How To Go To Disney World Orlando Cheap?

we want to go to diney world for our honey moon. What is the cheapest way to have a wonderful trip. I want to stay in one of the resorts there at disney and I want all the pluses but when I price out my trip it comes to like $2500!!!
jeeze as if the wedding didnt already max out my cards! any suggestions or ideas of where to find tickets/rates cheap?
Or tell me how you got yours cheap!?!
FYI~ I have never been there before.
thanks so much for your help! 🙂



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  1. My husband and I went to Disney World for our honeymoon. But we got married in April 2005 and didn’t take our honeymoon until Feb 2006. Feb is not a peak season at Disney and we stayed at the Port Orleans French Quarter resort which was very nice – it’s one of the moderate priced resorts I believe. We did the Disney Dining Plan which I highly recommend – they have changed this where they offer more plans now. I recommend getting the plan that you get one quick service meal, one snack, and one sit down dinner. This is more than enough food believe me.
    My husband and I drove to Disney so we didn’t have to worry about airfare & once we parked our car at the hotel we never got in it again until we left – we used the Disney buses for everything. Another thing you can do is open up a Disney Chase Visa card. I don’t know how long until your wedding/trip but for every $100 you spend you earn $1 Disney dollar that can be put towards almost anything at Disney including your room, food, and souvenirs. We opened one about 6 months before our trip and had I think $50 to spend. Also, with this card you can put your trip on it & I believe have 6 months with no interest to pay it off. Here is the link to sign up for the Disney card…
    I did online really quickly October 3 – 8, 2009 at Port Orleans – Riverside with Dining and park tickets for $2114.66. It all depends on what time you go. If you can put off going until it’s off season at Disney you will save lots.
    It’s so sweet you are going to Disney for your honeymoon at first I thought it was a little corny but I had never been there either & my hubby wanted to take me so when we take our kids there someday I would already have enjoyed it. You will have to buy the minnie ears with the veil & the mickey ears with the bowtie. Also, if you ask at the front desk they should give you pins that say “first time” and “honeymoon” or “just married”! Have a fun trip.

  2. Stay at a less expensive hotel like Pop Century or Pop Music. It has all the same Disney magic at a cheaper price. Also, the Disney Cast members there get free tickets and can get people in for free so if you have friends that work there maybe they can get you in? I have seen people on Craigslist that look for employees to buy discounted tickets. Also, if you know some one who works at Disneyland, they get friends and family rates on hotel packages out there.

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