People Of The Us And Canada! Which Songs/bands/art/culture Best Represent Your State/city/area?

I have a dream to one day hire a car and do a musical/cultural tour of North America… i’ve got a few ideas, but i want youse to help me out!
So, which tunes/bands/styles of music/any other culturally interesting things that will persuade me to visit your neck of the woods?
BQ: Which State/City/Place do you live in and what’s the best thing about it?
(i’m a Brit by the way… i’ve briefly visited Florida (Orlando way…), but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to have a proper look… family wedding… nothing special… went to Disney… meh… next time will delve deeper 😉
Post clips/pics if ye can!

Canadian Living In Canada Paying Taxes To Us For A Us Stock Dividend.?

10 years ago my wife and I recieved a single Disney stock as a wedding gift. Our annual payout has ranged from 25 cents to the latest one as 66 cents. In our second year of ownership of this stock we recieved a notice from the IRS that we were overdue on our taxes for this sum. Guessing that this was an automated notice and that it seemed crazy to send a cheque to the IRS for even 50% of the earnings (12 cents) we ignored it. Since then we have not seen another IRS statement and we have not been stopped at the border but I wouldn’t want to somehow be flagged for tax evasion in the US for something as stupid as owing 12 cents.
Does anyone know how I can get this clarified?