I Want To Take Our 21 Month Old To Disney World In A Few Weeks, Hubby Thinks It’s A Waste..please Read Help!?

My husband and i just got married a few weeks ago. For our honeymoon we were planning on waitin until october/november to and go to vegas for a week. This was supposed to be our wedding gift from his parents. Well we just found out last week that I am now 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. I’m due Dec. 9 so flying after the beinnin of October is pretty much out. And as terrible as it may sound I dont want to be in Vegas of all places while i’m 7 months pregnant. We decided Vegas will always be there and we can go in two years. We already have a 21 month old daughter. I really want to take some kind of vacation before the new baby is here as just 3 three of us. Also his parents aren’t going to just hand us the $3,000 they were giving us for our honeymoon. They’ll either buy us something or wait until we go on some sort of vaca. Recently there has been this comercial on TV with a family at dinner and it’s all about disney world. Our 21 month old LOVES mickey mouse all things disney ect. I think even though shes young this is something we can all do together that can still be enjoyable for us all. We may even ask his mother to go with us; so we can go out alone a few times. Then when this second baby is a few years old we’ll take them both back again. I’m not thinking that she will remember this at all, however we’ll have pictures and video and she’ll enjoy it while we’re there. Any thoughts?



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  1. We did the disney thing with our kids at that age and they LOVED it. I can’t say they remembered it but they loved evey moment being there. It was just as fun for us as parents to watch the joy on their face. The pictures will be memories to cherish forever.
    Your plan of going now and then again in a few years is perfect. This time you will only have one kid to push in a stroller.
    Go for it! It will be the last trip for a while, maybe forever, that you can focus solely on your firstborn.
    Enjoy the Magic!

  2. children do not remember a lot of things, but that does not stop life from going on. The baby will have fun while there, that is what matters.

  3. I think shes too young to go cuz she wont have much momoery of it when shes older. When she’s older lkike 4-5+ then take her.

  4. I THINK YOU SHOULD WAIT…. i know you wanna do it all and experience everything early but they truly don’t have memories till like 2-3 and even then there kinda blurry…i would wait like the other said till 4-5 it would be more fun for you and your hubby and more things for you to do with your child…plus they will truly have memories of it…pictures and videos are great but real memories are amazing…

  5. Massive waste of time and money. If you want your kid to enjoy and REMEMBER the vacation then wait until your youngest is at least 4 or 5 years old.To try and take a vacation like this just to get the $3000 out of your mom in law is pathetic…you are about to have a 2nd baby, if she will give you the money take a much cheaper weekend trip with your spouse and put the rest aside..you will need it. If your baby that is not even 2 likes Mickey so much get him a Mickey doll and forget the Disney trip. You are married and about to have #2 so you have to be more responsible now. That is like throwing money and time away.

  6. I think that she is too young for Disney World and will get over whelmed by all of it. Our neighbors just took there 2 1/2 year old that loves all things Disney and she hated the park and only wanted to spend time in the pool at the resort. I agree with the previous person, wait until she is older to go to Disney. Right now it wouldn’t be worth the money.
    I don’t know where you live but maybe some where quieter with a beach, nature trails etc. (Cape Cod, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach)

  7. I am sure it would be Great, and you’ll have the video and you”’ll have YOUR memories of it..so just look at it like a super fun vacation for everyone and have fun. It would only be a waste if neither of you were looking forward to going there. BE A KID.

  8. I know that you want your daughter to experience something magical abd like you said she loves mickey mouse. We have a 22 month old who loves disney, mickey, minnie and pooh bear you name it she has a stuffed bear of each. Me and my husband have also been talking about the exact same situation. I told him that I would love to take her to disney world and he agreed that we will but as I am pregnant and expecting within 2 and half months we have decided the best choice would be to take her when she is a little older 3 or 4 years of age that way she will be more aware of everything, enjoy more and be able to go on more rides etc as well as having the experience of sharing the magical journey with her new sister.
    It is however your choice and I would just advice you to wait a year or so but if you both have your heart set on it then the best chocie would be to do what is best for your and your family 🙂

  9. This is a wonderful idea. You will have so much fun!! We took many, many trips to WDW when I was pregnant with my second child and my first was under two. You will see things through your child’s eyes. I wouldn’t wait until your child is “old enough to remember”. Many experiences contribute to thier life whether they can remember them or not. Go and have fun for the last time as a family of three. An added perk is that your little one will be so tuckered out that he/she will fall right asleep and you and hubby can have some time alone.

  10. What is more important, that she have fun, or that she remember the trip and how much fun she had? Personally, I’m with your husband, and wont be taking my boys until they are both old enough to remember something of the trip and tall enough to get on most if not all of the rides. If remembering the trip isn’t that important to you, and you don’t mind paying the full admission fee and only being able to ride 1/2 of the rides, then go for it. Also, how does your daughter handle mascots? I know from my almost three year old son that their is a HUGE difference between like Mickey on TV, and seeing a 6 foot tall mouse walking around. One of his friends had someone in a micky costume at his birthday party, and most of the kids (including the birthday boy) were terrified.

  11. I have definite helpful thoughts for you, but I don’t expect they will align with what you hope to hear. Its really a waste of a ton of money to take a child that young to Disney. They’ll never even know they were there and will problem have the bejesus scared out of them my Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck & Pluto, etc. Instead of being thrilled, he or she will be crying their *** off, in all probability, which really sucks for the amount of money it costs to go there. Been there – done that – I’d hold off for a year or so if I were the 2 of you, but the jury’s out on this one I guess. There will be sooo many thing that you and your husband won’t even be able to do there with a child that young, that it’ll really blow alot of the fun that Disney can also be for adults. I’d wait.

  12. i think you should go, the little one deserves a holiday too, and she will enjoy it, disney world is an experience that children of all ages should enjoy, ( even the grown ups), and i am sure that the disney resorts have childminders though i think they are probably pricey,
    i have 2 children, ages 5 and 3. and we have never been any place magical like that i wish we had the funds to go, so why not, you never know what may happen in the future go and have a great time and see your little angels face light up.
    hope i helped.

  13. The kid will have a blast while they are there and they’ll remember it through the video or pictures you are sure to take. No way is 21 months to young for a child to go to Disney. They’ll love it and so will you. Even if you wait till they are 6 to go, in 5 years the only thing they will remember is whats in your pictures. My youngest is now 26 and the only thing he remembers about the first time he was there was running down mainstreet and standing next to a huge telephone, and he was 11 when he went. The only real memories he has of it are the ones triggered by the pictures. Hope you go and have a good time.

  14. we took all of our (6) kids to disneyland 3 years ago. at the time they were 11, 8, 7, 5, 3, and 1. they all had a good time, but the smallest 3 don’t really remember any of it. there are some rides that your daughter could probably ride, but alot that she will be too small for. if you and your husband want to go there anyway, i would say go for it, but if it would be mostly for her i would say wait until she is a little bit older. i don’t know where you’re coming from or how far you want to travel, but i would suggest something else…in the same area there is disney’s animal kingdom, she might enjoy the animals. or just a good zoo somewhere would be cheaper. the san diego zoo is a good one or if that’s too far fort worth has a good zoo.

  15. No way, your husband I am sorry to say is underestimating how much fun a young child can have at such a magical place. We took my daughter when she was only 9 months old, and while she took joy in different things than an older child would, she still had a ball!!! She really enjoyed the parade, was able to take pictures with all of the characters, and was able to ride a lot of the smaller rides like the teacups ect… I think 21 months is a great age to take your daughter. Take lots of pictures, and show them to her frequently and you can instill that memory in her!! I think it would be a great last hoorah before your new one arrives!!

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