I’m Getting Married Next Week. What Could I Have Forgotten To Do? Advice?

I know the usual relax, enjoy, step back, eat and remember you love him stuff… I’m talking out the actually THINGS I may have forgotten to do, buy or organize. Also, it’s a destination wedding in Disney, so take that into consideration. 🙂 Thanks!



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  1. Congratulations!!!
    I do have some advice. A lot of your to-dos at this point will be specific to your reservations & number of guests. I know most desination weddings are small, but Disney can accomidate quite a few people – so I’m just going to assume you have a wedding party & a few guests (if not, just skip over those parts).
    Speak to your wedding coordinator if they’ve given you one (if they have, she’ll take care of most of this), but i’d say this is a fair list:
    Put together instruction cards for all of your vendors – when to arrive, where to set up, what songs to play, etc. If you’re not using a musician or DJ, make sure your CDs or IPOD are in good shape, in order & ready to go.
    Make sure dress is in proper condition (dry cleaned, tailored, etc.).
    Make sure everyone in the wedding party has all they need to walk down the aisle (shoes, ties, vests, socks, jackets, baskets, etc.)
    “Break in” your wedding shoes
    make sure all your vendors have an accurate head count, know what time they’re expected to arrive, and have all been paid
    Put together gratituity envelopes to give to best man.
    Confirm directions with out of town guests & go over parking and reservation instructions
    Get all of your favors & last minute decorations put together
    Arrange for people to pick up & drop off items (decorations, cake, guestbook, etc.) if you are not personally doing it. Instruction cards are helpful for this as well. If you’re not using a venue that provides clean-up services – decide, now, who’s going to stay behind and pick up.
    Make sure your marriage liscense is squared away.
    Finalize details of rehersal dinner & bridesmaids luncheon. A bridesmaid’s luncheon doesn’t have to be fancy. You could make little club sandwiches and snack on them while you are all doing your hair & make up. It’s the bride’s responsibility to provide a light meal for her attendants. A fruit tray, a small glass of champagne and sandwiches make an excellent bridal luncheon.
    Pack and confirm your reservations & flight times.
    Put everything you’ll need to wear that day in an easily accessible seperate bag: hosiery, extra hosiery, garter, shoes, jewelry, undergarmets, outfit to change in after reception. Do the same for your groom if you’re traveling together.
    Put together your “survival gear” (A duffle bag works great). Here are some things I keep in mine: tissues, shoe polish (in white and black), safety pins, needle & thread, extra buttons, tide stain remover pen, cough drops, makeup, asperin, midol & tampons (even if you don’t need it, sometimes bridesmaids forget to pack their own in the excitement of the day), extra ribbon, GLUE PEN – guerrilla glue works great…. you never know what you’ll need it for: broken vase, broken nail, etc…. extra black shoelaces, extra black dress socks for the groomsmen (never fails, someone will show up in navy socks – or one navy one black haha), crackers, batteries, hangers, extra earing backs, deoderant, wet wipes, baby powder, lotion, SUNSCREEN if it’s outdoors, bobby pins, hairspray, medicine you take, extra hoisery, touch-up nail polish, clear nail polish (for runs in hoisery) nail polish remover, perfume, cotton balls, q-tips, clean unused razors and shaving cream.
    – — – Victoria’s secret has a bronzing lotion (instant bronzing – it comes off that evening)… it’s awesome. I also like to pack aresol foundation in common shades (you can buy it at Walmart – usually by the makeup brushes). Both the instant bronzer and the spray foundation will cover up blemishes on legs if your bridesmaids are wearing open toed shoes and are unable to go with hoisery. It also works to cover blemishes on backs, necks and arms if they’re wearing an open-back dress. Lotion the skin prior to applicating either product and keep the application light. Less is more. Some bridesmaids get overexcited by the thought of instantly tan legs and go crazy. Their legs should be no darker than the clean skin on their arm, otherwise it will be noticible in photos. The victorias secret brozner can be toned-down with lotion. And both products need to be dry before the girls get into their dresses.
    <<< I know this is a crazy-long list. I tend to be mary poppins-ish when it comes to preperation. Pick and choose what you think you will need for your specific event.

  2. Do you have an itinerary printed up for the wedding weekend? It can help save your sanity if you have a timeline printed out and know where you (and everyone else) need to be at what time. And while you’re at it, make copies for the parents and bridal party. Reviewing it will help put your mind at ease and help you remember anything that you may have forgotten. And you won’t have to worry about your wedding party and family being unclear about where to be, when, etc.

  3. Make sure you have someone to make sure everyone eats on the morning of your wedding. It sounds silly, but you’ll have a thousand other thoughts than, “Huh. I should probably make sure my bridal party eats this morning.”
    So, decide if it will be a room service delivery of breakfast or brunch to your suite and to your groom’s suite, or if it’s as simple as asking your uncle to make a Dunkin’ Donuts run and getting a dozen for you and your girls and a dozen (or maybe two! ha!) for your future hubby and his guys…that’s up to your budget and your style. But it’s going to be a long (but great!) day for all of you involved in the wedding party, and you’ll need that food energy!

  4. I think Disney is a great place for a wedding..sounds like its going to be so much fun..
    sounds like you have plenty of advice, just one thing I have been to florida disney and universal a couple of time…so depending on the month be prepared for any weather changes..if its really hot make sure you and your guest have plenty of water..maybe have a cooler with water bottles..also bring some umbrellas because you dont know it might rain..and sunblock for sure, and dont forget to take lots of pictures..
    thats all i can think of…have a great wedding! I wish I could have mine there..

  5. It’s always the little things.
    Did you get your bridal party small gifts or tokens? What about favors for guests? Mementos for family members involved? Thank-you cards ready for bridal showers, bachelorette parties and wedding gifts?
    Have you been walking in the shoes you will be wearing so they won’t hurt your feet? Same goes for the bra! If you are wearing an underwire, consider stitching in extra padding around the wire so it won’t dig into your armpit.

  6. Do you have everthing for under your dress? Shoes, panyhose, correct bra, etc.
    Do you have your jewelry? Your hair stuff? -hairspray, bobby pins, tiara, curlers?
    Do you have your wedding rings packed? Marriage Lisence?
    Confirmations? Contracts?
    Do you need a Unity Candle or any other special ceremony props?
    Good Luck and have fun!

  7. Call ahead to your hotel and make sure they know that you are on your honeymoon. Sometimes they will throw in something romantic. If not, have them leave something special in your room. Really not part of the wedding, but it is a great way to start off.
    PS take sunscreen, you would hate to ruin a wonderful honeymoon with a bad burn, even if it is cloudy, lather up.

  8. ah thats soo cool! i luv disney! i guess the only thing i can think of is are u packed and ready? double check tickets and stuff just to make sure. good kuck and have fun!

  9. well… do you live in the same country? If not, PASSPORT!!! Not sure what else, passport was the first thing that came to mind 🙂 hope you havent forgotten anything hugely important!!

  10. If you’re traveling, call your bank and let them know ahead of time so they don’t “freeze” your acct thinking that someone stole it.
    Good luck!

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