Weddings At Disney???

Hi guys, I want to hear from people in the UK who have been married at Disney in Florida and what it was like? I am a huge disney fan as is my pther half and we are planning our wedding at the moment, but just want to hear from anybody who has done it and what it was like! We are planning for an intimate wedding at the wedding pavilion at the grand floridian resort. With 18 guests, although we would like more! Is it worth getting a wishes wedding and do u really have to have ur guests staying at disney?! We only have around 22 guests and they are all on a tight budget! Help please!!!! x

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  1. Although I am not from the UK, I wanted to throw two other thoughts out there. Your guests may be able to stay at one of the value resorts at Disney like PopCentury or All Stars and if you plan your wedding to be in an “off season” like Sept or January the room cost will be cheaper too. That might help your guests with their budgets.
    I have not had my wedding at Disney but I have been honored to be a guest there and they are anything but tacky!! The two that I have been to were both beautiful and tasteful and completely perfect 🙂

  2. We have some friends that are going there for their daughters wedding, the biggest tip they could tell us for guests is to buy prepaid meal tickets from your travel agent. They have gone before and bought these meal tickets which equaled out to about $35 a day for each of them, and most of the time it would have cost at least $100 just for their dinner, but since they had the meal tickets the only thing it cost was the initial expense for these tickets, be sure to ask your travel agent about this. They also have park passes that are much better deals than buying passes to each place individually. Good luck and have a great wedding day!!!

  3. Do not consider a wedding at Disney if you are on a tight budget. It is very expensive. I suggest you go to and hold onto your purse. Why not get married with friends and relatives and go to Disney for your honeymoon? Good luck

  4. Disney… well it depends, I am from America and i honestly wouldn’t want to get married there. I am sure it could be very beautiful, but if you are on a tight budget, i am afraid it could get a bit cheesy. If you are willing to fly all the way to Florida, why not get married of one of the gorgeous beaches at sunset (ROMANTIC!) I have stayed in the Grand Floridian and some other hotels there including the Polynesian and it is simply amazing… look it up.!

  5. I didn’t get married at Disney, but I’ve been looking at renewing my vows there. Apparently, and I hadn’t really thought about this, you do have to stay a 4 night minimum at the resort.
    Maybe it would be best to talk to them to see what can and cannot be done. They have a very good wedding website and are usually very friendly when you call them.

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