My Happily Ever After – 8 years later

8 years ago today I was in beautfiul Maui celebrating my honeymoon. WOW! How fast time flies!  It really doesn’t seem that long ago.  3 amazing kids and one big move later we are still living our happily ever after. 

We watched our Disney Wedding Video on our anniversary and I felt so lucky to have been able to have my wedding at Disney. It was a dream wedding.  Sure there are things I wish I could’ve had or changed to maybe make it more perfect, but really it was perfect.  Because all that matter was that my prince and I were getting married and about to start our adventure together as husband and wife.  And to think we planned our wedding in 4 short months.  I almost think it was better we didn’t have time to really analyze and perfect things, so that we didn’t drive each other crazy with those little wedding details.  Plus having Disney take care of most the details helped a ton. 

I still did stuff on my own to save money though.  Having a Disney wedding isn’t cheap and you have to give up some things you may want in order to afford it, but it’s worth it!  We kept it small and simple.  And I loved it!  In fact I loved it so much I eventually started working for Disney Weddings.  I’ve got to say that was one of the best jobs I ever had!  It was so much fun helping to make another brides dream come true with her own Fairy Tale Wedding.