I know she’s getting ready to go to Disney on an internship for 6 months but that’s no excuse either to treat someone like that… I have no idea what to do… but I’m seriously considering finding someone better… the problem is I truly believe she IS my soul mate… I love her unconditionally but I don’t want her to continuously push me away and think it’s okay… my family thinks I can do better but the truth is I want her… and I know it’s killing me. Should I try to fix this relationship *and how would I go about that* or should I just move on *and how do you go about that*?

I’m Not Sure About This Cake Topper…?

My fiance and I are having a beach themed wedding (we got engaged on Martha’s Vineyard on the beach). The cake is going to be three tiered with chocolate and white chocolate seashells and coral and seahorses on them in our wedding color, which is fuchsia. My fiance and I have talked about doing a cake topper with the Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and Prince Eric on it…but not the one in their wedding gear, one of Prince Eric carrying areil while she is a mermaid.
Background. 1) The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie and all my childhood, into High School, I collected Disney movies 2) My fiance knows I love the Little Mermaid, we we are super dorky when we go to the ocean and we “play” the Little Mermaid, where he throws me into an on-coming wave to jump through it (so silly, i know, but its fun! 🙂
I hestitate because some people may not make the connection as to why that is our topper, esp. since I don’t have red hair. What do you think?