19 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of This Wedding Proposal?”

  1. LOVE it!!!!! but then again I’m an aspiring actress, this is the kind of stuff I want to do for a living. It’s obviously so them as a couple or else he wouldn’t have done all that. I would have said yes! Different strokes for different folks.

  2. lol
    thats so funny. I think it’s cute if there was a backround story to it, like if the guy was working at disney as a performer like that… but the look on that girls face sometimes is just complete “What the…?!” lol
    I thought it was cute until he started breaking out in song. If it were me, I’d probably be just as confused as the girl looked. If it was my boyfriend that did that, I’d probably say yes… just cause I loved him, and A for effort, but I wouldn’t enjoy it, I don’t think. I love Disney movies, but I don’t live in one. lol

  3. It’s a little to much for me lol. I cant say that i’d say no but it is alot. A wedding proposal is supposed to be sentimental and remembered. I actually just got engaged not long ago to my boyfriend on 6 years. It was so cute =). When we first started dating he had just bought a jeep so we used to come out my house and go offloading and down all the never ending roads to no where. One of the first tiems we had went down this one road we got a flat tire from glass or something and it took us forever to change it we laughed like idiots and just had a good time with it. Then about 6 months ago i bought a jeep so we decided to go back down that road and we had done this probably 3 days a week for about 6 weeks when all of a sudden in almost the exact same spot we got a flat. It was so funny. Then a few weeks ago we went out there again and we stop where we had got the flats and we got out because we were going to have like a picnic back there and i walked around the back of the car to get the stuff out and there he was down on one knee. It was adorable and i loved it because it was a place and planned out around something that meant a lot to us.

  4. Ohhh my god. Was that seriously real? I would die of embarrassment. I’m not into the whole proposing in front of a group of people thing and that was wayyyyyyy overboard. Hopefully she actually liked it. I guess I personally wouldn’t say no but I’d definitely be really upset that my guy didn’t know me well enough to know I’d hate it 😛

  5. this must be real the girl looks shocked! If my bf did that to me i would not be impressed! the whole public think does nto work for me, proposing should be something special between the two people not some show for the world to see! but hey everyone likes different things! but thats kinda cute it was where they met, but none of it was my cuppa tea!

  6. All the way through watching this, I was thinking “Oh, god…she’s going to say no” – call me a pessimist lol ^^
    It just seems too over the top, she seemed embaressed and it probably put pressure on her to say yes. I think the guy was really sweet but he shouldn’t have done such a grand, cringeworthy gesture.
    Marriage proposal fail : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3B-P8djY…

  7. Are you sure it was even an actual proposal and not just a show?
    Well, if it was real, then it was sweet. I’d be slightly embarrassed though, since I don’t like being the center of attention…but I wouldn’t have said no

  8. I’d shout no into the megaphone, slap him for embaressing me then walk away. I bet when they got home she was like “Honey I don’t want to marry you, I just said yes because all those people were watching.”
    Lmao XD
    It was actually okay before everyone started singing though.

  9. omg, I am embarrassed for her. He must work there to be able to pull that off, and he’s probably a theater major, so she may have thought that was “so him”.
    I guess she has a story to tell when people ask how he proposed.

  10. I am not big on being the center of attention so most likely I would feel embarrased.Thankfully my husband proposed to me privately.
    However, that is just me. Others might find it very romantic which is fine also.

  11. i proposed to my fiancee at the castle, in january this year as I knew that was a place that meant a lot to both of us. alto i do think this is a show of some kind….too staged and OTT

  12. i think that is just about the cutest proposal i have ever seen. if it was me, i would definatly say yes!!!
    only if you can sing well. 🙂

  13. Disney. Megaphone. Ick. Why didn’t he also just wear one of those stupid Goofy hats and get it over with?
    She seemed really embarrassed. I know I’d die!

  14. NO!!! I would say yes! My fiance proposed to me well we were para-sailing! (with a ring and everything!)

  15. Do you know if he’d taken her to that spot and just got down on one knee it would have been fine.
    I can’t stand the gushing public ‘Look at me, I’m proposing’ carry on
    I think I would have legged it!

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