Couple’s Fairy-Tale Wedding Dream Comes True at Disney World

disney-wedding-story-4-5-09I read a great article this morning in the Dallas Morning News of another dream come true story of a couple that had the wedding of their dreams at Walt Disney World. This Disney groom had to wait several years before seeing his Disney bride walk down the aisle. Here’s an excerpt:

“It was soon time to plan the wedding, which was Dec. 14. 

Looking back on their relationship, they feel they were meant to be. “I started thinking about it and decided that I’d had the white dress and everything, and that didn’t work out so well,” Amy says. “I wanted to have fun.” 

Naturally, her thoughts turned to Walt Disney World. She and Dan invited about 100 guests to spend three days at the resort, where they enjoyed a Christmas parade, a Mary Poppins breakfast ( with dancing chimney sweeps), a full day at the park and finally, the wedding. Continue reading “Couple’s Fairy-Tale Wedding Dream Comes True at Disney World”

Castle Cake of Disney Bride

green-castle-cakeI came across another amazing looking castle cake (pictured to the left) from another beautiful Disney Bride that was posted on the The Knot. Here’s what the bride said about the cake:

“I drew a picture of my cake and the magical Disney Pastry Chefs took it from there. Green fondant with red and brown accents, green Cymbidium Orchids and a castle topper. The flavors were red velvet cake with cream cheese, marble cake with Bailey’s mousse, and dark chocolate cake with raspberry mousse. It tasted amazing! Our reception was held at Disney’s Contempory Resort’s California Grill overlooking The Magic Kingdom.”

Here’s more amazing cake pictures.

How Disney Changed The Face Of Tiaras And Wedding Dresses


Fairy tales that have been told for generations have been assimilated into Disney films to carry on the fantasy of every girl becoming a Princess one day. These films have created a certain aesthetic that has shaped the way that a girl grows up wanting to be the belle of the ball and possibly be swept off her feet by her very own Prince Charming. From high school proms to weddings, the theme of ball gowns and tiaras has permeated the desires of grown women. Before the Disney phenomenon tiaras were exclusive to papal ceremonies and royalty, but now every girl can have her dream come true thanks to Walt’s animated fairy tales.

The desire to dress up in an amazing dress and wear sparkling jewelry seems ingrained in western culture. From a young age girls put on their mothers clothes, wear their shoes and drape themselves in all that glitters in a make believe game of being a princess. Although the desire to be the centre of attention and the most beautiful of them all has been around for thousands of years, the fashions associated with it have in fact changed relatively recently. Continue reading “How Disney Changed The Face Of Tiaras And Wedding Dresses”