Is It Disney’s Fault That So Many People Are Unhappy With There Marriage?don’t They Create Unreal Expectations

They fill all these young girls heads up with idea you need to grow up and be a princess and meet a prince and move into a castle and live happily ever after.
Marriage can’t live up to this expectation. All these girls dream there whole life of there wedding day. The girls all run around disney now with mouse ears with vails. The shoes they sell with the princess dresses play here come the bride when you put them on. Also disney never has movies about parents they kill off the parents the mother dies in cinderella,the little mermaid,bambi,the game plan,hanna montana,nemo and lots more. The father dies in lion king,
air bud and lots more. I think Disney is setting all these girls up for a big fall. And making it impossible for the avg Joe to
satisfiy his wife in marriage because they expect the fairy tale.



12 thoughts on “Is It Disney’s Fault That So Many People Are Unhappy With There Marriage?don’t They Create Unreal Expectations”

  1. No its absolutely not Disneys fault there are so many people unhappy in their marriage.
    The reason you don’t see people killing off their parents in disney movies is because do you really want your 4 or 5 year old getting exposed to someone murdering their family? I think that would tramatize a child to death!
    Plus, by the time that women get married, they have gone thru junior high and high school, which exposes them to more adult situations, and they have experienced a good bit of life first hand. They don’t believe that the disney happily ever after is true any longer. Sure, all little girls have dreams, but a lot of the times they realize by the time they get married that it’s not going to happen like that.

  2. marriage is a very committed relationships between two people, who need to work on it every day, learning to compromise and more, and to be willing to hear the other person’s view and love, support no matter what…having dreams and goals together, accepting each other for who they are, allowing each party to grow and develop into the person that they should is a daily choice to move forward in a marriage

  3. LMAO!
    Dude, are you serious? Is that “there marriage” [sic] referring to someone we both know?
    Did you marry a 5 yo? By the time young women get married, their influences are more likely to be E!, VH1 and Cosmo, not Disney. Holy Batman, that’s a stretch, but I do admire the height of the flight of your fancy.
    Have you thought about psychiatry? I think you can go a long way in that field. On either side of the couch.

  4. They cater to fantasy….just like the media, video games, romance novels, WWF….. It’s ALL fantasy. People want to escape reality so they eat it up.

  5. You could say the same thing about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. It is just fantasy and fun. Most women are realistic and know there is no Prince Charming. Think ‘happily ever after’ refers to finding the one person you really love and cherish. Disney showed much care for others, such as Bambi- with thumper saying things like ‘if you can’t say nothin good about someone, don’t say anything at all. He taught many valuable lessons in the stories along with giving children some fun and fantasy while they are young.
    Hey, women aren’t ‘princesses’ either so wouldn’t that set up men having false expectations also.
    Imagination and fantasy are a good thing – and life is a fairy tale at times and a horror story at others.

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