What Is Your Absolute Dream Wedding?

I’m not married yet, but I’ve already planned just about everything for my wedding. For the Bridal Shower, everything will be lavender and white. The Bridal Shower will be on November 25 from 2:00 PM- 4:00 PM. It will be at my house in the living room. The Bachelorette Party will be at the church in a room across from my husband’s Bachelor Party. These parties will be on December 1 from 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM. The wedding reception will be gold and white, in the church on December 5. The wedding will be brown and white on December 6. We will have our honeymoon in Disney Land, California, and we will stay there for one month, afterwards going to Paris for two weeks.



8 thoughts on “What Is Your Absolute Dream Wedding?”

  1. You’re having your bachelor/bachelorette party at a church…? And you’re having your reception the day before the actual wedding? Hmm, that is very interesting, and unconventional to say the least. Good luck on your big day- you sound very excited!
    My dream wedding is my actual wedding- 16 days from now we’ll be tying the knot in a beautiful garden area of a park right by where I grew up. I’m rocking a lovely off-white sundress that comes down to ankle-length, and I’m going barefoot with daises in my hair. We’re getting married by a good friend of ours who is also my almost-stepdad (someday, I hope!!) whom we got ordained online. Then we’re going to my fave Mexican restaurant for a little “reception fiesta,” complete with mariachi band and pinata. It’s perfect- small, WAY informal, just a good, fun time for everyone involved. It really suits us both! Then, two weeks later, we’re going on our first cruise ever, through the Western Caribbean. We’re super stoked! I think we’re going to do this one excursion where they lower you into shark-infested waters in a metal cage and you feed them chum to make the sharks come close. Sounds kind of freaky, but sharks are really pretty. Also, we’ll probably parasail and snorkel and all that stuff too. This Friday is my bachelorette party- we’re going to a very chic club downtown and then a strip club (female, not male- male strippers are kind of nasty!) My fiance’s bachelor party is the next night, and God knows what he’ll be up to! I just hope he has a good time and doesn’t get sick from all the crazy drunkenness, LOL. My bridal shower was three weeks ago, by my mom’s pool, and it was lovely! Anyway, there’s my dream wedding. Hope you enjoy yours- I know I’ll enjoy mine!

  2. im guessing your pretty young and not anywhere near getting engaged!
    your ideas will changed and things dont always work the way you want them to.
    my wedding i want to be simple, not too much fuss.
    the most expensive thing of it will be flights, cos i would love to have it on a beach and preferably in the evening.
    only a few guests and a simple dress that will probably not be white, i would have blue or green.
    other than that nothing much else none of the being given away, big decoations or bridesmaids and usher. i wouldnt want a big reception, so probably just a quiet dinner somewhere with a few freinds and a few family.

  3. Wow, your the first child I heard of thats already talking about her wedding day. When I was your age..I was playing with toys and thinking about what I was gonna get for the next Christmas. You should focus on finishing school. Its almost like your rushing to grow up. You’ll be an adult sooner than you think or even want to.
    Sorry, but as a mom I would be concerned if my daughter was on a discussion board talking about her dream wedding.

  4. My dream wedding is my closest friends and immediate family gathered to celebrate our relationship and commitment to each other. My fiance’s friend Pastor Dave will perform the ceremony and my fiance, my daughter and I will do a family vow.

  5. You want to have a month long honeymoon??? At disneyland??!!?! I have lived in California my whole life..and spending a weekend there is long enough!!
    Good Luck!

  6. no shower, I’ve been bored stiff at too many of them. I’m happy to send thank you notes after I open gifts in private.
    no bachelorette, I’ve had plenty of single freedom in my life so there’s no need to celebrate it again since that’s what I did for most of my 20’s 😉
    guest list of about 70, immediate family, aunts, uncles and grandparents only. instead of a wedding party we’ll just have those close friends as guests. I can’t ask my 3 closest friends to buy another dress when they have kids and houses to support. they already have dresses I’m sure.
    I’ll wear the amsale reese dress, if I win the lotto so I can buy it 😉
    wedding in vegas officiated by Elvis, old elvis, not young elvis. reception at an asian restaurant after. honeymoon suite at the signature hotel. spend the whole next day by the pool with some of the guests if they stick around, before the red eye flight to hawaii for the honeymoon.
    I’m gonna have gerber daisies and queen anne’s lace
    no veil
    no garter
    no guest book or favors or any of those other details people drive themselves crazy with.
    all I need is my SSS and Elvis.

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