Couple’s Fairy-Tale Wedding Dream Comes True at Disney World

disney-wedding-story-4-5-09I read a great article this morning in the Dallas Morning News of another dream come true story of a couple that had the wedding of their dreams at Walt Disney World. This Disney groom had to wait several years before seeing his Disney bride walk down the aisle. Here’s an excerpt:

“It was soon time to plan the wedding, which was Dec. 14. 

Looking back on their relationship, they feel they were meant to be. “I started thinking about it and decided that I’d had the white dress and everything, and that didn’t work out so well,” Amy says. “I wanted to have fun.” 

Naturally, her thoughts turned to Walt Disney World. She and Dan invited about 100 guests to spend three days at the resort, where they enjoyed a Christmas parade, a Mary Poppins breakfast ( with dancing chimney sweeps), a full day at the park and finally, the wedding. Continue reading “Couple’s Fairy-Tale Wedding Dream Comes True at Disney World”

Free Disney Dollars for Taking Surveys

Ok, so I have heard a lot of buzz on the internet and in numerous blogs about a rewards program called Sunshine Rewards. Several blogs owners have mentioned that they basically pay for their Disney vacation by earning Disney Dollars as a reward in this program. Sunshine Rewards is a loyalty program where you get paid to do things you normally do online such as online shopping and giving your opinion. When something usually sounds too good to be true then you start to wonder the legitimacy of it.

Well, I dug into my research on Google and found lots of praise and great comments about the program, so I decided to try it. I am now signed up and will start to take the daily surveys and see how much money I can earn. I just need to make sure that before I do any shopping online I first check their list of merchants like Target (wedding and baby registries included!), Walmart, Amazon, Kohls, Disney Shopping, and 100’s more before I buy so that I can earn rewards for the purchase.

So, can I earn my next trip to Disney World with this program alone? I will try and let you know of the progress. If you want to join with me and share in the progress, then you can sign up at their website for free and get $2.00 instantly credited. Anything for free is worth a shot and they already gave me $2.00 for signing up! 🙂

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Rare Magic Kingdom Wedding

Cinderella CastleLast night I was flipping through the channels and ran across the Food Networks’ Fantasy Weddings. They showed a couple that had their Disney Wedding in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Now, you might say there are lots of people that get married in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Yes, there are, but not while the park is open to guests. Being that both my husband and I used to work for Disney we were like, “Wow, this is rare!” These highly expensive Disney custom weddings usually only take place after-hours when the park is closed.  I would have to say the only reason they were allowed to have their wedding while guest were still in the park was because of the Food Networks production of it. Continue reading “Rare Magic Kingdom Wedding”