I Hate My Brothers Girlfriend, Please Help?

I hate my brothers girlfriend, hes 20 and she is 18. Its his first ever girlfriend. He met her online and chatted for a while and now they are together and live together in Liverpool.
She is so snobby, stuck up, controlling and i can see she is no good for him. I believe its his first love and hes there for sex, please read on and tell me what u think and what i should do.
When they first got together i was happy he found someone. I later met her and now i hate her with a passion. She is a big girl and dresses strange, multicoloured clothes and pipe cleaners in her hair ( not why i dont like here, but just so u get the feel). She is very much attention seeking, claims to have all sorts or problems i dont believe.
She doesnt come to Bolton often where my parents live she says its too common and she wouldnt live there if they paid her. When she does come around she straddles my brother on the sofa in my parents house so my parents cant sit down, makes my parents go outside to smoke, apparently she has a bad chest, (bullshit) has sex all day with him while my mum is downstairs and can hear. She once told everyone if they got married he would have to take her name as his last name is too common for her.
She tells him what to wear and makes him shave, apparently shes allergic to beards. Styles him completely different to who he is, tells him what to watch and he never texts me to see how we are unless he needs something. Hes a changed man and its all down to her, he cant play games anymore or watch the things he used to, apparently she doesnt like violence it upsets her. She loves disney and wants to be tinkerbell (go figure). He cant even go to the toilet alone she has to go in the bathroom with him.
Anything you talk abt she has done better or knows someone who has done better and bigger before, even when we talk abt mine and my wifes wedding.
My brother doesnt see the family often as he has to stay with her. He owes her money because she lends him to buy things, she doesnt share money even though they been together 1 and half yrs and live together. We have had run ins before because i can see what she is and what she has done to him but he doesnt see it, i cant hold me tongue and i need to know if its me or what she is really like and how you guys see it from a third person.
Please help me as im going crazy about maybe losing my brother over her.

My Brothers Girlfriend Frustrates Me!!! Help?

My bro and I have been very close. His girlfriend got pregnant I believe on purpose after being with him for about 8 months. He is 22 and she is 19. He broke up with her and during the “break up” she all of a sudden got pregnant I’m not just blaming her b/c my bro should of been more careful. So now the issue is that she is totally manipulating my brother. He lives 2 hours from home so we dont get to see him often. Our family has always been nice to her the 7 or 8 times we have seen her but she is TOTALLY rude to all of us. I recently got married and they left my wedding to go to Downtown Disney. That was my breaking point. I have talked to her and my bro about this issue I have b/c I can not believe that they did that on my wedding day especially b/c my bro and I are so close. My niece is now 5 months and I love her to death, but its hard for me to talk to her b/c she is a complete B****. Sorry to say. How should I take the relationship with my bro? Should I be distant as I have been?

Ok How Many Of You Watch The Disney Channel??? Do U Know The Jonas Brothers??

I was watching the disney channel the other day and i saw a commercial with the Jonas Brothers!!! i think thats what they are called! And one of them had like a silver metallic suit on!!! and i was wondering does anyone know where i can find a similar suit to his?? its for my cousins wedding in July!!! thanks!