Marvelous Dresses To Rejoice Daytime Wedding

Wedding always reminds us of an evening. Evening wedding is blessed with number of options in dresses to choose. But daytime wedding is opposite in this matter and it really creates one of the most pressing dilemmas of what to wear. Most of the people find it bit confusing. If it’s a confusion of general mass then just think about women, who are so fond of clothes and always want to look outstanding, despite of the occasion or place.

Truly there is a vast difference between evening wedding dresses and daytime wedding dresses, both cannot be same. Daytime wedding usually takes place in morning or early to mid afternoon. But fashion savvy women, do not worry; there are ample options for you. To know about the daytime wedding dresses just go through the below written points. It will tell you what to wear and some other dos and don’ts. Continue reading “Marvelous Dresses To Rejoice Daytime Wedding”

Fall 2008 Top Wedding Trends

There are many trends emerging for today’s modern bride. This fall’s most popular trends are themed weddings and personalized attendants gifts. To break it down even further, here’s an overview of the theme wedding ideas and personalized attendants gifts that everyone’s talking about.

Wedding Theme #1 – The Cinderella Wedding:  This year the season’s most popular wedding theme completes every young girl’s fantasy: the Cinderella wedding.  For the groom-to-be, this themed wedding is the perfect way to start your lives together by saying that you’ll do everything to make all her dreams come true.  The colors used to construct this fantasy are: whites, light blues, and light pinks.  Common flowers used are white roses, baby’s breath, and lilies.

*Colors:  The colors used to construct this fantasy are: whites, light blues, and light pinks.
*Flowers: Common flowers used are white roses, baby’s breathe, and lilies.
*Castle and Cinderella Coach Cake tops & Figurines: Stand out with gorgeous blown glass cake toppers.
*Glass Slipper on a Mirror: No Cinderella wedding would be complete without a glass slipper.  Beautifully crafted glass slipper mounted on a round polished mirror.
*Carriage Ring holder: Cherished pewter box is lined with blue velvet and closes tightly to prevent loss.
*Wedding Ring Pillow: The Cinderella pillow is an elegant silk pillow with a wrap around lace tie.  Pillow has a small metal charm with Cinderella’s trademark horse and carriage. Continue reading “Fall 2008 Top Wedding Trends”

Disney Weddings on YouTube

I often get emails with questions about my Disney wedding. I can definitely say that it was worth every penny. Below are some links to some videos of other Disney weddings and from their smiles I believe they feel the same. Enjoy!

Rare Magic Kingdom Wedding

Cinderella CastleLast night I was flipping through the channels and ran across the Food Networks’ Fantasy Weddings. They showed a couple that had their Disney Wedding in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Now, you might say there are lots of people that get married in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Yes, there are, but not while the park is open to guests. Being that both my husband and I used to work for Disney we were like, “Wow, this is rare!” These highly expensive Disney custom weddings usually only take place after-hours when the park is closed.  I would have to say the only reason they were allowed to have their wedding while guest were still in the park was because of the Food Networks production of it. Continue reading “Rare Magic Kingdom Wedding”

Casting Call for Brides-To-Be

If you care to venture into the world of reality television and have your life seen by all, then here’s your chance. WE TV is taking applications for one of their latest bridal reality series shows called My Fair Wedding. A few lucky brides will have the chance to have celebrity wedding planner David Tutera plan their wedding or at least upgrade and make fabulous what they currently have planned. Modern Bride magazine honored David as one of the Top Trendsetters of the Year. If you are interested and for more information click here. Weddings should take place within an hour of New York City in July or August, 2008! Closing date for application is May 30th, 2008. Good Luck!

Walt Disney World Wedding for $20,000?

I ran across another great blog of couple planning a Walt Disney World wedding. They have decided that their Disney wedding budget will only be $20,000. Can it be done? Well, I think it can.  The biggest variable that can explode is how many people will attend. There is definitely no way to have a Disney wedding for $20,000 with catering for 100 guests. My wedding had about 40 guests, ceremony was at the Disney Wedding Pavilion and reception was in the Grand Floridian ballroom. The cost? Just a few thousand more….and worth every penny! – L

Our Disney Fairy Tale – The Story of How We Met (Lindy’s version)

LindyI also love to hear “how we met” stories. If you have a great story to share I’d love to hear it. Here’s my version of how Scott and I met. Enjoy! -L

The day Scott and I first met the only conversation that we had was, “Hi” and “Nice to meet you.”  Although I must say that when I saw him walk into the movie theater I was definitely impressed, but I figured he was taken and probably too young for me.  I later found out that he was neither. Continue reading “Our Disney Fairy Tale – The Story of How We Met (Lindy’s version)”

New Disney Enchanted Wedding Dress

A new Disney bridal dress “Giselle” has been released by Disney Princess dress designed Kirstie Kelly. This new dress is inspired by the Disney “Enchanted” movie. Also, in this line of Disney Princess gowns: Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel. I think they are absolutely beautiful. The detail is amazing. Kirstie Kelly did a great job. I only wish these dresses were around when I got married. See photos and video below. To learn more visit

Disney Bridal Dress 'Giselle'  Disney Bridal 'Giselle' Gown

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