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  1. ***Basically, these all work with whatever color you choose. Blue, silver, white is more winter and Cinderella-like.**
    I love these color combos:
    1. Red, white, silver
    2. Blue, white, silver
    3. Velvet Green, white
    4. Mint blue or green and white
    Red poinsettas are beautiful, with a snowflake theme.
    The blue/white/silver is great if you want to do the Cinderella theme.
    Green garland and white lights.
    Snowflakes place card holder
    Make an entrance!http://home.att.net/~carriagerides/weddi…
    Here are some cool links:
    Instead of the deer, use the Cinderella theme of horse and carriage.http://www.dotcomwomen.com/images/weddin…
    Place card holders in your colors:http://www.prettyaccents.com/winterweddi…

  2. i think that the perfect wedding colors for winter are periwinkle and silver. good luck…and congratulations

  3. Blue and white. I recently got engaged and am thinking of different ideas for our wedding colors also. In a brides magazine, I saw this really pretty wedding that was held in December. They had used blue and white for their colors. It made it look like a winter wonderland! However, if you also want Disney in there too, you might want to think about red, black, white, cream, and colors along those lines. Good luck!

  4. I would go with a light blue, a dark blue and silver…it gives the impression of snow and are easy colors to work with!

  5. White…..All white. (It’s called a “snowball wedding”) You can add color with the attendant’s flowers.

  6. I always wanted a Christmas wedding but so much for that.
    I would dress my girls in silver and gold. Kinda like that Christmas song “Silver and Gold”.
    Then you could do candles as a gold with a silver mirror.
    Or even you could have things like your napkins printed in silver and gold and so on.
    It is up to what you like.
    Even you could put silver and gold in the ponsiettas and so on.
    Best of luck to you and congrads!

  7. My cousin ( a doctor by the way) had her winter wedding colors and fabrics in red crushed velvet, and the other half of the wedding party wore gold lamee (I hope I spelled that correctly–that gold shiny fabric). The bridemaids’ dresses were all mini-dresses and sleeveless.
    It looked like a hooker convention. LOL

  8. Ive seen so many red weddings this fall its ridiculous. Dont do red its boring and redundant. How about different hues of blue with white and silver. Emerald would be beautiful. I know some one who is getting married and their wedding colors are purple and silver. Dont do black either. Think of ice, snow, and blue winter skies.

  9. i really like the winterwonderland theme its neat i really like pale/ice blue silver and maybe some white as well. Or a little darker you could have black and pale blue with silver accents. I think lots of shimmery/sparkly accents would be nice and ice sculptures would be a nice addition to the theme. congrats!

  10. The best is gold and red. Lots of sparkle and white Christmas lights in the area and reception.Beautiful!
    Use real greenery, cedar, boxwood,pine.Real poinsettias too!!!

  11. My wedding is in Jan of 2008 and I am planning on using basically the same idea and I thought about using the colors silver and light blue. Congrats and good luck!!

  12. White, silver and apple (really deep shade of red). I think that these colors are divine together.

  13. oh, I’d totally go for royal blue and silver. And you could dress up the flower girl as a snow angel. It’s be awesome. 🙂

  14. Colors
    There are many colors available for winter themes. Choose one of the following or a combination of colors: Silver, white, light blue, light green, lavender, plum, cranberry, ivy, gold, ruby, emerald, pewter, cobalt, navy, hunter green, or black.

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