Romantic Epcot Restaurant In Disney World?

Which would be your top pics for a romantic dinner in Epcot? We’ve now decided to go to Epcot on our wedding night but are going to eat somewhere in Epcot, just cant decide where. I’ve only eaten at Coral Reef, Le Cellier, and Germany .France sounds good but pics on allearsnet makes it look cramped, Tutto Italia looks elegant but some sights say it’s going to be rehabbed in the fall, but it just opened fall of 2007, anyone know the real deal? Thanks!

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New Years Eve At Disney World: Epcot Or Magic?

HI. Have you ever been to Disney for New Years Eve? Since this is my wedding night, i am trying to pick the best place. Epcot looks fun b/c of all the different bands playing and celebrations around “the world” but Magic K is classic w/ the castle, but videos show it is packed so forget doing much other than waiting for the parades and fireworks. There seems to be more to do at Epcot that wouldnt involve standing in a line. Also, I saw videos that showed the same Fantasy in the Sky and parades but it was the night before new years eve, is this true? Does Epcot have their same celebration more than 1 night? ty