My Mom Was Talking About Having Her Wedding On A Cruise Ship? ?

this summer and i’m usually kinda paranoid at these times when traveling is concerned. there was that time when we were going to disney world back in 02 and i thought the plane was gonna get hijacked and we’d die. now i’m concerned about pirates getting on and shooting up the cruise ship.if something like that were to happen, they’d definitely never forget THAT wedding. lol. someone help me overcome my paranoia?

Question About Resort In Disney World Orlando?

My hubby and I lare stationed in germany and we just got back from euro disney in Bussy france yesterday. It was my first time going. We are already planning to go again, but we think we are going to go to disney world in orlando this time. Thinking of going for our wedding anniversary which in on valentines day. We want a really nice resort IN disney world itself. Any info you have would be of much help. We won’t be booking through disney, but probably expedia because it’s a little cheaper. Not just about reorts but any info you have that would help make our planning a bit easier would be nice. thanks a ton 🙂 oh delux would be nice.

I’m Not Sure About This Cake Topper…?

My fiance and I are having a beach themed wedding (we got engaged on Martha’s Vineyard on the beach). The cake is going to be three tiered with chocolate and white chocolate seashells and coral and seahorses on them in our wedding color, which is fuchsia. My fiance and I have talked about doing a cake topper with the Ariel (The Little Mermaid) and Prince Eric on it…but not the one in their wedding gear, one of Prince Eric carrying areil while she is a mermaid.
Background. 1) The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie and all my childhood, into High School, I collected Disney movies 2) My fiance knows I love the Little Mermaid, we we are super dorky when we go to the ocean and we “play” the Little Mermaid, where he throws me into an on-coming wave to jump through it (so silly, i know, but its fun! 🙂
I hestitate because some people may not make the connection as to why that is our topper, esp. since I don’t have red hair. What do you think?

About Virginity & Fornication In (fundamentalist-)southern-bapt… Christianity…?

A friend of mine who is a Billy Graham’s freak is canceling his engagement (and wedding plan) with her fiancee only b/c his fiancee admitted that she was no longer virgin & had an abortion.
I said to him, “Ted, have you lost your mind? She loves you. She hasn’t stop crying after you said that. If she doesn’t love you she won’t be honest to you about that.”
He thought that if she ever had sex before, then there’s a chance she will cheat in the future. But he still tolerates that. The next thing is he considers those who commited abortions as killers the same as manson family or a Korean boy who shot people at VT.
What should I tell him? My friend is 27 years old, tidy & georgeous, 6-packs, but still a virgin – never ever had sex before – I thought he was a gay. His (ex-)girl friend is 24 years old
Both serve at the same baptist church which members are freaking 5h1t about hocus-locus-focus on family & condemn Disney’s Gay Day. He’s been dating her for about 3 years.

Miserable About Wedding?

i am getting married in a year. it is time to set dates so we can get the venue of choice since most everything is starting to be booked for my month.
my mother has said if we don’t have it in disney world she won’t attend. my father in law said the other night he was going to bribe us with a rather large down payment for a house to have it in town.
now i just want to run away and elope. my mother screams and yells and hits me about it. she gets so angry. my father in law gets on to my fiance. i have cried for hours at least once a week to the point of a headache.
i have been sick (hypothyroid) and have gained 80 lbs so i’m not even excited about the dress; but we had my thyroid tested and all is well so i’m working at losing the weight.
is it best at this point to elope? i’m 28 and finishing some classes (i have my bachelor’s degree but am working on getting computer certified, a goal i’ve always had) and working part time, and he’s 25 just out of school.
what should i do?

Question About Annual Passes To Disney World….?

Hi. I have 2 wedding annual passes and i am wondering how the ticket part works. I already got the passes in the mail and they look like a ticket. Is this what i will use to park hop with, or will it be somehow put on my “key to the world” hotel room key? Also, for our vacation, in order to get the dining plan we had to each purchase a base ticket, we ended up with 4 since we are switching hotels…. do these expire if we dont use them, and any idea where i can get some money for them? What a waste of 280$ thanks

My Husband And I Are Talking About Planning A Trip To Walt Disney World In 2 Years?

My Husband and I are talking about in two years on our wedding anniversary planning a trip for just the two of us to Walt Disney World in Orlando. How much should we save up? Should we sign up for all the extras, should we plan it ourselves or go through a travel agent? We’ve always been the kind to start planning early, and we like control, but on the other hand, our vacations have been little and a Walt Disney World vacation is big, so wouldn’t a travel agent be better? We’re still young, we’ve been married four years. Any advice on planning such a big trip? And any advice for going to Walt Disney World?

Depression About My Wedding, Any Advice?

Ok, this is probably going to sound stupid, but my fiance is paying for our entire wedding and honeymoon. I don’t have any money to pitch in for the wedding, I’m still living with my mom and I’m trying to help her out financially. With rising prices of gas and groceries, we can barely afford to live out here, mom doesn’t make much and neither do I. My fiance just got a great job and he is going to be the one paying for our wedding, he’s already told me he’s ok with it and plans to do it. But, I don’t want him to pay for everything! I don’t think it’s right, and I want to do my part to pitch in! He knows I can’t do it, and he knows I’ve worked hard to plan everything so far, so he’s leaving the planning up to me. I just want to be able to contribute something to the wedding, even if it’s small. We’ve cut down on everything: eloping now and going to cabin instead of Disney World. I’m wearing an old prom dress. Any ideas on how I can help him out? Even if I have no money?