Can Someone Please Help Find Pics Of Goofy With Clarabelle?

I need some good pictures of Goofy and Clarabelle together. I’m the maid of honor at my cousins wedding … and she wants pictures of disney couples on the tables instead of numbered tables. I found all kinds of couples … I’m just having a hard time with them. Thanks so much in advance!!

Need Help Planning For Our Disney Trip.?

My family and I are going to Disney May 29th through June 5th. There will be 4 adults and our 3½ year old daughter going for the first time and we will be staying at the AS Movies.
We will be landing in Orlando at 11 Am on Friday May 29th, so I am figuring we will be in a park by 1 or so.
Here is our tentative plans, (but sure if I like them)
Friday May 29th Magic Kingdom
Sat May 30 Animal Kingdom
Sun May 31 Epcot
Mon June 1 Magic Kingdom – Res. at Chef Mickeys at 5 PM
Tues June 2 Hollywood Studios Res at Hollywood and Vine at 9:45
Fantasmic at 9 PM
Wed. June 3 Magic Kingdom Res at BBB 9:30
Thur June 4 What ever park we want to go back to.
Do you think we can do HS and Epcot in 1 day with a 3 year old or should we change our plans slightly?

School Project Help!: Can A Catholic Wedding Take Place Somewhere Other Than A Catholic Church?

Can a ‘Wedding within the Catholic Church’ take place somewhere other than in a Catholic Church? Like outside, or in a ballroom, with the regular things like a Priest or Decon, readings, blessings, etc.?
This is for a school marriage project- we are learning about each of the 7 sacraments and we have to plan a wedding within the Catholic Church (you’ve guessed it, Im a catholic school girl) and we have an unlimited budget so I want mine to take place at Disney World, but I don’t know if thats okay.
Any other info would be great!

Help Please ! Wedding Ideas ?

Ok, this is really what I want for my wedding butt idkk if it sounds stupid… (Please don’t ask me how old i am)
I would like to get married in Disney World…I know it sounds childish but Disney seems just so magical and princessy..i want to get married in front of Cinderella’s castle and pull up in a horse-drawn carriage..i want to wear a white strapless ball gown and walk down an isle covered in rose petals..i want to hold a bouquet of red roses and one white lily in the middle..
So how does it sound ???
Is it really childish ??? I don’t think it is, but yeahh…
– Me

I’m Looking For Help And Ideas With My Wedding Theme?

We got engaged in disney land Hong Kong so i think it would be nice if that was involved somewhere all though my fiance doen’s want the full disney theme i’m haveing pink white and silver as my colours and hoping for stylish unusual look but can’t seem to think please can you help

Anyone Wanna Help With My Disney Wedding?….i Just Really Want Someone To Talk Too About It?

I am having a disney wedding in about two years (i know good ways to go) we are having a HUGE wedding and I would like someone to talk to and help with ideas maybe on AIM?

Honeymoon Help?

So, when we got engaged last year, my mother in law said that she would take care of our honeymoon as a gift to us. She said that the only stipulation was that she would get to pick where we went for a week. She said she would make sure it was somewhere nice and run some ideas by us to make sure it wasn’t something we would hate. Originally, it was going to be Disney World. Then, California (like a road trip kind of thing), then Vegas, and then she said she would just give us a thousand bucks and her car and we could go wherever. The other day, she told my fiance that she didn’t think she was going to do our Honeymoon afterall. Our wedding is 2 1/2 months away. We are a one income couple with no extra cash. Ever. Now, I’m stuck with trying to find somewhere for us to go that is nice, but inexpensive. Any ideas? We live in Northern, Illinois, but we would travel anywhere as long as the price was right. I’m wondering about any all-inclusive resorts or well, just anything.

Please Help I Have A Husband And Friend Issue…?

This first part is just a little background. So my husband’s best-friend is also my best-friend. My husband and I both met through this friend and he was the best-man in our wedding. We both knew him before we knew each other, but then once we met we thanked him for introducing us. We got married back in September.
So at work I have this foreign exchange student (internship) and his girlfriend just came over to visit. I got some tickets to Disney for all of us to go, but my husband is really sick and won’t be able to go tomorrow. Well, being polite I asked him if our friend could go with me instead since I can’t speak their language and want someone else to talk to. All he said to me was what so my best-man and wife can go out and have fun all day without me. That sort of makes me mad as we are also friends not just my husband and him. Why would he not want us to go? Does he not trust us? There is no reason for him not to trust us…I love my husband and would never do anything to hurt him.