Planning A Marriage & Honeymoon In Disney During Xmas & New Years?

I have been planning a very formal wedding for months now & I’m so fed up with all the details & all the family conflicts over everything.. so I’ve thrown everything out.
My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day is always free. I figured we would rest up on Christmas Day & then leave late that night around midnight to go to Orlando. I live in Mississippi, so it’s about a 10 hr drive. Then, I figured we could check into our hotel, rest some, then go to the chapel & get married (this will be the 26th), then spend the next week having fun in Disney 🙂
We’re on a very tight budget (we’re actually getting into disney free since I have family that works there) but still want to have a great honeymoon. I’ve tried looking on & other related websites, but theres SO much there, I get overwhelmed any time I try to start planning! Anyone have any ideas for things to do around the holidays? Any tips or need to know advice? Thanks!

Planning A Marriage & Honeymoon In Disney During Xmas & New Years?

I have been planning a very formal wedding for months now & I’m so fed up with all the details & all the family conflicts over everything.. so I’ve thrown everything out.
My family celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day is always free. I figured we would rest up on Christmas Day & then leave late that night around midnight to go to Orlando. I live in Mississippi, so it’s about a 10 hr drive. Then, I figured we could check into our hotel, rest some, then go to the chapel & get married (this will be the 26th), then spend the next week having fun in Disney 🙂
We’re on a very tight budget (we’re actually getting into disney free since I have family that works there) but still want to have a great honeymoon. I’ve tried looking on & other related websites, but theres SO much there, I get overwhelmed any time I try to start planning! Anyone have any ideas for things to do around the holidays? Any tips or need to know advice? Thanks!

Fairy Tale Wedding

If you have a fairy tale dream worthy of a modern day Cinderella then you may be looking for some ideas on how you can best make the most of your wedding celebration by imbuing it with a dash of fairy tale magic.

Location If you want your wedding day celebration to have a truly amazing fairy tale feel then you will definitely want to find a great location to make it happen. This doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to cost a fortune to do so with style and grace. An outdoor wedding ceremony is just as romantic, if not more, than an indoor ceremony if decorated properly and can be a really good option. Nature is the ultimate cathedral and is a great option, but is not as predictable a fairy tale experience due to weather being a possible factor. For a more invincibly fairy tale style wedding ceremony, you should find a nice indoor location such as a cathedral or a church with a beautifully ornate interior.

CandlesNothing says romantic like candlelight. Add yet another touch of romance by including candles in your wedding celebration and your guests will surely note how beautiful and amazing your special wedding celebration truly is. Even though you may be getting married in the daytime and may have plenty of light flooding through the windows to illuminate your ceremony, you will likely still have many places to decorate with some candles lighting the way.

Ballroom A ballroom with a chandelier is a wonderful addition to go with a vaulted ceiling in your wedding reception hall and should be included if at all possible. For a truly epic Cinderella style wedding it is almost a must to feature a beautiful ballroom and your guests will likely revel in the romantic beauty of your wonderful wedding celebration.

Doves A release of white doves is a beautiful addition that you may want to add at the end of your ceremony and is certainly a beautiful symbol of your blissful new marriage. Just make sure they are treated kindly and cared for properly at your wedding and elsewhere. In all honesty, it is beautiful to have them at your ceremony, yet you may want to really consider the happiness of the birds and make sure all involved will really find it a nice experience. Fairy tale birds tend to smile a lot in movies, so you want yours to be happy too!

Fairy Tale ApparelYou likely will want to have the right costuming for your fairy tale movie to look and feel the way you want it to, so make your costuming for your wedding day celebration as wonderful as you possibly can. Renaissance costuming the likes of Romeo and Juliet or Victorian clothing will likely suit your fairy tale quite well, although the traditional wedding attire can also suffice as it is still quite beautiful and noble.

Horse drawn CarriageLast and not least, have a horse-drawn carriage to carry you from your wedding ceremony to your reception hall or at least to a discreet location to change to a limousine. What Cinderella story is complete without a beautiful carriage to carry the newlyweds forward into their new future together?

Have fun and enjoy your beautiful fairy tale wedding extravaganza!

The author writes for Time To Get Married, which has a complete section with help for people during a break up.
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Idealization: See No Evil

The following is an excerpt from the book How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk
by John Van Epp, Ph.D.
Published by McGraw-Hill; September 2006;$22.95US/$26.95CAN; 0-07-147265-7
Copyright © 2006 John Van Epp, Ph.D.
Idealization: See No Evil
Unhealthy emotional needs lead people to develop one of three relationship patterns that attempt to interpersonally resolve what can only be fixed intrapersonally. In other words, when you do not deal directly with your issues, they often become embedded in your relationships. At that point, you may no longer recognize them as your own issues, because they have become clouded by the dynamics of the relationship. You plunge forward to fix the relationship, all the while needing really to fix yourself. Regrettably, it does not work and your relationship continues to suffer. This will repeat until you identify your own problems and make the necessary changes within yourself.
The first pattern, idealization, occurs when you avoid feeling disappointment and pain by always looking through rose-colored glasses. A perfect example of this was a young woman, Ellie, who had grown up in a home where her mother died and her father subsequently remarried. During her adolescence, her father was tragically killed. His second wife favored her own children, leaving Ellie starved for love and attention. It was not surprising that Ellie soon met and married a man whom she had known only a short time. During their brief courtship, he lavished her with praise and adoration, calling himself Prince Charming.
No doubt you know this age-old story of Ellie (her good friends knew her as Cinder Ellie, although most refer to her as Cinderella). She idealized everything! It was her way of surviving the atrocities of her family life. The beloved Disney version began with Cinderella waking up to the singing of the bluebirds and joining in with her own song, “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”
I do not mean to tarnish the ending of this fairy tale, but seriously, don’t you wonder whether Ellie looked at her prince through the lenses of overidealism? She wore clothes made from bluebirds, rescued trapped mice and dressed them in cute clothing, and never seemed to complain, even when she had to work all day and night! Maybe she was so determined to live her dream that she overlooked certain warning signals in order to fulfill her idealistic wishes. Idealism always becomes dangerous when it blinds you to reality.
Her prince was a wealthy, royal only child who was looking for the perfect woman. Men with the prince’s profile usually turn out to be controlling, narcissistic, and emotionally abusive. They often have an extreme swing from infatuation to detachment as soon as some imperfection blemishes their ideal love. Ellie’s idealism ultimately was leading her into the exact same family dynamic she experienced within her family of origin.
Your unhealthy need for idealistic love can be broken only by your individual efforts to face your pain and those who afflicted you, and to deal directly with the loss of having never been shown the love you needed, wanted, and deserved. Many times such efforts require courage to feel the loss as well as to face those who hurt you. A better blend of reality with idealism and the caution to test the one you trust over time will help distinguish an illusion from a genuine dream.
Rebounds and Crash Landings
Are you too trusting, always seeing the good and jumping to positive conclusions too quickly? Do you get into a relationship and immediately become swept away by the furious waves of attention and love? Do you find yourself enamored with this prince or princess, spending every free moment with that person, constantly conversing by phone or computer, or just talking to him or her in your head? If so, then you need to step back and look at your track record. If you have a history of these dreamy love attacks that end up spiraling into nightmares, then you may be avoiding some of your past pain by projecting your ideals onto a prince or princess who is nothing more than an ordinary frog.
Tonya had just ended a five-year relationship when she had her Cinderella nightmare. It began when she was approached by Will in a local club that she frequented. Will worked there and had talked briefly with Tonya in the past, but he had never engaged in any in-depth conversation with her. That night, however, Tonya started to tell Will, who listened intently, the tale of her long and rocky relationship. After an hour or so, Tonya remarked how understanding and attentive Will was and what a contrast this experience was from what she was used to. They went out that night and continued to talk until sunrise.
This began a romantic whirlwind that, after just thirty days, led Will to ask Tonya to marry him. She responded with an enthusiastic yes, having come out of a relationship with a commitment-phobe, and they made plans to move in together and save money for the wedding. Tonya confided in me that although Will had a long history of failed relationships, he had never truly been in love and no woman had ever made him feel so good. When I asked how many skeletons were actually in his closet, she blushed and disclosed that he had been with more than a hundred women. I warned her about the ways history repeats itself, but she acted hurt that I was not happier for her.
The day he moved in with her was both his first and his last. He brought a chair that Tonya did not think fit the decor of her home. When she tried to talk with him about this, Will snapped that it was his chair. Tonya retorted that it was her home. At this point, Will realized that she thought of the house as hers and not theirs.
Nothing was unusual about this kind of an argument. In fact, you would expect it to occur under the circumstances. But as a result, Will lost all feelings for Tonya and decided to move out the same day he moved in. Tonya was crushed (although I thought she was really spared). She couldn’t understand how someone could feel so strongly in love one moment and then be so ice-cold the next.
Tonya encountered the unhealthy effects of idealization. How did this happen? It began when she was reeling from the rebound effect of her previous relationship and in her pain had concluded that no good men were out there, at least, none were available. You might think that this mentality would have made Tonya apprehensive about the sincerity of a man approaching her, but instead, it only ratcheted up her hopes for a perfect love. When Will treated her in ideal ways, she projected onto him all of her dreams of true love, and like a tightly wound spring, burst forward in her dependency and commitment to a man she really didn’t know.
Will also suffered from idealization. He had a chronic and long-standing narcissistic condition, much like his father did. As the youngest, though, he did not overtly display his father’s temper. Instead, he was a charmer. Narcissists do not appear self-centered at the beginning of a relationship. Will, for instance, craved ideal love, and his ego was inflated when Tonya looked at him as “the perfect lover who could meet her needs better than any other.” This made Will feel like a god in Tonya’s life during the first stages of their relationship.
Only after some time do narcissists reveal their extreme demands, a kind of “buy now, pay later” arrangement. Once one disappointment blemishes the relationship, the narcissist can never retrieve that fantasy feeling of true love. The benevolent god becomes depraved and angry, exacting obedient love while never feeling satisfied or fulfilled. This is why Will was so amazing in the beginning of a relationship but so quick to quit whenever something went wrong. Narcissism lacks resiliency; so when the first flaw appears, love begins to die.
Copyright © 2006 John Van Epp, Ph.D.
John Van Epp, Ph.D., conducts seminars and workshops worldwide on marriage and relationships. His popular video program, How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk, is being taught by certified instructors internationally in thousands of churches, singles organizations, educational and agency settings, and throughout the military. He has been happily married for more than twenty-five years. Visit his website at

Things I Am Looking for in a Mate

Even if you don’t have a written list of what you’re seeking in a marriage partner, chances are you have some very specific criteria in mind. It’s natural to consider the type of person you might choose, perhaps noting his or her physical characteristics, interests, ambitions and the like. But we’d like to challenge you to take a closer look at that list.


Too often we tend to focus on more superficial qualities in a person, the outer “veneer” or packaging, thinking if we meet a person that matches those specifications we’ve found our mate. While it’s certainly reasonable to want to spend our lives with someone who we feel could fulfill our greatest longings, what we’re really asking is for that person to be rather superhuman; to meet 100% of our needs. After all, in our happily-ever-after-fairy-tale, we can imagine our mate as having any number of wonderful characteristics, each designed with us in mind!


When it gets right down to choosing a mate, it’s more important to focus on criteria closer to the heart like character, values, and shared purpose. It’s not that you need to throw away your list all together, but be willing to edit your list and to add other considerations. God has a way of interrupting and re-writing our best-written life scripts, for He knows that what looks like a minor difference to us could mean major trouble in marriage.


One Foot in Both Worlds


Sometimes it’s easy to get confused about just how “pure” our motives really are. For instance, you might be attracted to a potential mate’s godliness while also noting their financial security or social status. While it’s normal to consider “worldly” attributes, loving someone for who they really are at their core and loving someone for what they can give you are two very different things.


When you place your security in a human being instead of in Christ where it belongs, you create criteria for a potential mate that can lead to a poor choice and many years of unhappiness. If you lay aside your preconceived expectations and let God provide His list of criteria, you will make a much wiser and fulfilling choice. After all, God knows you better than anyone else and He knows what will ultimately be best for you.


Asking the Right Questions


Because each person is different and their needs are unique, it would be difficult to formulate a list of the most important questions to ask of your potential mate. However, we can advise you to look closely at the questions you may already have in mind. Are they merely questions about your partner’s veneer or do your questions reveal his or her true nature and character?


Fortunately God encourages us to seek Him about which questions to ask! In James 1:5 of the New Testament God states, “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”


Once you earnestly begin to seek God’s wisdom, you might be surprised at the insights you receive. What you originally thought might be just the perfect person for you could turn out to be quite the opposite. Be careful that you aren’t clinging so tightly to your own list that you refuse God the right to make modifications.


When you begin to focus on your Creator and not your own created list, be prepared for many surprises…expect the unexpected!


Byron and Carla Weathersbee co-founded Legacy Family Ministries ( in 1995 to prepare pre-engaged and engaged couples for marriage. In their new book, Before Forever, available at, the authors offer inspirational and practical advice for making perhaps the most important decision of your life. The Weathersbees have counseled hundreds of couples over the years with incredible results!
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Seven Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Do you believe in falling in love? In finding that “special someone” who is your other half, your soulmate? Do you dream of finding the one person in all the world who will understand you, love you and be there for you, no matter what? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, statistics show that about 90% of adults will get married at least once in their lives.
As a society, we’ve become so conditioned to the fairy tale of “Happily Ever After” that many people actually feel as if their life is lacking something if they’re not a part of a couple.
But sadly, just like in the movies, most peoples’ thoughts seem to stop at the part when the music swells and the happy couple says “I do” and loses themselves in that first magic kiss as husband and wife. They don’t think about what happens after the honeymoon.
Considering that about 43% of all marriages in the U.S. ends in divorce, perhaps a class on the realities of building and maintaining a strong healthy marriage should become required before signing on the dotted line of a marriage license.
Having a happy marriage doesn’t just happen by accident. It doesn’t happen because you’re “in love” or “perfect” for each other. Marriage is a partnership, and like any partnership, it takes commitment, dedication and hard work to help it to grow strong.
Here are some tips given by couples whose marriages are strong and healthy. Follow them, adapt them to work in your own marriage, and you’ll be on your way to having what we all want — a happy marriage!
1. Communicate. It’s important that you keep the lines of communication open. Especially when things go wrong. There are so many outside influences that can affect a marriage — jobs, family, friends, hobbies, education, church. If you’re suddenly not being able to spend time together, or you’re fighting about money, it’s especially important to talk about what’s going on.
2. Listen. It’s a sad fact that we are often more polite to strangers than we are to the people we love the most. If your spouse is trying to talk to you, whether it’s to find out what you want for dinner, to tell you about their day, or to discuss a problem in your marriage, give them the same courtesy you’d give a complete stranger, and LISTEN! Don’t try to finish their sentences, don’t try to solve their problems, and don’t ever say, “I told you so!” Here’s an especially apt poem, written by Ogden Nash:
It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of marriage,love. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.
To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the wedding cup,
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up.
3. Create rituals and family traditions. Every successful couple has their own private rituals – things they do that has a special meaning just to them. So whether it’s getting your spouse coffee every morning, a special touch that means “I love you”, or creating couple signals for “Let’s get out of here, or “No, I don’t want to buy a timeshare for $95,000!” find your own. Remember some of your favorite childhood family traditions, and incorporate them or start new ones in your own couple. Someday, you’ll look back on each time as a treasured memory.
4. Go on a date. Couples who have been together for thirty, forty and even fifty years or more say that one of the things that has kept their marriage strong is going out on a “date” with their spouse on a regular basis. If money is tight, try taking a walk together, going to a dollar movie, or even to a drive-in. Spending quality “couple-time” helps to reinforce the special feelings that made you fall in love with each other in the first place.
5. Agree on money matters early. Amazingly, many couples never discuss money except in the most superficial ways until after they’re married. One of the leading causes of arguments in marriages is because of a difference in how money is handled in the couple. Before you walk down the isle, discuss your feelings about things like credit, paying bills and saving money. Talk about how you will pay expenses, and who will handle the money. Finding out after the fact that you have major differences is only going to lead to long term problems.
6. Love and Respect. No matter what happens outside of your marriage, it’s vital that you and your spouse always treat each other with love and respect. There are some simple rules that have worked for couples for the last 80 years that still apply today. They include: Never go to bed angry. Kiss each other every time you come home, or before going out. Say “I love you” every single day. Mind your manners, and say “Please” and “Thank-you”. Do something for the one you love every day. Just because. Occasionally write love letters to each other. Laugh at his/her jokes, no matter how bad they are, or how often you’ve heard them. Don’t sweat the little things. Try something new once in a while.
7. Maintain a commitment to your marriage. This can be especially difficult today, but it’s important that you put your marriage first. If you’re committed to making your marriage a success, and you know that your partner shares your commitment, there’s nothing that the two of you can’t accomplish.
And you’ll be one of the lucky few that have a truly happy marriage!
Don’t limit yourself by refusing to learn the details about marriage,love. The more you know, the easier it will be to focus on what’s important.

Michael Hehn writes articles about various topics.
Find out what he has to say about love-poem at Love-Poem
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How to Plan Your Dream Weding Day

Wedding planning is time consuming and inevitably very hard work. Many Brides spend months, some times even years planning their Big Day, and it can be very stressful at times. It’s easy to get caught in a trap of panic and worry and then process can turn from being fun and exciting, to being tough and very difficult.

So here are some tips to help make the planning of your dream Wedding day much more fun and far easier.

1. Research- it’s absolutely key to making sure your big day runs smoothly. In this age of information technology it’s never been simpler to check out suppliers and compare their services and prices with others. It can be time consuming, but investing the time now to thoroughly check out the suppliers on offer will certainly save you much heartache further down the line.

2.Recommendations- ask other Brides for their best suppliers. Who did they use? Why? What did they think of the service? There is nothing better than word of mouth advice, and if another Bride was happy, the chances are you will be too. Ask the Brides for their best tips too. They have plenty of experience to pass on and may be able to help you avoid some of the pit falls.

3. Prioritise- Juggling the budget can be hard. The best idea is to sit down with your fiance and write a list of what is important to you on your big day. Do cars matter more than stationary? Are flowers far more important than the cake? By deciding what you don’t want to compromise on, you’ll be able to allocate the right proportion of your budget to each item. Making a list of key items will help you focus on where to spend your money and where to cut back.

4. Suit yourself- Try to remember it is YOUR Wedding day,not your parents, or your friends. It can be difficult to ignore their wishes,and demands, but your day should be about what makes you and your partner happy. Stay true to your own wishes and make decisions which suit you both. You want to look back on your day and know it was a true reflection of you both, not your parents!

5. Take time off- 7 days a week of planning for more than a year is enough to take it’s toll on even the most perfectionist of Brides. Your wedding is important, but don’t lose sight of the need for some fun and some time off. It helps keep you calm and helps you both remember why you are marrying at all.

6. Visualise your dream day- imagine the perfect day in your mind. Imagine everything going smoothly and perfectly. It’s highly likely that is exactly the day you will have. If you have invested time in the planning, trust that it will all come together and you WILL have the most amazing, incredible day.

Catherine Marston is Wedding memoir writer and a National Television Journalist with more than 15 years experience.
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Look Stunning on Your Wedding Day With Real Simple Tips

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day, but getting in shape doesn’t have to be confusing or complicated. These R.E.A.L S.I.M.P.L.E. ideas can help you increase your chances of a healthy and happy wedding day.


Relax This is first for a reason. Though you may feel there are a million and one things to do, this is supposed to be a happy and fun occasion. The last thing you need is to arrive at your wedding day feeling stressed and frazzled. Regularly create moments in your schedule to do things simply for the pleasure and release of your mind. Have a pedicure. Schedule a massage. Brew yourself a cup of herbal tea and read a book. Take a walk in the park. The important thing is to take some time for you. Don’t forget to schedule together time for you and your beau as well.


Eat sensibly and regularly People react to stress in many ways. Some binge eat, while others stop eating all together. Compounded by a hectic schedule, you may not come up for air until 9 p.m. (And you wondered why you’ve had that headache all day!) Dehydration, binge eating and starvation can wreak havoc on your metabolism, your state of mind and ultimately your health. Combat this by keeping a few bottles of water in your car and throw one in your bag on busy days. Also, when you’re on the go bring healthy snacks such as such as cut veggies with low fat dip/dressing (you can find these individually packaged at the grocery store), fruit, nuts/dried fruit or peanut butter on crackers.


Aim for achievable goals If your dream-wedding day includes you being great shape, for instance, just because you’re engaged doesn’t mean that you can magically transform a lifetime of potentially bad habits. It’s going to take some work on your part, and requires creating new lifestyle habits in order to last beyond the day in question. Be firm with yourself, but also be patient. Consistency is the key, so make changes at a pace you’re comfortable with so you don’t feel overwhelmed and become discouraged.


Limit or avoid alcohol and caffeine These substances add empty calories to your diet, and can also damage your body and affect your mood. Alcohol, for instance, may seem to relax you in the short term, but in the long run it can destroy the liver and kidneys, increase the risk of ulcers, irritate the pancreas and weaken muscles. It can also lead to metabolic syndrome, a cluster of cardiovascular disease risk factors that includes high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, low levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), impaired fasting glucose and excess abdominal fat. Whew! Caffeine, found in foods such as coffee and chocolate, stimulates the central nervous system, releases free fatty acids from adipose (fatty) tissue and affects the kidneys, increasing urination, which can lead to dehydration. It also may increase the risk of coronary heart disease.


Start planning early This includes wedding plans and fitness plans. Procrastination will only increase your stress level and possibly lead to illness. If you are trying to lose weight, for example, give yourself ample time to lose the fat. In a month, it’s healthy to expect a loss of about 8 pounds. Losing any more may actually increase your chances of regaining the weight you lost and more. Not only that, adopting a diet that you don’t enjoy may cause you to binge later. Starving yourself increases your risk of illness and may leave you looking sickly in your precious wedding photos.


Include a nap whenever possible Now I know that you may say “yeah, right,” because you either feel you don’t have the time or that sleep is a waste of time, but naps can give you that quick energy boost you need to make it through long days. You’d be amazed how refreshed you feel after just ten minutes of downtime. Sleep is actually important to your good health and can actually help you better deal with any wedding complications by helping your mind fully rest. This can enable you to be more alert and focused when you’re awake. Skimping will only leave you with reduced energy, greater difficulty concentrating, a diminished mood, and at greater risk for accidents.


Moderation Remember it’s YOUR wedding. Hopefully you and your fiancé set a date that gave you plenty of time to create the wedding that will bring you both joy and happy memories. Pace yourself in everything you do. List everything you’ll need to get done and set timelines and dates. When you eat, don’t eat too much. Schedule and space your errands so that you’re not spending entire days on the go.


Posture Mom was right when she told you not to slouch. Poor posture can lead to a stiff neck, hunched or rigid shoulders, restricted breathing, and tightness in the hips, legs and ankles. This can cause awkward and inefficient movement leading to backaches, headaches, and other painful symptoms – just what you don’t need as a bride-to-be. Not only that, as a bride, good posture can add a feeling of confidence as you walk down the aisle; not to mention the fact that good posture can make you look more shapely and up to 10 pounds leaner! Yoga or pilates inspired exercises can be great for lengthening the spine and opening the rib cage.


Laugh Remember, this is supposed to be a happy and fun occasion. Try not to let any bumps along the way steal your joy. Take things in stride. If you find a hurdle in your path either work with it or go around it to something else. There is no right way or wrong way to have a wedding. People have been marrying simply at the Justice of the Peace, outlandishly by skydiving out of a plane or lavishly with media coverage and dignitaries. The objective remains the same – join your life with the one you love and live happily (hopefully) ever after.


Exercise While planning a wedding can tempt you to skip your workouts, don’t lose sight of the importance of regular exercise. Not only does it enhance your general health, it improves your weight loss success, decreases your stress levels, shapes and tones your muscles and improves your mood. Additionally, exercise can give you increased stamina for your wedding night. . .


Remember this is YOUR wedding! Have fun with it! Start early to help save time AND money in the long run. Consult with as many professionals as needed to help you create the wedding of your dreams and delegate tasks. This includes finding a fitness professional to guide your success and to help you shape your best bridal body. Afterall, the ultimate goal is not only to pass the “strapless dress test,” it’s also to add life to the many happily married years to come.

Tami Williams is owner and Head Fitness Diva at Wildfire Fitness, a personal training and lifestyle coaching company based in Portland, Oregon. With a unique and holistic view of fitness, Tami helps clients develop a simple, personalized and actionable strategy that includes a balanced lifestyle of effective exercise, nutritious eating, adequate rest and a positive state of mind.
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Florida Honeymoon Vacations

Celebrate your marriage by planning a Florida honeymoon vacation
with lots of pleasant surprises in store for you! This is
because Florida is the host to plenty of popular honeymoon
spots. Couples can enjoy one another’s company with activities
such as horseback riding on white sandy beaches, biking or
walking along bicycle trails, quiet visits to the museums,
visits to the civil war tort, strolling along the cool breeze to
lighthouses, sight-seeing of beautiful tropical garden, cuddling
together enjoying the sounds of the sea and yes, fun-filled
amazing entertainment at Walt Disney World, Orlando.

Famous Florida honeymoon attraction spots would be the Daytona
Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Palm Beach,
Sarasota and Tampa – St. Petersburg. These are hot spots for
honeymooners from all around the world. Orlando, home to Mickey
Mouse, is an especially famous destination, attracting crowds
with its never-ending fairy tale world. This is as the Walt
Disney World does not only cater to family, children and
teenagers, but also to honeymooners, with its Disney’s Fairy
Tale Weddings and Honeymoon packages and events.

Florida honeymoon resorts are mostly three-star and four-star
rated resorts, such as The Shores Resort and Spa, The Plaza
Resort and Spa in Daytona Beach, Florida Keys and Key West’s
Hilton Key West Resort and Marina and Sheraton Beach Resort,
Disney’s Contemporary Resort, and Gaylord Palms Resort of
Orlando’s Disneyland. Couples can be assured of lots of beach
activities such as sunbathing, swimming, surfing, sea cruising,
snorkeling and parasailing, as most of these resorts are located
at the beach.

Apart from enjoying amenities in resorts, Florida’s Palm Beach
is also a place worth spending a day or two in. Palm Beach is
home to swaying palms and sea oats which is inviting to couples
for a relaxing swim in the warm Atlantic Ocean. Palm Beach’s
year-round temperate climate is also one of the many reasons
that attract the sun and beach lovers. Apart from being a great
destination for surfing, swimming, scuba diving, and boating,
and golfers, Palm Beach County also own more golf courses than
any other county in the nation! In fact, beaches are not the
only places for couples on their Florida honeymoons but
indulgence in fine dining, trendy cafés, impressive shopping
malls, art museums, theatres and even discos in Palm Beach are
all there!

As the Daytona Beach in Florida’s northeast coast runs at 23
miles long and 500 feet wide at low tide, there is plenty of
room for all sunbathers on sunny days. Beach activities aside,
couples can also spend their Florida honeymoon at the famous
Daytona International Speedway, participating in energetic
jai-alai games, bargaining at the huge flea market as well as
spending the evening in the botanical gardens to enjoy the sweet
scent of blooms. For the best diving, snorkeling, fishing, and
boating in the continental US, Florida Keys and Key West is just
the perfect setting for honeymooning couples.

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Unconditional Love – A Realistic Relationship Goal or a Romantic Fantasy?

A young woman wrote in to my dating advice column recently and asked me: “What qualities are absolutely essential in a partner or in an ideal relationship? I have a pretty huge list and want to share some of them with you
o affectionate
o unconditional love for each other
o emotional support, connection and harmony
o caring, kind, compassionate
o easygoing, calm
o stability, commitment, loyal
o understanding, accepting (accepts me as I am)
o tolerant
o appreciation and love for each other
o enjoys intimacy regularly
o sense of humor
o positive outlook (happy and optimistic)
I am seeking this man and hope to find this type of love some day. What do you think of my list?”
My response was probably not what she wanted to hear, but with almost 20 years of experience in dating and relationships industry, I know this young lady is headed for disappointment. Her list is created from girlish childhood fantasies of the Knight swooping in to save the fair maiden. Her list is to me nothing but fantasy from a young woman that has obviously never been married.
Hey, I’m not saying that men cannot be honest, loving, committed and many of the things on the list above, don’t get me wrong! But real men are not perfect by any means. Even if a guy did possess all of her listed qualities, they won’t be in evidence every single day!
He is going to mess up sometimes, piss her off, and definitely not be the man of her dreams. So I can say with confidence that the man she dreams of only exists in soap operas, fairy tales and romance novels. He is not a real man.
If you are passing up great partners and dismissing them as unsuitable while you seek the romantic fantasy of “unconditional love” you need to stop. Take that qualification off your list and get real. Everything has conditions.
And people will stop loving you if you do things on their “crossed the line” list, as well they should! Expecting that you can treat others any way you want and that they will keep loving you anyway is unrealistic.
Why would anyone with good sense continue to love and care for someone that intentionally did something foul and disrespectful, with the full intent of harm or using them?
For instance, a woman who whines and cries claims to still love a man even though he hurt her children or parents, or committed a violent crime against someone’s daughter is a fool. That man would have crossed all barriers of decency and humanity and he should be left in the dust.
When involved in any relationship, we must all decide what our bottom line is. Some people will continue to love and support their friends, children and family members even if they do something on the ‘crossed off’ list.
However, my standard on this issue is this: Anyone that hits me, hurts my child, hurts my Mom or Dad or brothers gets no love from me! You steal my money you are out. You do anything foul and funky with intent to harm me, you are out. And I don’t care who you are.
To me, unconditional love under those circumstances makes no sense and means you care more about someone else than you do yourself. Sadly, the attitude of “I hate myself but I love you” goes hand in hand with a damaged sense of self and low self-esteem, which is almost epidemic in our society.
I strongly suggest that all women eliminate the fantasy of unconditional love in their romantic relationships. Establish boundaries for proper treatment and respect and enforce them 100%! NEVER waste your time or your loving heart loving someone that has clearly demonstrated that they do not love you back.

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