I Wanna Hear From People Who Have Had Their Wedding At Disney World?

My fiance and I are looking to get married their in June 2011 after he gets done his tour of duty in Afghanistan. I wanted to hear from some people who have actually had weddings there. How are the consultants and planners? Did everything go smoothly for you? We are from New Jersey, so all of our guests will be traveling to Florida. I love Disney so much so this suits me perfectly. Any information on Disney Weddings would be great! Thanks in advance!!

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Taking Road Trip From Ca To Fl. Any Advice??

Here is the plan: Any advice would be appreciated!!!
Thurs 10a Leave Sacramento 11p Arrive LV
Friday Kick it in LV
Saturday 9a Leave LV 1:30pm at Grand Canyon 5pm Leave G.C. 11p at Albuq, NM [8h24m drive]
Sunday 10a leave NM 9p arrive Dallas, TX [9h 35m drive]
Mon 10a leave Dallas, Tx 7p arrive New Orleans Sight see [7h 50m drive]
Tues 10a leave LA 9p arrive Orlando, FL [9h 18m drive]
Wed Disney World Day
Thurs 10a leave DisneyWorld 2p Arrive Ft Lauderdale, FL

Receiving A Response From Celebrities For Your Wedding??? Part 2?

Yes I am just talking about getting a response back like if you send one to disney Mickey and minnie will send you a response or send one to the pope. i know they will not come but just to have the keepsake would be nice. And for those who answer with sarcasm why waste my time by posting an unhelpful answer and just making your self look stupid. Don’t read something if you really have nothing relivant to say.

What Should I Expect From Dorney Park In Penn? (as Good As Cedar Point?)?

I may be heading up to NY for a wedding for my first cousin this summer. We may stop at Dorney Park in Penn for a family reunion or something, but may stop here for it. The family lives by Hershey Park, but we have already been there like around 1999 or 2000 or so. I was like 5/6, but my parents already been there anyways. Is Dorney Park a good amusement park? I just went to Cedar Point last summer, so will this compete with it? Is there any rides like Top Thrill Dragster, I don’t think anything could be better? I hate to see rides that are copy cats of other rides. I checked it online and looked like rides I have been on.
I’m from South Florida, so I know my parks. I have been to Dollywood, Six Flags ATL, Disney Parks, Universal/Island, Cedar Point, Cypress Gardens, Elitch Gardens and etc. I use to love roller coasters, but maybe I grew out of it. I’m not afraid or anything (though that dragster one I didn’t want to, but liked it), but I just don’t enjoy them as I use to. I will just ride them, and leave. I don’t like wooden roller coasters that give me headaches or something like the Ninga from Six Flags ATL. I use to be too short, so that’s why. How’s the water park? Is this a good place to visit? Is it just another amusement park that has nothing special? Also, do you think Six Flags should make a park in Florida? I mean you already have all those other parks, but maybe in Miami or Palm Beach or something. And any other parks I should visit anywhere in the U.S. that I haven’t visted, prob west cost? Sorry about being all over the place. Thank you!

Giselle From Enchanteds Dresses?

Need help for art project! need dresses from disney’s film enchanted which stars Amy Adams as Giselle. I need all her dresses;
The white wedding dress
the blue and white dress(made from the curtins)
the pink dress from the animated scene
the other pink dress(made from the rug)
and the yellow dress.
i need them all in full so i can see it from head to toe!!!

Who Would Win A Fight Disney’s Jasmine From Aladdin Or Meg From Hercules?

I saw a ,ot of these questions of what Disney girls would wina fight. One was Belle vs Jasmine, in which Id go for Jasmine since Belle’s too nice and Jasmine is more hardcore. Then I saw one between Meg and Esmeralda.
My vote goes to Meg, she’s a tougher Disney girl and has been through a lot more than Jasmine. After all, she did try to fight off that centaur when he was like 600 times bigger than her. And she has quite the attitude. Spending years with hades has gotta toughen up any girl. Jasmine had it easy at the palace. Although she does knockout one of the forty thieves for ruining her wedding in the Aladdin sequel…
So what do you think?

I Want A Disney World Wedding And A Dress From Kirstie Kelly, Has Anyone Had Either, How Much? Just Curious!?

I am getting married at Disney World in 2010! The weddings all differ in price. I am looking at the Escape wedding which you can only invite up to 18 guests and that is $4,000 just for the ceremony site, little cake, some pictures, and a bottle of wine. The next leval is $10,000 and it goes up from there depending on what you want.
Disney’s website has alot of information, do not bother ordering the dvd it was really no help.