I’m Looking For Help And Ideas With My Wedding Theme?

We got engaged in disney land Hong Kong so i think it would be nice if that was involved somewhere all though my fiance doen’s want the full disney theme i’m haveing pink white and silver as my colours and hoping for stylish unusual look but can’t seem to think please can you help



9 thoughts on “I’m Looking For Help And Ideas With My Wedding Theme?”

  1. Stick with the colour theme and add touches of the Disney theme. Try theming the table settings to disney characters or rides, instead of the usual numbering. Use disney inspured favours and a disney guest book.

  2. I like the idea of a cake topper that was suggested. You could have photos put up somewhere and you could add a little something to centrepieces on the tables. Only do tiny touches though or else it could clash with the theme of the colours that you chose.

  3. i would do the elegant cake topper with mickey minney toasting glasses and maybe the favor bags have some little disney trinket. Maybe a table with pictures from your trip to Hong Kong Disney to set the mood.

  4. Why not stick with the colors, and just throw the theme in in small touches? Perhaps you could get a cake topper of Mickie and Minnie, or get the cake decorator to do two sets of ears on top the cake.

  5. I’d use a slight Oriental flair – not full on, but sublte.
    Then use special touch like the Minnie/Mickey topper, but not a cutesey one- an elegant one.

  6. Well go with the disney idea but not actually disney stuff. Do a “Magical Day” theme

  7. omg that sounds beautiful! can i come? lol it depends on how much u are willing 2 spend. ur looking for a fantasy disney princess theme and sparkles

  8. OMG what are you a kid? why would you have a disney theme as your wedding theme? that is so childish.
    think outside the box!

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