Is It Wrong To Get Married With A Fake Ring?

I am going to Disney to get married and I don’t want to bring my expensive wedding band to get married cause I’m affraid I’ll lose it. Is it a bad thing if I bring a cheap ring to officially get married and come home to wear the real one? Any superstitions if I get the cheap one blessed? Thanks.



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  1. There are many places where a ring isn’t even used, and in fact, rings weren’t always used in weddings.
    I don’t see anything wrong with your plan. In fact, I think it’s pretty smart of you.
    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

  2. i think you’re smart to leave it behind. in reality, the ring isn’t being blessed, the marriage is.

  3. I don’t think it will be a problem… but maybe you can have someone be in charge of taking care of the real ring… and you can wear the fake one the whole time except for the actual ceremony…

  4. My fiance traveled to Disneyland with my ring in his jacket pocket (that’s where he proposed) and he was PARANOID the entire time, to the point where he made himself physically ill between the worry over the ring and the nerves over whether the proposal would go as planned. I can understand your worry.
    If all you’re worried about is losing it while in transit, then consider having your ring sewn into an article of clothing that you or your FH will wear for the trip. I know that my FH would have felt a lot more secure about mine if he’d known that there was literally no way anyone could grab it or that he could set it down by mistake. He could wrap the ring in tissue and put it into the coin pocket of his jeans and then one of you can sew the pocket shut with a needle and thread. It may seem like overkill but if it makes you feel better about it, then great.
    If you’d rather not have your expensive ring for the whole trip, then wear a fake. I wore my ring all through Disneyland, and never thought a thing of it. I feel very safe in Disneyland. However, my plan is to have a plain white gold band for international trips – I have been all over the world and I never wear my gemstone jewelry when I travel abroad – not just for anti-theft of the jewelry but I don’t want to be seen as a target Rich American.

  5. if your afraid of losing it when you get married how will you keep track of it every other day????maybe you should save your money and just let the ring stay at the jewelery store that way it won’t ever get lost…if it means that much to you well than you won’t loose it

  6. Well, I wouldnt do it. Putting on the REAL ring at the wedding is a special occasion and you need to cherish it! You should buy a case for the rings and always keep it in your sight!!
    -Good luck and congrats.

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with doing that. If it’ll give you peace of mind go ahead and do it! It’s recommended when travelling that expensive jewellery be left in a safe place so that may not be a bad idea! Do what you feel comfortable with.

  8. Hell my fiance and I are planning on getting matching his/her ring from They have affordable wedding bands. The same amount of money you’re going to pay for a fake ring you can get a ring for under $200.

  9. Know that there is so many happy married couple cannot afford a ring in the world, Your loved one and this committement means everything to you two more than a ring, why you have to get bother.

  10. No that is totally fine. Some girls even think its cute if their boyfriend gets them a ring out of a toy machine on their first date and that is used in marriage.

  11. I, personally, would want my husband to place the real ring on my finger that would be there for the rest of my life… But that’s just a personal choice, if you don’t have a problem with it, it’s your wedding, do what you want.

  12. I don’t understand why people buy an expensive ring then they are afraid to wear it. Make sure it fits and it is insured then you won’t have to worry. I think that the ring you get married with should be your wedding ring.

  13. I think you’ll be okay with bringing the real one … there should be no reason for your fear … but no there aren’t any supersitions but your pictures will look odd later when the rings are changed out.

  14. It doesn’t matter at all which ring you marry with. It’s just a symbol. You can marry and ask your local pastor to bless your rings when you return if you want. I am not superstitious and it’s a good thing. Both my husband and I have lost our original wedding bands (he’s lost 3!) and we are still happily married. Best wishes!
    Another idea would be to wear your wedding band to Disney and just give it to the officiant at the last minute to give to your husband to put back on your hand.

  15. I dont know how it goes in your wedding… do you have a priest? I think its very important to have your rings blessed and be part of the ceremony…

  16. I would not worry about getting married with the real ring at Disney, but if it is a problem, it’s not wrong to use a fake. Just wait until you get home to have the real ring blessed. (my friend actually had to use a “loaner ring” when she got married because her ring was not ready. She just had the real one blessed later on. Most pastors will not bless a ring if it is not the real one.)

  17. As long as you are not trying to pass the fake ring off as real to your spouse then it’s perfectly fine.
    As a side note, what are you going to do later in life? You will have more than one vacation…..are you to leave your ring at home for every one of them? I would suggest you get a good insurance policy on the ring. Most will cover “mysterious loss or damage” so if the worst does happen and the ring is lost you will get a replacement.

  18. Well I’m glad the concern was losing a ring on vacation not buying an imitation and passing it off as the real thing.
    I tend to agree and disagree with both sides. Yes I think it’s a smart idea because you’re going away – the concern of losing the ring before the wedding.
    As a woman, I also realize the sentimental value of placing the real ring on as a symbol of promise.
    I think you should ask your fiance(e) how they feel about this. That is the most important step. If he/she disagrees then it could be upsetting what should otherwise be one of the best days of your lives.

  19. The ring is actually a token gift of the marriage between one another. Many people use rings traditionally, but the token can be anything! You hear of people having tattooed rings nowadays.
    Do not worry, a replica would be fine, however, if you are certain your real wedding ring fits firmly, do not worry about losing it. There aren’t any superstitions associated with it, however, you may regret not having your ‘real’ ring on the actual wedding.
    Don’t worry, no need for a blessing either. Just do what makes you feel most comfortable.

  20. no it dosn’t matter if the ring is fake or really as long as you love each other
    have a great weeding

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