How To Go To Disney World Orlando Cheap?

we want to go to diney world for our honey moon. What is the cheapest way to have a wonderful trip. I want to stay in one of the resorts there at disney and I want all the pluses but when I price out my trip it comes to like $2500!!!
jeeze as if the wedding didnt already max out my cards! any suggestions or ideas of where to find tickets/rates cheap?
Or tell me how you got yours cheap!?!
FYI~ I have never been there before.
thanks so much for your help! 🙂

Question About Resort In Disney World Orlando?

My hubby and I lare stationed in germany and we just got back from euro disney in Bussy france yesterday. It was my first time going. We are already planning to go again, but we think we are going to go to disney world in orlando this time. Thinking of going for our wedding anniversary which in on valentines day. We want a really nice resort IN disney world itself. Any info you have would be of much help. We won’t be booking through disney, but probably expedia because it’s a little cheaper. Not just about reorts but any info you have that would help make our planning a bit easier would be nice. thanks a ton 🙂 oh delux would be nice.

Anyone Any Ideas For A Surprise For My Wife When We Go To Orlando In December?

Our fourth wedding Anniversary and where we had our Honeymoon so would love to do something special for her. She loves Orlando and everything there Disney or otherwise. Any ideas?

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Which Are The Best 2 Disneyparks To Visit In Orlando During Thanks Giving Weekend-nov’06?

Any special ideas/restaurants on how to celebrate my first wedding anniversary at Disney.Also let me know which are the reliable sites to get 2 day disney park tickets. Must see things to do at disney parks.

Somewhere Scenic To Go In A Limo In Orlando (following Wedding)?

We are staying in Disney’s Grand Floridian hotel for our wedding, and following the ceremony we have 1 and a half hours to go anywhere we like in the limo.
Therefore we are looking for somewhere 30mins drive away from the hotel, stay in that location for 30mins for our own photos, then 30mins drive back to the hotel.
We are thinking maybe going to a lake or country park, but as we’re not from the USA, it is difficult to find suitable things on the Internet.
Or failing that, a nice tour around Orlando – but again, we don’t know suitable scenic roads.
Where would you recommend given the above criteria and bearing in mind the accessibility for a limo?
Thanks for any suggestions!

Wedding At Disney World, Orlando?

I’m getting married in Disney World Orlando in April and am trying to pick a place for the wedding reception. I’ve heard great things about “The Attic” in the Boardwalk Inn but I can’t find any pictures. Does anyone have any idea where to find some and maybe some more information about it? Thanks in advance!

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Trip To Orlando…? What Should We Do?

My brother is getting married in FL in April…my siblings their spouses and children myself and my husband and my parents are all going to the wedding. But we are also all taking a good week off to go. We plan on driving so we will only be there for about 4 days. Two days being consumed by the wedding the other two free to do whatever. We are thinking probably a beach day, but what are some other good activities? Obviousl there disney and universal but we dont know much about them. The prices etc. Some of us hate roller coaster while some love them. We would like something everyone would enjoy and that isn’t too expensive since the trip isnt actually for the amusment parks! So what do you think? Also with a group of twleve can we get group rates?

Going To Orlando For 1 Week …?

We are spending our 13th Wedding anniversary in July
in this beauftial area ….
We are trying to find out some where’s and what’s to do …
Can a person do 2 worlds in a day at DW ? and IF so ..what’s your opion for parks ..we did the Magic kingdom in 03 and was dissapointed ( people we went with NOT Disney )..
In regards to rides at DW & Universal … Husband is a freak for actiion rides and Roller coasters …and I’m into water rides and Charactres … we enjoy Jazz music and small unique shops and sites .. we have a condo with everything for a week just looking for somethings to see and do for a week ..Also, where’s the best place to Hunt for seashells in Orlando ?? and another thing ..where’s a good place to see a nice sunset for two ??