We Need A Nice Place For A Wedding Reception In Columbus, Ohio! Any Suggestions?

We are getting married in Disney in late March 2009. We plan to have our reception in mid April in Columbus. My best guess for guests is 150-200 people (possibly more). We are both students and need to keep the price down. If we could find a place that we could serve our own alcohol, that might save a lot of $$$!! (We found a really nice place called, the Vault, but it is $20/person just for alcohol…no food included).
We want something more central Columbus if possible and water would be nice (i.e. the zoo but they have a crazy list of rules). I am expecting it to be cold bc you never know in Ohio so outdoor will probably not be appropriate. Thanks for your help!

Need Help Planning For Our Disney Trip.?

My family and I are going to Disney May 29th through June 5th. There will be 4 adults and our 3½ year old daughter going for the first time and we will be staying at the AS Movies.
We will be landing in Orlando at 11 Am on Friday May 29th, so I am figuring we will be in a park by 1 or so.
Here is our tentative plans, (but sure if I like them)
Friday May 29th Magic Kingdom
Sat May 30 Animal Kingdom
Sun May 31 Epcot
Mon June 1 Magic Kingdom – Res. at Chef Mickeys at 5 PM
Tues June 2 Hollywood Studios Res at Hollywood and Vine at 9:45
Fantasmic at 9 PM
Wed. June 3 Magic Kingdom Res at BBB 9:30
Thur June 4 What ever park we want to go back to.
Do you think we can do HS and Epcot in 1 day with a 3 year old or should we change our plans slightly?

If You And Your Significant Other Were Going To Disney World, What Would You Do? Need Suggestions! 8-)?

My husband and I were invited to a wedding taking place this summer in Orlando. We don’t live near FL so if we go, we figured we might as well go to Disney World too! Neither of us have been!
The thing is, we don’t want to spend a lot of money and we wouldn’t be able to go for super long, maybe 4-5 days.
We thought a good way to do this might be to just do/see stuff that’s more geared toward couples since it’ll be just the two of us (and we’ll save the “kid” stuff for someday in the future when we have kids).
So any suggestions??? What would YOU do? Any experienced Disney-goers??? Epcot? Magic Kingdom? Any special restaurants or shows that aren’t really pricey?
Also any recommendations on where to stay? We’re definitely open to the idea of staying in a decent hotel outside of Disney in order to save the money.
Or do you all think we should pass, considering it will be the middle of summer and really busy?? There’s always another time, right?

I Need Some Ideas For Planning A Disney Masquerade Wedding. Any Suggestions?

My fiance and I are getting married in late August and have decided on a Disney masquerade themed wedding. We are going to Disney for our honeymoon and my fiance wants a masquerade themed wedding. I need some help with ideas and suggestions PLEASE.

Have I Got A Question For You! I Need Help With A Bridal Shower…?

This is the bride’s second marriage, although I’m not sure if that matters in giving favors.
I am one of the bridesmaids in her wedding, and my responsibility for the shower is favors.
The wedding is a fairytale/princess theme, but we don’t want the favors to be too Disney or too cheesy.
I need 25 favors, so I would like them to be about $2 each or less.
Thanks in advance for your help!

I Need Two Contrasting Audition Songs..suggestions?

I’m a alto/mezzo and am trying out for my first adult show of Beauty and the Beast. the songs have to be from a musical or a disney song. 16 measures at most. i might already have one “someday” from the wedding singer. Its pop, character, and upbeat. but i need something to contrast that or two whole other pieces.

Anyone Need Help Finding The Perfect Gift For 6-14 Year Olds?

These are what everyone is asking for for christmas!
Here are some things that the average 6-7 year old is asking for for christmas:
*Shining star
*Disney Princess soccer ball
*Super man soccer ball
Ages 8-9 year old toys_______________________________
*High School Musical movie
*High school musical doll
*Little baby (fake) toy
*Spider man movie
*Shining star
*Disney coloring book
*Barbie wedding doll
*Spiderman video player/ barbie
*Nacklaces and bracelets
*barbie dolls
*(small) bike
*Spider man disposable camera
*Barbie princess coloring book
*One of those mini pull out couch sleeping bags
*Groovy girl
*little tike’s diego/dora play set
*cute PJ’s
*Timmy Turner Schools out movie
*The nutcracker movie
*Barbie scooter
*Superman scooter
*Helmet with spider man/barbie
*Darth Vader Light saver
*a book with jokes and riddles that You can read to them as a nighttime story
*Barbie Dream house Or you can make them ‘their name’ dream house!
*Hannah Montana barbie
*High School Musical new DVD
*A little kitty laptop (One of those educational fake ones)
*Ugg slippers
*DS games/ DS
*David Archuleta Music video
*Rianna music videos
*Coach designer wallet
*Winter coat
*Make up
*Eye shaddow
*Hair clips
Ugg moccican
Ugg slippers
Coach bag
Music videos
Plenty of makeup
Shopping spree
Room redone
hair spray
Fur shoes
running shoes
basketball shirt
room redone
football light
I hope I helped you find the perfect gift!!!!!!!

I Need Help With Some Trivia Questions?

When walt disney seven dwrafs mine what did they mine?
who wrote war of the world? what name is helen porter mitchell known as? which city was titanic built? Black Beared Original Name is? Roman Myth who was rular of gods? Before Tony Blare who was previous leader of the labor party to win general election? which royal wedding took place in 1973?