School Project Help!: Can A Catholic Wedding Take Place Somewhere Other Than A Catholic Church?

Can a ‘Wedding within the Catholic Church’ take place somewhere other than in a Catholic Church? Like outside, or in a ballroom, with the regular things like a Priest or Decon, readings, blessings, etc.?
This is for a school marriage project- we are learning about each of the 7 sacraments and we have to plan a wedding within the Catholic Church (you’ve guessed it, Im a catholic school girl) and we have an unlimited budget so I want mine to take place at Disney World, but I don’t know if thats okay.
Any other info would be great!

If You And Your Significant Other Were Going To Disney World, What Would You Do? Need Suggestions! 8-)?

My husband and I were invited to a wedding taking place this summer in Orlando. We don’t live near FL so if we go, we figured we might as well go to Disney World too! Neither of us have been!
The thing is, we don’t want to spend a lot of money and we wouldn’t be able to go for super long, maybe 4-5 days.
We thought a good way to do this might be to just do/see stuff that’s more geared toward couples since it’ll be just the two of us (and we’ll save the “kid” stuff for someday in the future when we have kids).
So any suggestions??? What would YOU do? Any experienced Disney-goers??? Epcot? Magic Kingdom? Any special restaurants or shows that aren’t really pricey?
Also any recommendations on where to stay? We’re definitely open to the idea of staying in a decent hotel outside of Disney in order to save the money.
Or do you all think we should pass, considering it will be the middle of summer and really busy?? There’s always another time, right?

Disney World!!!! Are There Any Honeymoon Suites Other Than The Grand Floridian? Disney World!!!?

I am looking to plan a disney world honey moon for my wedding next year and I would like to find a honeymoon suite at a Disney world hotel on the property, other than the grand floridian. Does anyone know if they have honeymoon suites at any of the other hotels?