Romantic Ideas For a Cinderella Wedding Ceremony

Cinderella weddings are the most popular and romantic of the fairytale theme ceremonies today. It is the unlikely story of how a girl that was made a servant by her stepmother became the bell of a magical ball that helped her find her prince and live happily ever after. For generations this story has helped entertain and inspire little girls and helped shape their dreams of romance for when they became young women. So it is natural that this story would become a popular wedding theme. The key to making your Cinderella wedding a personal success is to mix in element s of the story in a way that is unique to who you are and how you envision the ceremony. This can be a bit tricky, but here are some tips and suggestions to help you plan your Cinderella wedding.
Think about the venue where you are having the ceremony. The best place to start is to think about decorating the hall in period style. The tale of Cinderella was originally French. If you do research on the story you know that it is commonly set in the 1700s. In this case you would use the period style of the French as a guide in what decorations you use. Also when decorating the hall makes sure you use important motifs from the story such as pumpkins, glass slippers, and mice. Use these two ideas in combination for an extraordinary effect that will astound your guests. Just make sure you look for affordable alternatives for whatever you can’t find to fit your budget. Also make use of subtlety to avoid making the hall look gaudy or tacky.
When choosing the clothing for your bridesmaids you can go with nice modern dresses that are a nod to the theme, or go with period costumes. Either way think about your bridesmaids’ body figures and coloring to dress them in clothes that looks best on them. Just because you don’t want them to outshine you on your special day doesn’t mean that you can’t help them look great.
In helping your groom organize the groomsmen clothing the same logic applies. Whether it is normal tuxedoes or period costume make sure that they are tasteful and keep with the color scheme you choose. Make sure that everyone can find the same style and get something that fits. Look for a look that everyone will be happy to wear. This will make the look of your bridal party a success overall
Last but not least are your flower girl and your ring bearer. In the case of the flower girl a nice dress that matches your color selection is a great choice. In this case dress her in the traditional accessories of a floral wreath and a flower basket. You can also enhance her costume with silver or gold jewellery to commemorate the event. Not only will this be a great thank you gift for her participation, it will help pull her costume together. In the case of the ring bearer you can go with a traditional tuxedo or use a cute page’s costume. Make sure that he is comfortable in whatever he wears. This will prevent any unnecessary fidgeting that will distract him from his task. As for the ring pillow there are several online stores that can give a selection that will perfectly match your theme.

Make Your Wedding A Fairytale Moment With Makeup And Hair

Fairytales are, of course, the stuff of fantasy. But a lot of girls grow up with images of fairytale princesses in their heads. When they become brides, a lot of them take advantage of the moment and let their imaginations run wild, trying to figure out how to become the princesses they’ve always dreamed of being. You may not necessarily want Cinderella wedding favors or Sleeping Beauty centerpieces, but you can still have your fairytale moment by using two simple things-makeup and hair.
First of all, think about your favorite hairstyle. No, scratch that. Think about your most elegant hairstyle. Some women can carry a ponytail with the sophistication of a Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy, two modern day fairytales, while others need to resort to more elaborate means to avoid looking like they’re ready for their first day of gym class. If you’ve never been the type of woman who goes for fancy hairdos, start by-believe it or not-looking at Disney princesses.
From Cinderella’s updo to Sleeping Beauty’s curls to Pocahontas’ straight, swinging locks, there are a myriad of styles to choose from. If you pick one of these, maybe your fairy tale wedding favors can reflect it. If those seem too unrealistic for you, try looking through magazines. You may find a celebrity or two who have hairstyles you might like. From there, enlist a friend’s opinion as to the styles you’ve chosen. If they also like the choices, you can move on to step three, which is to find a stylist who can give you a trial run of that hairstyle.
You’ll have the added bonus of showing the stylist the picture and getting their opinion as well. Since they have a great deal of experience with hair, they should be able to tell you if the hairstyle is feasible, if it will look good on you, and what will be needed to get it to last for the entire day. They can also tell you what accessories, if any, will make the hairstyle look its best and compliment your dress, and (if you had the forethought to bring it with you)how your veil will look with it.
Next, think about makeup. Here, you’ll want to look again at modern day princesses. The late Princess Diana was a woman who preferred simple, yet elegant makeup. Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Sarah Ferguson (a duchess, but royal enough for our purposes)had themselves made up with the same degree of subtlety. The easiest way for you to handle makeup is to scout out your local mall’s makeup counter. See all the women standing there, just waiting for you to buy from them? Pick one whose makeup style you like and ask her to do a trial on you. Sure, you may have to buy an eyeliner or two, but it’s a small price to pay to find out what looks best on you. Whatever you do, don’t get a woman who is wearing enough pancake foundation to frighten a circus clown. Her look is not for you. You need something natural looking, remember? Even if you happen to have bad skin, there is a natural look that will work for you, and it won’t involve a spatula and thick, cakey makeup.
Makeup and hair are the foundation (pun intended) for every bride to feel good about themselves and their wedding day. After all, Cinderella wedding favors won’t always cut it. And fairy tale wedding favors in general can only do so much. Living out your fairytale is easier than it looks, and with a little makeup and hair help, you’ll be living happily ever after.