Where Can I Go To Find Aladdin Or Arabian Themed Wedding Cakes And Decor?

I am Indian but my fiance is Middle Eastern so I want to bring in some culture. I am Christian, so I wont be having a traditional “Indian” wedding. Thats why I like the idea of an Arabian Nights theme. I dont want to go overboard and make it look like a circus. And even though I want most of it to be white, I want to add some bold Indian/Middle Eastern color. Starting with the cake. But I cant even find a pic or two just to give me an idea. If I could find anything with Disney Aladdin and Jasmine on a magic carpet…. would be perfect.


Here you will find a good collection of wedding cake pictures to help in the search for that perfect cake for you wedding. Below the cakes are categorized by Fairy Tale Wedding Cakes (includes Cinderella & Castle Wedding Cakes), Mickey & Minnie Wedding Cakes, and a few elegant ones that will fit any Fairy Tale Wedding. Have fun!

Amazing Cinderella Wedding Cakes

Castle Fountain Wedding Cake

Cinderella Coach CakeAmazing is the first word that came to mind while looking at some of the Cinderella and Castle themed wedding cakes over at cakella.com. Also, check out the most elaborate castle cake I have seen is the Castle Fountain Wedding Cake by Manassas Cakery.

Look at over 100 cake pictures on a more recent post of mine here or at cinderellacaketoppers.com.

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