How Easy Is It For A Hanicapped Person Go To Disney World???

My mom wants to go to Disney but she’s disabled. She can walk, but is very limited. She doesnt have a wheelchair. Does anyone know:
Where can you rent a motorized scooter? At the value hotels? Do you take it on the bus and to the parks or do you have to rent on at the parks? Can you go on the rides in a wheechair…i mean she cant stand in line, but could get out of it and get onto the ride. Where does the scooter go when she’s on the ride?? I never noticed handicapped lines, do they exist? on all rides? How much does it cost to rent a scooter? Can you ride it onto the monorail? The only way my mom could go is if she rented a scooter so she has it all the time. I have NO clue!!! Please help, i would like her to come to my wedding!

What Words You Call A Person That Is Being Mean And Cruel, And Inciditate?

have a granddaughter who is not including any of her family to help and be in the wedding. She has 2 sisters 17 & 13, a brother 9. Told them flat out they were not going to be in HER wedding. I as her grandmother/grandfather offer to pay for the cake. She told her mother, not me that she wanted to pick out her cake. She got engaged at Disney World in front of the castle. So I have started buy items with the Disney Princess wedding theme. She told her mother that she did know feel bad if she did not like whate I bought. So far I have spent over $800 on nice Disney castle items. She has really hurt my feeling and that of her own family