Differences Between Gf And Me? Good Points For Best Answer!!?

My girlfriend was born and raised in America and I was born in Kuwait and raised here since I was 5. I don’t have an accent and grew up pretty much in western society but my home life is very arabic in terms of culture. I have encountered a problem with my gf we have been together for about 9 months and the issue of a wedding came about. She was telling me about how she wants her perfect wedding and so on and so fourth. I then brought up the fact that I am arabic and that we do things differently in my culture. For example belly dancers come entertain and the reception and things are quite different from your disney channel wedding and she was completley opposed to it. She said as did one previous girlfriend that, “That is the one day that is all about me and I don’t want the spotlight to be taken off me for some belly dancers.” I don’t know but that seems like its kind of self fish. What is the obsession of it being the girls biggest day? The guy is getting married to and half the reception and the people at the ceremonies are there for the groom. I kind of feel that if she has that kind of attitude then things will never work because I would like to have some arabic wedding traditions in there as well. Can anyone explain this obsession about it being the girls biggest day? Am I being selfish in wanting some of my cultural aspects in there? Can anyone give me some advice on how to maybe approach the situation a little better? Thanks.

Which Are The Best 2 Disneyparks To Visit In Orlando During Thanks Giving Weekend-nov’06?

Any special ideas/restaurants on how to celebrate my first wedding anniversary at Disney.Also let me know which are the reliable sites to get 2 day disney park tickets. Must see things to do at disney parks.

Disney World Vs. Universal In July – Which Is Best Week To Go?

My husband were planning to go in April, and then conflicts pushed it back to early July. And, duh, I just realized that we will be there on the 4th holiday. I am getting a 7 day pass for DW and a 1 week for Universal. Given that the holiday falls on a wed., shoud I plan on doing Universal’s 2 parks that week (I am going to plan on avoiding weekends unless there is something I missed during the week). Is 5 days plenty of time for 2 adults w/ no kids to do all of universal in that time? Or am I really missing something if I don’t do Disney? I know I am planning on alot of lines at that time, but I’m hoping to try and minimize on that by staying to mid week when not all adults want to take off work just because the kids are out of school. I have done Disneyland in CA for the 4th of July before, and it was alright, but DW might be a whole different experience in crowd wise.

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The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World Resort, 2nd: How to Get the Most Out of the Best Disney Has to Offer (Paperback)

The Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World Resort, 2nd: How to Get the Most Out of the Best Disney Has to Offer

From the Back CoverDiscover the Sophisticated Side of Disney Whether you’re planning a family trip or a romantic getaway for two, this indispensable guide shows you how to visit Walt Disney World and the Orlando area without sacrificing luxury and style. Written by a Disney authority, these pages are overflowing with information on everything from the most luxurious accommodations and dining to the very best entertainment in and around the theme parks. You’ll also find dozens of (more…)

Best Movies?

never been kissed, the breakfast club, peter pan, the little mermaid, disney movies(all), not another teen movie, sixteen candles, grease, the holiday, the notebook, titanic, happy gilmore, 50 first dates, big daddy, ferris buellers day off, blue crush, mean girls, dude where’s my car, bio-dome, american pie (all), valley girl, little rascals, disturbia, the ring, pulse, the grudge, benchwarmers, rat race, the pursuit of happyness, the sound of music, high school musical, accepted, superbad, pee wee herman, wizard of oz, talladega nights, what a girl wants, baby geniuses, can’t buy me love, transformers, spiderman, harry potter, pearl harbor, marie antoinette, don’t tell mom the babysitters dead, summer catch, into the blue, two bits and pepper, john tucker must die, heavyweights, teen witch, girls just want to have fun, the gooniesaquamarine, old school, wedding crashers.
got any more you think is awesome?
name them 🙂

I Am Looking For Best Wife Jokes?

marriage is a contract between a man and a women where the man agrees to give up 1/2 of every thing he is worth in return for less sex.
a father and his son go into a drug store and the son sees a 3 pack of condoms and askes his father what are those for the father answers for high school 1 for fri night 1 for sat night 1 for sun night then the son asks what is the 6 pack for the father answers for college 2 fri 2 sat 2 sun. the son then asks what is the 12 pack for the father says oh the 12 pack thats for marriage 1 for jan 1 for feb 1 for march.
what do a 100 battered wifes all have in common ?
they don’t fing listin.
love is a disease only curable by marriage.
they are 3 rings in a relationship that ends in marriage.
the engagment ring the wedding ring and after the marriage the suffering.
honestly its all disneys fault from the time these girls are 2 disney fills there heads with the idea of meeting a prince
living in a castle happily ever after. Men just can’

People Of The Us And Canada! Which Songs/bands/art/culture Best Represent Your State/city/area?

I have a dream to one day hire a car and do a musical/cultural tour of North America… i’ve got a few ideas, but i want youse to help me out!
So, which tunes/bands/styles of music/any other culturally interesting things that will persuade me to visit your neck of the woods?
BQ: Which State/City/Place do you live in and what’s the best thing about it?
(i’m a Brit by the way… i’ve briefly visited Florida (Orlando way…), but unfortunately didn’t get a chance to have a proper look… family wedding… nothing special… went to Disney… meh… next time will delve deeper 😉
Post clips/pics if ye can!