Taking Road Trip From Ca To Fl. Any Advice??

Here is the plan: Any advice would be appreciated!!!
Thurs 10a Leave Sacramento 11p Arrive LV
Friday Kick it in LV
Saturday 9a Leave LV 1:30pm at Grand Canyon 5pm Leave G.C. 11p at Albuq, NM [8h24m drive]
Sunday 10a leave NM 9p arrive Dallas, TX [9h 35m drive]
Mon 10a leave Dallas, Tx 7p arrive New Orleans Sight see [7h 50m drive]
Tues 10a leave LA 9p arrive Orlando, FL [9h 18m drive]
Wed Disney World Day
Thurs 10a leave DisneyWorld 2p Arrive Ft Lauderdale, FL

Taking Pictures In The Disneyland Resort For A Special Event?

I have seen pictures of people who have had their weddings at Disneyland and they are absolutely beautiful. The pictures take place mostly in front of the castle. They are professional taken pictures. I am interested in taking pictures there too, but i was wondering if this was possible without having an actual wedding there. I am having a Debut that is Disney themed so having pictures in front of the castle with the people in my court would compliment my theme quite well.
Although I’d love my party to be at the Disneyland resort, it is way beyond my budget.
Does anyone know whether or not i could do this?
Who do i get in contact with?
Any suggestions.