I’m Looking For This Movie. I Think It Was A Disney Movie I’m Not Positive, But Maybe.?

it was about these two parents gonna get married, but the kids didn’t like it. the parents were like plant biologists or something. there were scenes with eggplant, going sailboating, and a wedding where someone falls into a pool. also at the wedding a song called mambo number 5 played. there was another scene where the daughter walks in on one of the brothers who’s looking at his chest and says he’s looking for chest hair and the girl responds oh i’ve done that before. or something like that my memory of this is a little sketchy.the “family” had a dog. they were going to a beach house well there was sand. so i hope i gave enough details and you can find this for me. please do your best this is bothering me sooo bad!!! Loves Ya and Thanks Sooo Much!

Could Someone Tell Me What Disney Animation Movie It Is?

I don’t remember the name of it, but its about 2 friends 1 guy is a bandit and the other is retch and the banded guy cumes to the friends wedding or something…. some sort of book is stolen by a witch of some sort and then the banded frind is accused of stealing it so he goes of to find it and the rich frind is going to get executed if the banded dissent come back so, the guy tolks to the witch she askes em wuld u go back and take ur frinds place in the axicushan, he seas yes,,, she dusent belive him and so he dusent get the book….(if something like this rings a bell plz give me a name) 😀 oh and (sry for the spelling)

I’m Looking For The Instrumental Piece That Is Used In The Disney’s Cinderella Movie As An Entrance,trumpets?

I am planning a wedding and we need the title of the piece. Its an entrance like when the couple first walk into the reception hall. Sounds like trumpets. Would really appreciate an answer ASAP! First one to get it right gets the points. Thanks!

Movie Recomendations?

I’m looking for movies for a girls night. something funny, romantic, chickflicks. I’ve seen a lot of them allready, but haven’t seen that many from the 90s. I like movies like a cinderella story and also romantic and funny like the wedding date.
I’ve seen:
cinderella story 1 & 2
All movies with hilary duff, lindsay Lohan, amanda bynes and the olsen twins
confessions of a true hollywood starlet
the clique
ice princess
john tucker must die
sisterhood of travelling pants 1 & 2
all the HSM movies, and all disney channel movies
the prince and me movies
bring it on movies
every movie with ashton kutcher
all drew barrymore movies.
charlies angles 1 & 2
drive me crazy
she’s all that
the holiday
the wedding date.
and pretty much every popular dance movie like honey and center stage
I’ve seen a lot of movies, but if you know of any other in this genre that would be helpfull:)

Good Romantic-comdey/romantic-drama Movie Suggestions?

I’m looking for a good disney-cheesy romantic-comedy or a nice romantic comedy movie to watch.
For guidance, here are some movies I have seen and enjoyed:
The Notebook
She’s The Man
The Wedding Singer
There are a TON of flicks I’ve seen, so please reply with more than one suggestions (so hopefully at least one will be something I haven’t seen yet).
Also, I’m not sure if it will help you list movies but I’m a 22 yr old female.

What Movie Is This?

When I was younger, my super-religious grama gave me a movie. To all outward appearances, it looked like a cheaply made version of “The Little Mermaid”. I remember watching it, and the story line was in the same vein as Disney’s Little Mermaid. It was just shoddy drawing and there were a few different twists in the plot. THe most stunning one though, was the end. In the Disney movie, the Little Mermaid changes to a human and marries her prince. In this version, she changes to a human, and then kills herself instead of marrying the prince. Or maybe she married him and THEN killed herself. I just remember scenes of the mermaid in her wedding dress, in human form, sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I don’t remember why. Does anyone know what it was called or who wrote it? I would like to find it again but have no idea how. Anything would help. It was just so creepy. I would like to own it again.

Does Anyone Know What The Name Of The Song In Movie Soundtrack?

At the end of the Disney movie ‘Man of the House’ starring Chevy Chase and Farrah Fawcett, they played a song [i think it was during their wedding]–it sounded like it was native american with no words, just a voice –also the middle kid from ‘Home Improvement’ was the son of the mother–please help–

So Who Sings “so This Is Love” On The Classic Cinderella Movie?

my sisters having a wedding, and shes in love with the classic disney. her cake toper is even cinderella and prince charming. so if anyone knows if theres a woman singer or even a man, that sings this or re-did it. please let me know soon the weddings on the 30th

What Is Your Favorite Movie Moment?

What’s you favorite moment in a romantic movie .. something really sweet.
I love in the end of the Wedding Singer when he sings to her on the plane
and in the notebook when he actually rebuilds the house exactly how she wanted it
& everything in classic disney movies with love parts lol :]
If your a guy then you dont have to do romantic movies