I Wanna Hear From People Who Have Had Their Wedding At Disney World?

My fiance and I are looking to get married their in June 2011 after he gets done his tour of duty in Afghanistan. I wanted to hear from some people who have actually had weddings there. How are the consultants and planners? Did everything go smoothly for you? We are from New Jersey, so all of our guests will be traveling to Florida. I love Disney so much so this suits me perfectly. Any information on Disney Weddings would be great! Thanks in advance!!

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Has Anyone Met Their Wife Or Husband On The Walt Disney World College Program?

Just wondering if there are anyone else out there that has a Happily ever after story they would like to share…
I met my husband while working on the program. We were neighbors at vista way. We started dating there and eventually moved to the same town after the program. We even had a disney wedding with fairies and everything. :O) We been happily married for two years…and we have been together for seven.

Has Any One Had A Their Wedding At Disney World Or Has Experienced One How Good Is It Giv Me Summore Info?

Oh, I’ve always dreamed of getting married at Walt Disney World! It’s my favorite place! I’ve seen a couple shows about it on TV, including the on on the Food Network. The cakes are beautiful, and there’s so many different beautiful designs. I ordered Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings DVD. It’s free, so you should order it if you haven’t already. You can get married pretty much anywhere on WDW property. Every Resort has a location… like, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort has the Wedding Pavilion, or there’s the beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. You could get married on Disney’s Boardwalk or in a courtyard at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. You could even get married under the Eiffel Tower at Epcot, or at the Magic Kingdom! I haven’t been to a wedding there, but I know that’s where I’m going to be married. The first time I went to Walt Disney World my aunt and uncle took us kid (my brother, cousin, and me) to the Polynesian Resort to see the luau dinner show. Afterwards we walked along the pathway that connects the Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts. It’s like a walk-of-fame. People who have had weddings or anniversary celebrations there have had there names put in stone squares. I want a square with my husband’s and my name and the date we were married. It’s so romantic. Anyway, I suggest you order that DVD and check out the website…http://www.disneyweddings.go.com/
Hope this helped some!

As Parents Of The Bride And Groom How Much Will It Cost Us To Join Them On Their Disney Cruise Wedding?

Our son’s fiance has her heart set on a Disney Cruise wedding. They will be cruising to an island where the ceremony then will be held.Unfortunately as a couple they are not real big on communicating exactly what’s planned. We can’t seem to find any info online about how much it will cost the parents and other guests. Are guests included in the deal or is the amount the bride and groom pay just for themselves? We don’t really want to ask them outright just yet. I don’t want them to think we might not attend if it’s too costly. What other options are thereso that the guests could be present for the ceremony? Could the parents fly out for just the ceremony and return the next day? ( They will be honeymooning at Disney World on the way back!) Any info would greatly be appreciated.