If You And Your Significant Other Were Going To Disney World, What Would You Do? Need Suggestions! 8-)?

My husband and I were invited to a wedding taking place this summer in Orlando. We don’t live near FL so if we go, we figured we might as well go to Disney World too! Neither of us have been!
The thing is, we don’t want to spend a lot of money and we wouldn’t be able to go for super long, maybe 4-5 days.
We thought a good way to do this might be to just do/see stuff that’s more geared toward couples since it’ll be just the two of us (and we’ll save the “kid” stuff for someday in the future when we have kids).
So any suggestions??? What would YOU do? Any experienced Disney-goers??? Epcot? Magic Kingdom? Any special restaurants or shows that aren’t really pricey?
Also any recommendations on where to stay? We’re definitely open to the idea of staying in a decent hotel outside of Disney in order to save the money.
Or do you all think we should pass, considering it will be the middle of summer and really busy?? There’s always another time, right?

Is There Anyone Going To Be In Disney World May 20-27th? Wed Love To Make Friends There!?

I am going to walt disney world may 20-27th. I am 20 and my friend/girlfriend who is going is also 20. We are going to be there for an entire week and would love to meet some people our age to hangout with. Im very outgong and i love to party. Just looking for somepeople to chill at the pool with and at the parks and drink at night. Let us know

Broke Or Just Cold Feet? What Do You Think Is Going On Here?

My fiance and I were planning a wedding for June of 2009. All of a sudden he found an apprentiseship he wanted to go to that would start August of 2009 where he would be working and going to school at the same time. I think it is great that he wants to do more with his life so I support him on this. The thing is I have two children from a previous marriage, and we don’t have thousands of extra dollars rolling around, but we aren’t totally broke either. He has also decided that when we move he wants to get new furniture, a bedroom set, a new large LCD tv, and other various new things for our new house. While I love that idea, he seems to think we can’t save money for both right now, and since the move is definately in August (they only accept people once a year) then he has decided he wants to push the wedding to June 2010. My problem is that he also brought up taking the kids to disney world in april of 2009, which will cost around 3000 (the wedding was only about 5500)

Canadian Citizen Going To Marry An American Citizen Who’s Currently Active Duty In The Us Navy?

alright, so this is the whole situation. I am a born and raised Canadian from Winnipeg and my Boyfriend is an American originally from Georgia . ( just to get you up to speed on the whole ordeal.) I’ll be 19 when my boyfriend ( 22 ) proposes to me this May in Disney world. We’ve set a date for the Wedding which will be August Long 2010. some question i have are:
– We want to be living together in the US after we’re married.
-the first question i have is what will i have to do whats the process ill have to go throw?
(my occupation right now is im a soon to be full licensed hairdresser and im also employed part time @ the disney store but once i move we’ve decided i wont be working)
-to do so will i need any spaciel kind of Visa for that?
-also i don’t want to become an American Citizen can i still live in the US??
– he’s been in the navy for 3 years now and is still on active duty stationed currently in Seattle , will him being in the Navy speed up any paper work time?
i need like full details on EVERYTHING ill need to know about what im getting myself into ha ha.
if anyone could help me that would be wonderful 🙂
thanks again!

Going To Orlando For 1 Week …?

We are spending our 13th Wedding anniversary in July
in this beauftial area ….
We are trying to find out some where’s and what’s to do …
Can a person do 2 worlds in a day at DW ? and IF so ..what’s your opion for parks ..we did the Magic kingdom in 03 and was dissapointed ( people we went with NOT Disney )..
In regards to rides at DW & Universal … Husband is a freak for actiion rides and Roller coasters …and I’m into water rides and Charactres … we enjoy Jazz music and small unique shops and sites .. we have a condo with everything for a week ..so just looking for somethings to see and do for a week ..Also, where’s the best place to Hunt for seashells in Orlando ?? and another thing ..where’s a good place to see a nice sunset for two ??

Going To San Diego And La

Hello All—
This September I’ll be going to California with my BF. We have never been so I need somebody who can help us out with questions.
We will be flying into San Diego. I know we are going to see a Padres game. From the airport will there be some sort of public transportation to get to the Stadium? What do you suggest? We will probably spend the night somewhere…..any suggestions on that? Somewhere around 100-150 and night….that is in a safe part of town and easy to get to without a car….just public transportation and walking.
After we spend a few days there, we have to go to LA for a friends wedding at Disneyland. We were thinking about taking the Amtrak. Is that ok???? What station should be get off at in LA? (Something not scary) Is it going to be easy to get from the station to a hotel and Disneyland? Do most hotels in LA offer a shuttle to Disney? I noticed LA has a subway/metro kind of thing. Any suggestion on where to stay in LA? Once again not scary…. but somewhat affordable.
Then we will be flying out of LA. If the hotel had a shuttle to the airport….that would be great.
Basically I need a lot of suggestions!!!
Thanks in Advance

Im Going To Be On Regis And Kelly With Miley Cyrus This Thrusday! What Should I Wear!?

i just won the radio disney contes 2nite so they are flying me and my mom out to nyc this wed. so i only have one day to really shop for my outfit so anyways please help me!!!! i need some inspiration when i go shopping 2moro
btw you should tape it on thrusday bc i will be in the audience!!
plz help
thank you

I Am Going To Lake Davenport In Florida – Where Can I Buy Theme Park Tickets Whilst There.?

I am there for 1 week and plan on going – sun-seaworld, mon – clearwater beach, tues – universal islands(and halloween), wed- lounge around villa and pool, thurs-wet and wild, friday – cocoa beach am, disney magic kingdom pm. Any tips on anything Im missing or nightlife would be appreciated. To late to order tickets now so where can I buy them when Im there? Thanks

Going To Las Vegas For A Wedding In October, Best Website To Book?

My boyfriend and I have never been to las vegas. The only trip we’ve been on without “grown ups” was for my 21st birthday in May 2008…I booked a trip to disney which was the easiest thing I’d ever done in my life. Disney seriously makes travel “magical”… there was no confusion at any point.
Las vegas on the other hand….I have no idea where to even start. My boyfriend wants to stay at the Luxor, so at least I know that much. But where to book where to book through, idk!
I really dont like the idea of booking it online. I’m scared that I’m going to get scammed and go to a website thats going to take my money, tell me my trip is all set, and then I never get the plane tickets. When booking a trip through one of those travel websites do they ever send you anything in the mail or call you or anything to confirm stuff? I could always call the hotel and the airline to confirm though right?
Any advice to ease my las vegas anxiety?
We’re only going to be staying for 2 nights because neither of us can afford to take the time off (which is sad because we’re going to vegas from Connecticut… I wish we could stay a little longer)

I Am Going To Disney World In Thanks Giving Week How Crowded Will It Be?

I am going to leave on 21 and go to park on monday tues wed thurs and fri i heard 25 min waits for major attractions like tot and rockin rollercoaster and soarin and space mountainn give me averge wait times please