Decision Making Tips Between Two Wedding Dresses, Ideas?

I need some basic decision making tips to help me decide between two dresses, it’s not been an easy decision and time is running out to order it for the wedding. The prices are quite similar, so that doesn’t help much either.
One looks almost like the yellow dress from beauty and the beast (Disney) but it’s strapless, is a straight cut at the top (no sweetheart) and in white silk.
The other is taffeta with cloth flowers, off the shoulder straps (like the beauty and the beast dress) but the bottom is asymmetrical and opens to this kind of organza falling to the ground the cloth is folded over itself to create a really nice look. It has a lace flowers pattern on the bodice.
How do I decide, I can’t tell which I like best?

Help Please ! Wedding Ideas ?

Ok, this is really what I want for my wedding butt idkk if it sounds stupid… (Please don’t ask me how old i am)
I would like to get married in Disney World…I know it sounds childish but Disney seems just so magical and princessy..i want to get married in front of Cinderella’s castle and pull up in a horse-drawn carriage..i want to wear a white strapless ball gown and walk down an isle covered in rose petals..i want to hold a bouquet of red roses and one white lily in the middle..
So how does it sound ???
Is it really childish ??? I don’t think it is, but yeahh…
– Me

Anyone Any Ideas For A Surprise For My Wife When We Go To Orlando In December?

Our fourth wedding Anniversary and where we had our Honeymoon so would love to do something special for her. She loves Orlando and everything there Disney or otherwise. Any ideas?

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I’m Looking For Help And Ideas With My Wedding Theme?

We got engaged in disney land Hong Kong so i think it would be nice if that was involved somewhere all though my fiance doen’s want the full disney theme i’m haveing pink white and silver as my colours and hoping for stylish unusual look but can’t seem to think please can you help

Any Ideas For Favors For A Pink And Brown Themed Wedding In Disney World? We’re Steering Clear Of Cheesy Junk.?

I’m having a wedding in Disney World in March and I need to pick out wedding favors. Our colors are pink and brown and we don’t want to do anything really cheesy. We have to be careful with things that may melt flying down to Florida from New York, such as chocolate and candles.

Disney Princess, Wedding Reception Decorations – Magical And Enchanting Ideas?

Asside from filling the reception room with balloons and flowers, what other kinds of decorations would be wedding approprate/princess themed?
As of right now, I want the center pieces for the tables to consist of ballooons (8 people per table, 8 baloons) and holding down the balloons will be an assortment of Cinderella’s glass slipper, Magic wands, Princess crowns….
What else can I do to make the room look magical and enchanting?

Disney Wedding Guest Gift Ideas…?

My best friend is getting married at Disney Orlando this winter. She would like to put a welcome bag in each guest’s room. The bag would have a folder that has details of wedding events and the actual wedding itself. She also plans on having a bouquet of balloons in each room (that we will be filling with helium the day Does anyone have any ideas on what to put in the gift bags…like gifts them self. She plans on having 2 different kinds, 1 for people with kids and 1 for those with out.

I Need Some Ideas For Planning A Disney Masquerade Wedding. Any Suggestions?

My fiance and I are getting married in late August and have decided on a Disney masquerade themed wedding. We are going to Disney for our honeymoon and my fiance wants a masquerade themed wedding. I need some help with ideas and suggestions PLEASE.

Ladies… Please Help With Gift Ideas?

I’m looking for a unique gift for my wife of 8 years. Something special, and maybe something she can actually use too. I’m really stumped here. She really doesn’t have any major hobbies, but she loves disney. She’s a mother of three and a stay at home mom. She always asks for jewelry, but only ever wears her wedding ring. I buy expensive earrings, etc. but they just sit in a box. PLEASE…. this is a very serious question, ladies please help me. She’s the love of my life, and I really want to get her something special this year. Price isn’t a factor as much as uniqueness, creativity. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!