Does Anyone Have Any Idea How Much It Would Cost To Have A Disney/fairytale Wedding In The Uk?

i wanted to get married at disney in florida, as there is a lot of expense for family and friends to go then i want to bring disney to the uk so then it will be more feasible to have them their, so i need to know how much it would cost to have a disney or fairytale wedding, or to know of anyone that has had a wedding like this in the uk, please let me know as i need as much info as possible to make my wedding perfect. thankyou.

As Parents Of The Bride And Groom How Much Will It Cost Us To Join Them On Their Disney Cruise Wedding?

Our son’s fiance has her heart set on a Disney Cruise wedding. They will be cruising to an island where the ceremony then will be held.Unfortunately as a couple they are not real big on communicating exactly what’s planned. We can’t seem to find any info online about how much it will cost the parents and other guests. Are guests included in the deal or is the amount the bride and groom pay just for themselves? We don’t really want to ask them outright just yet. I don’t want them to think we might not attend if it’s too costly. What other options are thereso that the guests could be present for the ceremony? Could the parents fly out for just the ceremony and return the next day? ( They will be honeymooning at Disney World on the way back!) Any info would greatly be appreciated.

How Much Does A Wedding At Disney Cost?

my fiancee <– probably spelled wrong, told me a long time ago that she thought that getting married in front of cinderellas castle at disney world was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. i was wondering if anyone knew how much it costs or if there is a website that will actually tell how much it might cost? if i could somehow find a way to afford it i would love more than anything to give her the wedding of her dreams! please help!