If You And Your Significant Other Were Going To Disney World, What Would You Do? Need Suggestions! 8-)?

My husband and I were invited to a wedding taking place this summer in Orlando. We don’t live near FL so if we go, we figured we might as well go to Disney World too! Neither of us have been!
The thing is, we don’t want to spend a lot of money and we wouldn’t be able to go for super long, maybe 4-5 days.
We thought a good way to do this might be to just do/see stuff that’s more geared toward couples since it’ll be just the two of us (and we’ll save the “kid” stuff for someday in the future when we have kids).
So any suggestions??? What would YOU do? Any experienced Disney-goers??? Epcot? Magic Kingdom? Any special restaurants or shows that aren’t really pricey?
Also any recommendations on where to stay? We’re definitely open to the idea of staying in a decent hotel outside of Disney in order to save the money.
Or do you all think we should pass, considering it will be the middle of summer and really busy?? There’s always another time, right?



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  1. We go to Disney every year, sometimes twice a year. I have done this most my life. There are tons of ways to save money. Staying onside doesn’t neccessarily mean that you spend more than staying offsite. There are a lot of things to look at. There are some seriously good planning tools listed in the sources.
    Disney is for everyone, not just little kids. The only exception to that are the playgrounds, and maybe Dumbo. Heck, my husband is 36 and his favorite ride is Peter Pan. My favorite is Expedition Everest.
    There are 4 major theme parks and you can get in just about everything with a good touring plan, even during the summer. I suggest you check out http://www.touringplans.com or http://www.tourguidemike.com Seriously, even in really crowded periods, wait times should be under 30 minutes. What you do when, really makes a huge difference.

  2. well..disney isnt cheap no matter how you look at it.been there.though they do run specials from time to time.disney is geared twords children completely.i would recommend universal studios.much more for anyone over preteen age.buy a pass online,ahead of time.its cheaper.

  3. Stay inside Disney!!!! The value resorts are a good deal price wise.
    All the parks are great. And there are things to do for adults at all of them.
    Yes it is expensive to eat there. go to site below for all disney menus and prices.
    we were there in June last year. yes it was crowded, but still doable. I think disney is more fun as an adult, you will have a great time

  4. Titanic the Exhibit is wonderful and definitely more adult-oriented.
    Also, check out Capone’s Dinner and Show. You can get tickets online for around $25 a person. It is set up like a 1920s speakeasy with flappers and gangsters, and the show is hilarious.
    As far as the parks, Epcot is more for adults, as well as Universal Studios (not Islands of Adventure).
    For the night life, you can always try City Walk or Downtown Disney.

  5. Well when you’re in Disney World, you are a kid at heart.
    Ways to save money:
    Go to the value resorts – they’re no 5 star resort, but they are on disney property and live up to the disney standards.
    Buy a parkhopper pass – By doing so, you can go to multiple parks in a day and cut down on your park days. We did this and hit every attraction that we wanted to and everything on our secondary list at each park (except for Toy Story Mania due to a 125 minute line)

  6. I lived in Florida my entire life before joining the Navy and when my wife I am got married, I took her to Orlando for our honeymoon (she had never been).
    I would recommend staying in Kississimee. It is only about 20 minutes or so from most attractions and the hotels are cheaper.
    In the off season on a weekday you can see two parks in one day usually. My wife and I got 1-day 2-park tickets($85 ish I think) for Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios in mid October and saw both parks, riding all rides, and left at 5PM. The longest line we waited in was for Twister and was maybe 10 minutes. If you like rides I think this is the best bet for parks. I think for like $10 more you can get the same pass for 2 days.
    There are three areas you can walk around for free at night that are worth checking out:
    Downtown Disney and The Marketplace (Pleasure Island is in the middle) you can walk around for a few hours just window shopping and such and eat dinner at McDonald’s and have a nice night spending very little money. Best date restaurant: Rainforest Cafe (go early and get on the wait list, it can be 2-3 hours for a table on busy nights). Other attractions: Movie theatre, huge Virgin media store, Cirque, DisneyQuest and LegoWorld.
    Disney Boardwalk is a short drive from Downtown Disney and is another great spot just to walk around and window shop (I highly recommend the art store located to the immediate left of the main entrance, down the steps past the valet parking, of the Boardwalk). Best food (though $$): Spoodles. A fun note about the Boardwalk is that if you are going, call Epcot information and find out what time the laser light show is. If you turn right upon entering the Boardwalk and walk past the ESPN restaurant towards the resorts you will come across a bridge. From that bridge you can see the laser show for free ;). Other attractions: This is a small area really, if you aren’t eating dinner it isn’t going to take up much of your time.
    CityWalk I think is an alright area. There is a Hard Rock cafe and other restaurants. If you go to either Universal or Islands of Adventure you can check this area out as you have to walk through it to get to both parks.
    If you want to go in the summer, remember it might be busy at the parks.
    Alternate ideas in Florida:
    St. Augustine (near Jacksonville) is a beautiful day trip.
    There are springs galore in northern central Florida(Ocala area). They are a unique swimming experience (cold cold cold) and a great picnic location. I love the Florida State Parks website, very informative.

  7. Go buy “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2009”. This was the best $20 I spent for my family’s July 2008 vacation to Disney. The book contains reviews for restaurants, hotels, and attractions on and off Disney property. However, the best part of the book are the touring plans! The plans give you step by step instructions on where to go and when to go in order to avoid the longest lines.
    For example: “Soarin” in EPCOT is one of the most popular rides in all of Disney. A 2-hour wait in line is not uncommon to partake in this awesome experience. However, using the touring plan in the book and maximizing Disney’s “Fast Pass” system, we were able to ride it twice in a row without waiting in line one time!
    By the way, if you don’t know what the “Fast Pass” system is, then definitely get the book or ask us that are in the know at yahooanswers. It’s fast, easy, and one of the few FREE things in Disney. Yes, it is absolutely FREE!
    Go out and buy the book today. I promise you will not be disappointed.
    Have fun!

  8. Since you’ve never been, you definentely have to visit the Magic Kingdom and go to all the main rides, Splash Mountain, It’s a Small World, Pirates of the Caribean etc. but since you have no kids try not to rush, enjoy yourself. Part of the magic of Disney is just being there and experiencing it. The electric parade and fireorks displays are not to be missed. Something more couple-oriented would perhaps be in Epcot. Visit the international showcase in the evening. Walking through all the countries, France, Italy, and just sitting by the fountains or stopping by the cafes – needles to say, its gorgeous.
    Animal Kingdom is more kid-oriented but if you like animals, you could try the safari. MGM Studios is also magical in its own way, it has a very authentic old-fashioned Hollywood Boulevard feel to it and if it wasn’t so costly I could just sit on a bench there and watch the people go by all day. There isn’t really anything directly meant for couples so I suppose it all comes to personal preference.

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