What Should My Flower Girls Do?

my 16 year old nieces are going to be my flower girls ( i promised them when they were little). my wedding theme is disney. one of the flower girls is little mermaid ariel themed, the other is princess jasmine. what should they carry? i need flower ideas. i thought it would be cute if “ariel” carried a bubble blower. idk…. i need some ideas.



3 thoughts on “What Should My Flower Girls Do?”

  1. You could go with water based plants for the Ariel theme (water lilies, lotus, maybe bamboo for some green) and go through the Arabian nights tales for the Jasmine theme. Obviously Jasmine could be part of that, but there are several other flowers mentioned in the stories and that is where Alladin came from. You could also go with non floral bouquets… a bouquet of tropical fish and anemones for Ariel say. Just look for themes in the movie you enjoy. If you only use a few for pops of color in a bouquet of greens it could be a lot of fun. Or you could be more symbolic than literal and use anemone mums for Ariel’s bouquet, things like that.

  2. Ariel could throw water lily petals and Jasmine could throw Jasmine flowers or something oriental. Wow. That is going to be interesting!
    Good luck!

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